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The next level layer trick you need to try it!

It’s harder to get dressed in the morning with temperatures dropping every day. However, some style tactics can relieve some of that stress.

The relaxing autumn outfit essential for everyday life

Timberland Fashion, This season, we see some refreshing jeans updates, especially baggy baggy jeans. These are the effortless, off-duty aesthetic pants every girl needs now, and they’re the perfect pair for a cropped top and a trendy checkered shack.

Enjoy the fun optimism of this Sea NY collection

For spring styles that are feminine, unique and full of a free-spirited vibe, we can’t wait to check out Sea NY’s Spring ’21 collection. Known for its ability to combine a classic feminine touch with a more childlike aesthetic, Sea is the brand you want to hang in your wardrobe when you’re looking for that relaxed feeling that exudes positivity and joy. To get an idea of ??what this brand is capable of, we recommend taking a look at the latest collection. Filled with these flowing silhouettes we love, paired with crochet details, ruffles and eyelets, there’s no denying the pulsating feminine touch everywhere. Top Fashion

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Treat yourself to the fun collection of Sandy Liang

We love Sandy Liang and as soon as you see their Spring / Summer ’21 collection, we have a feeling you’ll agree with us. This collection is chic, yet fun; high-end, but usable; and, of course, modern, but unique. For example, some of the pieces that caught our eye include black and white striped midi dresses with cropped details, ultra-short pleated mini skirts paired with a matching bandeau top and cardigan, emerald green sherpa jackets, low waist black pants with pleated and exclusive doll print front that appears throughout the collection. Best Menswear

Let your eclectic style shine through in this FW20 collection by Silvia Astore

Designed for the eclectic woman who loves to travel, loves glamor and considers herself a free spirit, Silvia Astore is one of those stylists you can’t help but fall in love with. In particular, we have a feeling that you will really enjoy the Fall / Winter 2020 collection. Featuring velvet dresses, teal padded mini skirts, feather lined trousers, sparkling black wrapped dresses and luxurious silk dresses, this collection exudes Natural glamor. Kacamata Rayban, Additionally, you may also notice that there is a bit of ’80s inspiration in this collection.

How to match leather shorts now

It may be autumn and then winter, but this influencer shows you how to adapt your favorite leather shorts to the colder weather. It all starts with the art of layers to provide extra warmth.

Season Fashion

The best street looks of Paris fashion week, spring 2021

The pandemic didn’t stop street fashion stars from taking to the streets of the fashion capital of the world, Paris, in their best clothes during fashion week, while practicing secure social detachment and wearing protective masks, of course. Timberland Fashion

An intricate drama shines through in this collection by Raisavanessa

For some of the more complex designs out there, you have to see Raisavanessa’s Pre-Fall ’20 collection. More conceptual than your typical collection, you probably won’t see these patterns on the go, but since the costume is part of the designer’s lineup, it probably won’t be too striking. In other words, we received something that could be called “street haute couture”. It’s not as sophisticated as haute couture, but it’s also many steps above your standard streetwear brand. Top Fashion

Your fall wardrobe is about to be updated with Anna Mason

Bring all your style dreams to life with Anna Mason’s bold designs. Or, more specifically, be sure to check out this brand’s Fall 20 collection. Whether it’s pink silk, head-to-toe floral, plush velvet, or volume, Anna Mason is sure to include all the latest trends and finest details in this collection. For example, one of our favorite outfits comes in the form of a rich purple silk blouse paired with a white midi skirt. With puff sleeves and brown leather boots in the mix, this combo manages to be classic and chic, while still being bold and eye-catching. Plus, other design details we love include a dream floral dress, Best Menswear

How to create a chic fall outfit with wardrobe essentials

There may be several current trends that you can throw together for a fashion look into the future. However, nothing compares to clothing made up of basic wardrobe items you already own. With just four key pieces modeled after this fashion influencer, you can quickly create an incredibly chic fall outfit. Just combine a denim shirt with faux leather leggings. So, put on a double-breasted blazer and put on some square boots.

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Surprise yourself with the latest collection from Galvan London

Are you ready to fall madly in love with the chic models of Galvan London? Galvan is one of our favorite spots for sleek lines, stop-display designs, and all things luxury, it’s hard to find fault. If you are not convinced, you must see the “Escape ’20” collection. Featuring rich colors, flattering silhouettes and dramatic sophistication, this collection does it all. We will draw your attention to some of the exceptional styles in the collection. First off, we love the pair of a fitted white blouse with bold puff sleeves combined with high-waisted gold buttons. While, on paper, the doorbell buttons and puff sleeves may seem a little over the top in terms of volume, when you see the pairing for yourself, it’s clear that the two balance perfectly well. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Update your wardrobe for fall with the inspiration of this Ba & sh collection

If you are as passionate about the styles and designs that come out of Ba & sh as we are, we have no doubt that you will love this Fall / Winter ’20 program. With comfortable knits, beautiful leather, modern silhouettes and classic classics you want in your fall wardrobe, this collection is sure to please. Whether it’s a pair of ankle boots, a cozy sherpa jacket, a burgundy mini dress, a smart black leather belt or a pair of stunning velvet shorts, this collection helps you look good from head to toe, regardless of the occasion. Timberland Fashion

Effortless beauty shines through in this Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini collection

In emulating beauty without effort, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini is one of those brands where it is difficult to find fault. His pieces are always luxurious, always made with the highest quality fabrics and, of course, always with that elitist style that makes the pieces attract the most fashionable women. Do not you believe it? Take a look at the ’21 Resort collection. Featuring classic men’s tailoring reinvented with softer, more feminine fabrics, this collection is unexpected, but you don’t even have to be a style expert to see how this collection comes together effortlessly.

18 gorgeous fall wedding dresses you shouldn’t miss

Buying dresses for fall wedding guests can be tricky when you need to consider the unpredictable autumn weather. Top Fashion

For jewels that sparkle and shine, no one beats AJ LUV

Photographed by Ana Suntay-Tanedo, modeled by Tamika Fawcett and designed by Lily Rahme, this LUV AJ jewelry launch will inspire you to add to your collection. Whether it’s stunning gold earrings, silver chains, or cool 90’s inspired chokers, it’s clear this collection is all sparkly and sparkly. Of course, with that said, when we talk about LUV AJ’s sparkle and sparkle, we’re not talking about big rhinestones or colored gems. Best Menswear

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The best sneakers to wear with clothes

It cannot be denied that minimalist sneakers have become essential and easy to wear when you want to add a sporty mood to your garments. Kacamata Rayban

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How to wear a worn denim skirt for fall

We love how cool a chocolate brown coat looks over a head-to-toe black dress. Wear this color combination for your next coffee or lunch. Either way, it is effortless chic for any occasion.

All about the unique combinations of this Andersson Bell collection

Timberland Fashion, Raise your hand if you are in love with everything Andersson Bell. Known as the benchmark for a mix of Korean style and Scandinavian influences, this unique style combination will captivate you from the start. For example, if you’re trying to keep it simple, what’s not to love about a denim pencil skirt paired with a layered cream tweed jacket over a teal turtleneck? Or, if you’re looking to get out of your comfort zone a bit, you’ll find pieces like a raw edge blazer made in a two-tone design, an inverted cable skirt, a detachable 2-way jumper that can be worn with or without sleeves. and flared ribbed trousers made in a variety of colors.

Let Nicholas K elevate your wardrobe with inspiration from this editorial

Designed for the “urban nomad” Nicholas K is not your average brand. It is a luxury brand, high-end and decidedly designed with the most modern and trendy woman in mind. Let’s take a look at the latest collection to get an idea of ??what this all looks like, shall we? With lots of curtains, twists and layers, this collection offers dimension. For example, wool scarves are draped over the shoulders, sweaters are tied around the waist, dresses are layered over pants, belts are used to enhance the figure, and bold jackets are added for a bit of drama. Top Fashion

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For the American classic, The Great. Has your back

Best Menswear, To add a touch of classic American flair to your wardrobe, we can’t say enough about The Great’s latest collection. Designed for Fall 2020, this collection brings us everything The Great is so famous for. It’s got a vintage feel, it’s trendy, and of course it has all those great girlish details that we know and love. In other words, if you want your style to be a little different from any other style you see on the street, but are still looking for pieces that are affordable for your day-to-day, well, we’re pretty sure The Great will tick all the boxes. good for you. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

A knitted suit creates a cozy yet elevated fall outfit

A knitted set is an easy way to dress up for any day of the week, just like a knit dress or overalls. There are so many shopping options now, from cardigans and midi skirt combinations to high collars and palazzo pants. We are also seeing an increase in 3-piece knitting sets.
Add some fun details to your wardrobe with this colorful collection from Mira Mikati

For unmatched colors and bold prints, no one does it like Mira Mikati.

Specifically, you have to see what the brand offers for Fall / Winter 20. Whether it’s white leather jackets with rainbow fringes, colorful floral jackets, pink star-print suits or multi-colored patterned blazers, you won’t know where get started when it comes to this bold looking collection. Also, while there is definitely a childish and playful touch that makes its way into this line, they also make the collection look tall and suitable for a sophisticated woman. In other words, they show us that the game trend doesn’t have to be inaccessible or wild. Instead, it can be achieved simply by being bold enough to use it. Timberland Fashion

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Relaxed clothing that you cannot ignore in the open product

Photographed by Jinyong Kim, styled by Yeon Yoo and modeled by Anna T, Juwon and Snizhana, this collection from The Open Product is the essence of effortless streetwear. With a distinctive touch of everyday life and lots of fashion details, The Open Product does it again with a collection that looks ultra fashion, but also accessible and suitable for your daily life. And really, this is the only way to sum up this program. With this collection, we wouldn’t say that the pieces have a specific look or feel other than being relaxed and suitable for someone who cares about style. On the one hand we have t-shirts with a simple logo and on the other hand we have more classic argyle print cardigans and tailored blazers. Top Fashion

Let Musier Paris help you bring a vintage touch to use in your wardrobe with this collection

Square blazers, leather jackets, pleated pants, backless fitted dresses – if you’re ready for a collection focused on feminine power and style, you’ll go crazy with the latest collection from Musier Paris. Known for their ability to play with vintage details that are timeless and easy to use, we definitely see Musier Paris’ mission come to life in this exciting collection. Featuring an office style theme, this collection looks in parts suitable for the office, but also trendy and elegant. While appropriate office attire can make you think dull and boring, that’s not what you’ll find in this collection from Musier Paris. Instead, you will find that each piece has been designed to convey that young, contemporary and fresh vibe. For example, rust knitted sweaters are cut for a youthful look, but then combined with more classic pleated trousers; his basic cardigan is enriched with some zebra prints; and classic straight leg pants get an edge when you add a nice leather jacket to the mix. Best Menswear

The 15 best street style outfits of Shanghai Fashion Week, spring 2021

Moving from a mainly digital Fashion Week seen in New York, London, Milan and Paris, we move on to Shanghai Fashion Week. The spring 2021 fashion shows in Shanghai seemed like days of normal life. The semi-annual fashion week brought in street style stars who appeared to be virus-free, as the Asian capital saw a record of greedy new cases. From oversized dresses to platform boots, to trendy sweaters and some bold pops of color, here are our 15 favorite street looks from Shanghai Fashion Week Spring 2021. Kacamata Rayban

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Padded jackets to buy before the temperatures drop

Timberland Fashion, When temperatures start to change, it’s time to consider which investment pieces to add to your winter wardrobe before it gets cold. Padded jackets and padded outerwear are some of the essentials in our wardrobe this season. The thick quilted texture offers the comfort of a cozy blanket with a touch of urban style.

Stonehart’s ocean-inspired jewelry will captivate you

Modeled by Greta Brooks, photographed by Kimberley Gordon, in collaboration with Creature of Habit who designed the beautiful tail, we are thrilled that you can see Stonehart Jewelry’s “Out of Water” collection. Inspired by the ocean and mermaids, this collection is undoubtedly feminine, but it also has a sense of mystical magic. Whether it’s seahorses, pearls, starfish or shells, the inspiration from the ocean is clear from the start. That said, what may not be clear is that each of the pieces actually use a “treasure” that was bought straight from the ocean, giving the collection even more authenticity and magic. Of course, what makes this collection even more eye-catching is the style and art direction behind the lookbook.

Style twists keep you on your toes with Toga’s AW2020 collection

If you are as obsessed with fashion and style as we are, there is no doubt that you will fall in love with this Fall / Winter ’20 collection from Japanese fashion brand Toga. Ridiculously trendy and packed with all the details you want to hang in your closet, Toga knows how to keep things on-trend while ensuring your style stands out. For example, with this latest line, some of the bolder details include mesh harem pants, classic lined trench coats with dramatic fur sleeves, feather lining, head-to-toe stripe combinations, pops of color like royal blue and tomato red. obviously voluminous silhouettes impossible to ignore. That said, it is difficult to specify this collection in one aesthetic or one style. On the one hand, some of the pieces feel more streetwear inspired and edgy fashion, like the padded coats and fishing nets. However, on the other hand, we also have an aesthetic that seems more vintage inspired (i.e. vintage floral prints, traditional sweaters, and Mary Jane shoes). Plus, there’s also menswear-inspired tailoring making its way into the mix. Top Fashion

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The elegant and feminine jewelry you wanted from Krystle Knight Jewelry

For everyday jewelry that sparkles and shines in the most elegant way, there is nothing better than Krystle Knight jewelry. The “Lighting” collection, in particular, should grab your attention for all the right reasons. While you won’t find exaggerated rhinestones or trendy earrings here, what you will find is much better. These are the pieces that quickly and easily add to your outfit without stealing the show. These are the pieces you want at your disposal when you want to add a touch of interest to your look without feeling like you’re wearing jewelry.

The best white boots that will accompany you during the winter

White boots have become a wardrobe accessory and are more versatile than ever. Regardless of the weather, you can pair them with a flowing maxi dress like Chriselle, wear them over skinny jeans, or pair them with knitted dresses. They instantly light up a dark winter look unlike your basic black boots. Best Menswear

What to wear for your next fall night date

For us, there is nothing more elegant than a slip. When paired with cool-weather basics and stylish dresses, this classic can transform into the perfect fall evening look. We love the way Sheryl put a cropped sweater over a long dress and dressed it up in embellished heels. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

15 chic leggings for a casual weekend look

If comfort is a priority in your life, then you definitely need new leggings in your arsenal. You can easily dress things up with a blazer and little shoes or combine them with a hoodie and sneakers for an ultra-comfortable weekend look. Fortunately, your options for chic leggings are endless – we’ve put together 15 designs that you can use anywhere, from the gym to lunch and for running errands. Timberland Fashion

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Let your panting breath take your breath away with your custom creations

What do you know about dyspnoea? Nothing? Oh, a real delight of style awaits you. Filled with sequins, feathers, colors and all the sexy designs you could wish for, this brand will surprise you. In fact, the word “dyspnea” really means taking your breath away. That is, it is a brand that wants to shock you in the most elegant way possible. Also, remember that each piece that comes out of dyspnea is always made to order. This not only helps to reduce waste and make the brand more sustainable, it also makes each part exactly made to your specifications, ensuring the best possible fit, regardless of the type of body. Top Fashion

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Cheerful patterns and elegant designs come to life in this Hannah Artwear collection

In the mood for flattering swimsuits, patterned dresses and flowing silhouettes? If so, you will love what Hannah Artwear has in store for you in her latest collection. To start, let’s take a look at some swimsuits. From full-length printed trousers to high-waisted trousers and even a trendy julep mint string style, your beach style is about to be updated with these pieces on your radar. But hey, if swimsuits aren’t exactly on your priority list, we have a feeling you’re going to love patterned dresses, wrap dresses and a flowing maxi dress done in a multi-tone color block design. There is no doubt that when it comes to complex prints and bold colors, Hannah Artwear protects you.

Update your jeans and knitwear collection with Hellessy

Have you seen Hellessy’s jeans and knitwear collection? With the autumn chill in the air, there has never been a better time to update your jeans and knitwear. And, of course, if you’re looking to do that with some of the highest quality t-shirts and the most suitable jeans, we can’t say enough good things about Hellessy. Remember, however, if you are only expecting medium jeans and basic tops, think again. Whether it’s denim embellished with pearly details or a deconstructed cable knit collar, you’ll have a classic design feel, but always with a special touch. In addition, we cannot talk about this collection without touching the sex appeal that pulsates between the pieces. Best Menswear

Sassy and sweet, Selkie does it again with her collection

Our reference in feminine and sassy design, we are sure that you will love this latest collection from Selkie. Whether it’s pastel shades, over-the-top puffing sleeves or feminine frills, no feminine detail is spared by Selkie. Of course, if you know the brand, you already know that soft and feminine is not its aesthetic. Although the pieces themselves may seem soft and feminine, the collections are always designed to have a more daring attitude. Whether it’s extra short hems, dramatic hair, knee socks or black stilettos, attitude is what makes a Selkie collection. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Multiple aesthetics shine in this fall collection from For Love & Lemons

Timberland Fashion, We can’t deny our love for For Love & Lemons and when you see the Fall 2020 collection for yourself, we suspect you’ll understand exactly why we’re so obsessed. Featuring the brand’s lingerie-style designer clothes, this line is sexy, glamorous and very feminine. And of course, in true For Love & Lemons style, they’re not responsible for an aesthetic or theme. For example, in this collection, we find references to 80s design, western style and even something that reminds us of a 50s housewife

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Drama is never lacking in the Taller Marmo FW20 collection

If the dramatic design doesn’t make you run for the mountains, you’ll love this collection from Taller Marmo. And believe us, when we say dramatic design, we really mean it. Whether it’s fuchsia feathers, crackling orange or sherbert, luxurious silk, fringed midi skirts or cape dresses, there’s no way to mix the crowd with this collection on your radar. That said, there are some more classic designs worked on in the collection if that’s your preference. For example, a loose white midi dress with belted details and a plunging neckline looks very classic and chic. Top Fashion

Classic and dramatic in this AVAVAV collection

If you’re ready to indulge in cool fall designs, we have a feeling that the latest version of AVAVAV will be perfect for you. Highlighting organza, chic cotton and luxurious silk, this collection is classic while remaining dramatic, all at the same time. For example, on the one hand, you will find many classic basic products, such as white T-shirts, ribbed tank tops, black dressing gowns and trench coats. Don’t be fooled, though, because you’ll also be delighted by polka dot and ruffle mini dresses, button down shirts with puff sleeves, dreamy white organza blouses with huge bow details and lots of ruffled midi dresses. Best Menswear

The 12 best street style outfits of London Fashion Week, spring 2021

We are in the midst of a pandemic, which makes this season’s fashion week different from the past. Although most designers presented their shows in the digital world, there was still some good street style to be found. So, pack your mask, practice safe social detachment and get inspired by our 12 favorite street style models from London Fashion Week Spring 2021

Attention to detail shines through in this Artclub collection

Designed by Heidi Middleton, the Artclub is on the verge of becoming her new favorite stopover design spot. Filled with that elite sense of style you know and love, Artclub is one of those brands that clearly values ??quality over quantity. Each piece is carefully designed with precision, attention to detail and impressive details worked into the mix. For example, some of our favorite designs include high-waisted black pants with a dramatic bow, a bold red dress with a layered skirt, a metallic gold off-the-shoulder blouse with bold puff sleeves, and even plain ivory with the logo. Artclub embroidered on the chest. In other words, you can keep those bold details that we know you love, but you can also get a simple shirt for when you’re lounging around the house, but still want to keep your sense of elite style intact. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Textured socks are an essential official accessory

Explore the Bassike collection inspired by high quality loungewear

For homemade clothes that still look elegant and luxurious, you need to see this collection from Bassike. Made in a predominantly black, gray, ivory and pink color palette, this is one of those collections that is so easy to use that you will wonder how you managed to survive without it. From casual zippered sweatshirts and oversized sweatshirts to graphic t-shirts and pink sweaters, this may seem like a fairly normal line of home clothing, but when you see the high-quality style, fabrics and details, home clothing takes on a completely new look . For example, how about the loose black dress with pretty sleeves? Combined with a black hat and a chic scarf, this outfit perfectly embodies a new sense of indifference. Timberland Fashion

Explore the unique design of the Dauphinette

Made in New York, this clothing brand Olivia Cheng will make you smile. Full of colors, vintage details and just good vibes, even if these designs don’t match your personal style, you will probably still appreciate their attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. In fact, all the pieces of this brand are unique and made with recycled materials. In addition to warm clothing, you will also find selected ready-to-wear pieces, accessories and bags. In other words, you can dress from head to toe with Dauphinette and be sure that your look is different from all the looks you are used to seeing on the go. Top Fashion

The classic style gains an American touch in this Forte_Forte collection

Whether it is metallic silver, spectacular teal or elegant silhouettes, Forte_Forte deftly offers us designs that strike a balance between unique, but also wearable and elegant. For example, in this pre-fall lookbook, we love the mix of midi dresses, waist belts, trendy kimono jackets and stylish scarves worn everywhere. In addition, you will probably notice that there is a contrast between classic details and a more bohemian or American element. For example, on the one hand, we have double-breasted blazers and belted midi dresses for a more classic look. Best Menswear

Milan Fashion Week’s top 30 street style results spring 2021

By maintaining social distances and wearing masks, as we saw at London Fashion Week Spring 2021 Street Style, Milan Fashion Week followed a similar example.

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Embrace childhood with fun designs by Kina and Tam

Self-proclaimed “children’s and playful” fashion enthusiast, Kina & Tam offers a new vision of style. Although you won’t find its elegant lines and modern details here, you’ll find colors, graphics, knits and nostalgic details instead. With everything from orange sherbert vests and polo shirts to large knits and graphic t-shirts, this brand is ideal for adults who are not yet ready to grow. In other words, it is for those who are not afraid to play with fashion in the most literal sense. You’ll even find a red beret designed to look like a strawberry. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

Dive into “Mystique” spell designs Dreamy and mystical collection

Have you had a chance to see Spell’s “Mystic” collection? If not, you are about to be surprised, because in the purest Spell style, they do not disappoint in this latest release. With its signature boho style, this collection features flowing fabrics, sunny hues, intricate patterns, mystical symbols, fringe details, and a distinctive feminine touch that always lurks beneath the surface of every Spell collection. To expand on this, our three favorite pieces in this lookbook include a wide-shoulder floral minidress, a faded dress with a cheetah print, and a pair of bell-print pants. Timberland Fashion

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Let yourself fall in love with all things, Capulet

We love Capulet, and when you learn more about this brand and its stunning designs, we think you will agree with us. With a distinctive Southern California charm and a preference for vintage details, Capulet designs her pieces for the versatile woman who is not afraid to play with style while keeping some of her favorite classic designs. In addition, you will also see that the preference for fun colors, fashionable details and high-quality finishes is always present. Top Fashion

This ultra-feminine collection from Selkie makes a style statement

Best Menswear, Are you in love with Selkie? If the daring, seductive and feminine style speaks to you, here without arguments, Selkie is for you. Not so sure? Just browse their latest collection to get an idea of ??what they are. With sweetheart necklines, puff sleeves, babydoll skirts, floral prints and pops of color, this collection quickly separates from your standard women’s fashion collection. The highlight is that we would say they do it by using intense volume.

The 15 best fashion sportswear brands with a cool twist

And the last six months of quarantine have taught us something, is that when it comes to fashion, comfort is king! For the foreseeable future at least, the days when you squeezed yourself in relentless heels or locked yourself in uncomfortable dresses are long gone. Instead, it’s time to invest in cozy and comfortable clothes for your everyday wardrobe. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

The elegant outfit that every fashionista will wear this fall

Knitwear and boots always look right for fall, but all fashion girls especially love a specific combination right now. It’s about the stylized vest with high boots. We love the way this influencer put hers over a shirt dress and pinned it at the waist for a structured feminine look.

From classic to spectacular, Carolina K has something for everyone

Has Carolina K ever bewitched you with her magical autumn / winter 2020 campaign? Packed with dazzling patterns, eye-popping embroidery and all shades of the rainbow, this collection is sophisticated and sophisticated, but also fun and full of dramatic charm. Plus, you’ll also find that the color palette and overall theme of the collection don’t stay consistent. Instead, they keep you alert with themes ranging from a boho aesthetic to something more folklore-inspired and even something that has a somewhat mystical aesthetic with moon prints, pretty sleeves, and shawl jackets that look witch-inspired. Timberland Fashion

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The best of Valery Kovalska’s tailoring

If you are someone who likes fine tailoring, quality fabrics and sophisticated details, this latest launch from Valery Kovalska is for you. Designed for Resort ’21, on the one hand, this collection has a light and fresh touch, but on the other you will also find more structural elements, chunky knits and silhouettes that wrap the body. We also have a feeling that you will love the use of colors. Although the collection has plenty of crisp white and dark black, you’ll also find light blue, cherry red, bubble gum, and the ever-popular camel. Top Fashion

This fall uniform is the epitome of Cozy Chic

A leather biker jacket combined with a knitted dress is a chic and cozy combination of clothes that everyone knows. However, it is immediately updated with a reliable pair of combat boots. Whether you’re looking for a simple outfit for the weekend or something casual and trendy for the week, this is the fall outfit every girl needs to recreate now.

Wild Life impressions come to life in this Emporio Sirenuse collection

Inspired by the sculptures of Giuseppe Ducrot, this summer collection by Emporio Sirenuse is focused on nature and features wild animal prints. Whether they are earthy greens, deep clubs or fiery oranges, the elements of nature make their presence known.Even in some of the more abstract prints, you will find yourself remembered for the air element, for example, with the use of flowing lines. However, if textured prints tend to be more popular, you’ll find the quintessential flowers, palm trees, and even a tiger or two printed in the mix. Best Menswear

Let this Monse collection inspire your fall wardrobe

For a collection that screams fall but still keeps you alert with unexpected details, you need to see what Monse has in store in her Fall / Winter ’20 program. Whether it’s the tartan print, the new take on the classic trench coat, the loose tops or the dramatic leathers, this collection takes the fall details you know and love, but add a touch of dramatic and elitist style you can only hope to find in one catwalk designer collection. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Be captivated by this exciting Nanushka collection

Combining 90s grunge with monastic flair, if you are drawn to simple designs that still have an impact, this 2020 Pre-Autumn collection from Nanushka is for you. While you are sure to find plenty of masculine style details such as boxy cuts, oversized jackets, suits, and column silhouettes, there is also a sense of femininity here that is impossible to ignore. Silk knit tops, elbow-length vegan leather gloves, pleated skirts, slip dresses, buttery yellow, and shoulder knits all contribute to a softer edge that is the signature of the women’s experience. Nanushka design.

Bring a little ’90s nostalgia into your closet with this collection from SJYP

For example, with this latest release, we’re definitely going back to school for some subtle vibes. The lookbook background is the most obvious indication of this, but also the youthful feel, vibrant color, and plaid details help us hark back to our school days. In addition, we would also say that there is a reference to the grunge of the 90s here. Although we would not say that this collection is daring enough to go totally there, plaid, oversized jeans, combat boots, turtlenecks abound. Round and slip-type dresses for couples with high neck to remind us of the past. Timberland Fashion

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West Coast Cool Meets City Street Edge in the Baja East Collection

Based in Los Angeles, this luxury brand effortlessly blends that cool Los Angeles girl vibe with the feel of an urban style that we are perhaps more used to seeing in a city like New York. In other words, the Baja East aesthetic is what they call “loose luxury.” To get an idea of ??what this exclusive aesthetic looks and feels like, the Pre Fall 2020 collection is a good place to start. From stylish fringed blazers to lavender sweatshirts and calico print pants, this collection will keep you on your toes from start to finish. One moment you can feel the architectural dresses and drapes prepare you for a night on the town, while the next moment the patterned biker shorts and matching zip-up hoodies make their presence felt. Top Fashion

Step into the luxurious world of Leinwande with their fall / winter ’20 collection

Sleek and elegant, no one creates a modern look quite like Leinwande. In particular, we invite you to indulge yourself with the fall / winter ’20 collection. Exhibiting that utilitarian sensibility the brand is so well known for, this collection is mature, sophisticated and ideal for a woman who truly values ??her sense of style. More specifically, some of our favorite designs include cream knit cardigans, charcoal gray ponchos with fringed details, backless black wrap tops, white silk pleated skirts, beautifully tailored coats, luxurious fur jackets, plaid blouses, and ribbed mesh. Best Menswear

16 plaid jackets to add to your shopping cart now

Every fall, chess reinvents itself and this year will be no different. Our favorite piece of the hero of the season are the plaid jackets. It took many forms, from plaid prints to houndstooth, classic tartan, and more. Whether you layer a plaid jacket over your sweatshirt or a pair of jeans, your outfit goes from cozy to elegant and enhanced in no time. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

The 15 best fashion sportswear brands with a cool twist 2

6) Nylora

Newest to the workout apparel scene, but still an honorable mention, Nylora fitness brand offers an enviable collection of items for the gym and beyond. Founded in 2018 by designer Carolyn Jang, NYLORA is the sportswear brand of choice for all the cool girls. A Parsons-trained designer with expert knitwear expertise created NYLORA to offer tailored sportswear for an urban lifestyle. Timberland Fashion

7) The positive side

Let’s be honest! Especially in times of conflict, it is better to look on the bright side of things! Ask Sydney-based contemporary sportswear brand The Upside. With the most beautiful prints and endless possibilities to mix and match, you will never be short of what to wear! Founded by Jodhi Meares, this fabulous brand combines functionality and style in its offering of sports bras, leggings, sweatshirts, joggers and sports tops. The Forest Midi Pants from Upside get our top prize for their sweetness. Top Fashion

8) Varley

A great reputation is worth a lot and one of our favorite fashion and trendy sportswear brands is Varley. Innovative, timeless, and built to last, this Los Angeles-based brand is an ideal choice for women who like to look good in style as much as they like to sweat. Best Menswear

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9) P.E Nation

If there’s one thing you can say for sure when it comes to one of the hottest urban-inspired sportswear brands on the market, this isn’t your high school gym wear! Leading the world of street-inspired sportswear, Australian brand P.E Nation has garnered a following for its high quality and high-end aesthetics. You’ll find an abundance of contrast panels in a range of fun colors to choose from, perfect for going outside or breaking a sweat.

10) Adam Selman Sport

And there’s one thing contemporary stylist Adam Selman can do, is offer an ultra-sexy sporty look that works in and out of the gym. Selman, with his eponymous brand, brings with him both a Pratt Institute pedigree and unparalleled joy. Kacamata Rayban


The 15 best fashion sportswear brands with a cool twist 1

If the last six months in quarantine have taught us anything, it’s that when it comes to fashion, comfort is king! For the foreseeable future at least, the days of clinging onto ruthless heels or locking yourself in uncomfortable clothing are over. Instead, it’s time to invest in comfortable, form-fitting clothing for your daily wardrobe. But don’t worry, staying home doesn’t have to mean giving up your style! In fact, there are so many great activewea brands these days offering trendy sportswear and modern home wear.

Bridal Collective

Do you want to master your sportswear game and be a responsible shopper too? Well, get ready to have an affair with the Girlfriend Collective. This sustainable sportswear brand founded by husband duo Ellie and Quang Dinh is fun, comfortable, and wonderfully simple. Using fabrics from recycled water bottles and other plastic waste, this brand is doing more than just offering sportswear to keep you stylish. Ever wanted to rock a one-piece suit but didn’t feel confident enough to take the plunge? Well this is your chance with the Girlfriend Collective jumpsuit. Timberland Fashion


If you know a thing or two about fashion, and I think you do, it should come as no surprise that some of the coolest and trendiest names in women’s sportswear come from one of the world’s fashion capitals – London! UK-based sportswear brand LNDR is certainly no exception. Founded by Joanna Turner, Sarah Donnelly, and Donna Harris in 2015, LNDR has set (and accomplished) a mission to create truly premium, quality workout apparel that you can wear anywhere. And isn’t that just the perfect mission for our current state of affairs? From the yoga studio to the gym and even out on the streets when the occasion calls for it, you’ll be a true Londoner (or at least look like one) when you wear the brand’s stylish gym clothing, like the organic cotton knit top a Stripes and seamless Techtonic stretch Leggings. Top Fashion

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No Ka ‘Oi

The pursuit of excellence during quarantine can sometimes seem like an uphill battle. But when you have stylish women’s sportswear to help you feel strong, inspired and beautiful, at least you’re in good hands! That’s why sportswear brand No Ka ‘Oi (which is literally the quintessential Hawaiian word) offers women’s workout wear that will keep you in line with your goals! Simona Finelli, founder and creative director of No Ka ‘Oi, has taken her broad interests in fashion, contemporary art and wellness to create the perfect (majestic) storm for a brand that responds to the demands of a lifestyle. Fashion. Inspired by the forces of the natural world, this Italian sportswear brand takes your style to new heights. Best Menswear


Some of this season’s best color block looks can be found in the sportswear tops and cute workout tops from sportswear brand Vaara. Founded by former model Tatiana Korsakova, this contemporary athletic and sportswear brand is the epitome of trendy and hip. Is there anything cooler than Vaara’s Elsa Color Block Stretch Sports Bra? Perfect for low-impact workouts as well as cool streetwear, this sports bra made from Italian-sourced, quick-drying stretch fabric is supportive, stylish and sexy.


Sustainable, fresh and good for the environment, sportswear brand Nagnata takes the cake. Founded by the duo of sister designer Laura May and Hannah Gibbs, this brand proves that style geniuses really do belong in the family. The Australian brand offers recycled fabrics and certified organic cotton, so you never have to worry about quality or carbon footprint. We’re a bit more than obsessed with Nagnata’s ribbed stretch technical halter neck blouse. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

The best waterproof covers you can buy now and wear forever

Looking for the perfect layering piece to slide and use at any time? You can’t go wrong with some stylish raincoats this fall. Take a break from your classic beige overcoat and look for updates from the new season with color block details, olive green tones and maxi silhouettes. You can wear it with everything from a pair of jeans and strappy sandals as shown above, or with a ribbed dress and ankle boots. Buy the best trench coats below.

This casual outfit is perfect for early fall

If you are looking for easy combinations of clothes to recreate for late summer and early fall, we have just what you need. The look of this influencer consists of a tie-dye polo dress, platform slippers and layered gold jewelry. We love how the structured shoulder bag adds the perfect amount of shine. Recreate this fresh, casual look with the pieces we’ve selected below. Timberland Fashion

Draws attention on Ronny Kobo’s fall 2020 schedule

Combining bohemian elegance with elegant sensuality, meeting Ronny Kobo is falling in love with them. In particular, we can’t wait for you to take a look at the autumn 2020 collection. Full of brilliance and glamor, from the beginning, this collection differs from ordinary fashion brands, showing why so many women are passionate about its exciting designs. Let’s take a look at some of the pieces to get an idea of ??how it all plays out. At the most elegant end of the spectrum, you’ll find an asymmetric leather midi skirt combined with a black sleeveless top. On the other hand, for a more attractive feeling, you will love a blue silk robe dress with an attractive print. And really, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this brand’s ability to play in style. Whether it’s a metallic copper suit, an 80s inspired mini dress with puffed sleeves or a cheetah print bodycon dress and an asymmetrical skirt, there are plenty of bold details and designs lurking in this line. Top Fashion

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We11done reinvents contemporary streetwear and luxury design

If you like Korean streetwear, listen, as we have your new favorite brand for you. Specializing in all things modern and luxurious, We11done is redefining the world of contemporary luxury fashion and, once you see the AW2020 collection for yourself, you will know exactly what makes this brand so popular. Combining traditional athletics with more glamorous design options, not all sweatshirts are here. Instead, you’ll find plenty of glamorous design options like the addition of fur coats, metallic snakeskin pants, perfectly tailored jackets and shiny mohair blouses. Instead of labeling this collection as athleisure, we would say that it fits into the world of chic and contemporary style, but with a more relaxed and youthful sense of calm. They provide the pieces that the most fashionable men and women will want to choose, but they also ensure that their pieces have a touch of elegance and high class finishes. Best Menswear

With ready-to-use luxury designs, you’ll instantly fall in love with Cecilie Bahnsen

With attention to detail at the forefront of each piece, Cecilie Bahnsen is the right place for ready-to-use luxury designs that exude a classic and timeless style. Combining French and Scandinavian design techniques, there is no denying the high sense of style that this brand exudes. Let yourself fall in love with your latest collection and soon you will know exactly what we mean. Without lack of textures, this collection has 3D elements to bring life and energy to the pieces. Whether it’s quilting, 3D flowers, embroidery or textured fabrics, there are no prints or patterns here. Made mainly in black and white, it is clear that the trim and fabric must be the stars of the parade.

Christopher Esber proves that male design can still be female with this collection

With everything to provide customers with impeccable tailoring techniques, Christopher Esber is the ideal brand for designs that exude confidence, strength and effortless style. We see that attention to detail reflected beautifully in the fall 2020 line. With all the styles inspired by the standard men’s clothing that we would expect, such as blazers, pleated pants and white buttons, there is still a distinct sense of femininity present. Femininity is reflected in carefully placed cutouts, in matching shirtless blazers, in the silhouettes that define the waist and in the fit that defines the curves. In other words, this collection proves that you don’t need the more traditional feminine elements like shades of pink, flowers or bows to get a feminine touch. Rather, with this collection, what matters is to enhance the feminine form, while ensuring that women can feel comfortable and confident in any piece they choose to display. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

The half zip will be the hottest trend of autumn

Timberland Fashion, There has been a resurgence of vintage trends in recent years and the latest to hit our radar is the half-zip sweater. It’s a modern take on the turtleneck, which has always been a fall wardrobe staple. We love the casual look with baggy jeans, pants, or even midi skirts. If you want to enjoy the trend before everyone else, now is the time. Shop our picks below.

Don’t miss this collaboration between MM6 Maison Margiela and The North Face

In collaboration with outerwear brand The North Face, this Fall / Winter ’20 version of MM6 Maison Margiela expertly combines the functionality of famous The North Face outerwear with MM6 Maison Margiela’s most avant-garde sense of style. To do this, you will find sports ready-to-wear, unusual accessories, many deconstructed silhouettes, contrasting textures and, of course, innovative fabrics that make the pieces stand out as luxurious, but also functional for all your outerwear needs. In other words, don’t expect feminine prints or classic tench coats here. Instead, it’s all about down jackets, oversized silhouettes, and logos for that sense of exclusivity. Additionally, in addition to outerwear, you will also find the brand’s distinctive aesthetic on blouses, pants, dresses and accessories. Top Fashion

No beach vacation is complete without Beachgold

All about tropical designs, made in Bali, if you consider yourself a beach boy who loves fashion and design, Beachgold is about to catch your eye. Not only because their designs are beautiful, but also because each piece is clearly crafted with love and careful attention to detail at the forefront of their process. In particular, you will be happy to discover that Beachgold is a sustainable brand that values ??art. In fact, Beachgold is a family business, with two founding sisters of the brand and their two daughters joining the team. Today, Beach Gold employs 150 people in Bali and each team member works meticulously on designs, including sewing, printing, and pattern making. And the pieces themselves? What aesthetic can you expect to find at Beachgold? Well, first of all, the beach aesthetic is alive and well. In addition to this, you will also find a very smooth and elegant femininity feeling lurking throughout the collection. Best Menswear

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A fun lookbook inspired by the Retrofete party

When it comes to glitz and glamor, Retrofete never lets us down. Well known for their party-inspired styles, we can’t wait for you to see the Pre-Fall 2020 lookbook for yourself. the little ones, Retrofete does it all with this collection. Highlighting her love for a mixture of more glamorous and raw designs, this collection is best suited for the woman who is not afraid to experiment with her style. For example, we see this combination of highs and lows paired with a high neck white lace top with a dramatic ruffled front paired with white jean cuts. The top clearly looks a bit more elevated than the white cuts, yet together the combination looks so perfectly Retrofete

Easy and cool beach styles with an elevated feel by Evarae

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to enjoy Evarae’s Spring / Summer ’20 lookbook yet. Filled with the airy silhouettes you crave for summer, this collection is equally feminine, soft and full of the finest details. Get all of this out while keeping the design relatively simple. While you are sure to find worked patterns, colors, and details throughout, it all manages to look understated as well. For example, one of our favorite pieces featured in the line includes a yellow structured midi dress with off the shoulders, gathered sleeves and a bodice. It has a touch of style with its color and off-the-shoulder neckline, but it doesn’t require any over the top details. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

The fashion trend that makes a big comeback this fall

The sleeveless knit sweater must be one of the biggest trends of the fall, and it’s already approved by the It girls on Instagram. They’re perfect to layer over a wide button top or can be worn alone while the weather is still warm. If you’re ready to be an early adopter and want your own wool vest, shop for the fashion trends below.

Find out why so many women are in love with Jean

From patterned babydoll dresses and skirts to crop tops and jeans, With Jean offers coverage on all fronts. Not to mention, this is a brand that cares about its ethics. Dedicated to working with the most ethical partners and manufacturers, you can be assured that every With Jean piece is ethically made. Furthermore, they mainly use natural fibers in their projects and are very conscious of their waste. The best part? After taking a look at some of the stunning designs coming out of this brand, we know you will be amazed at the attention to detail. In other words, ethically designed clothing doesn’t mean you have to give up on fashion and style. Timberland Fashion

Nobody does the 80s inspired look like the wicked

Well known for his love of vintage styles from the 80s and 90s, knowing Perverze is loving Perverze. While they may not be what you consider conventional or standard with their designs, they certainly know how to create streetwear inspired designs that look noteworthy. This rings particularly true of the brand’s last fall. From high-waisted knit pants and raw hems to boxy blazers and short cardigans, it doesn’t take much to realize that this collection is driven by a nostalgic sense of fashion. In fact, if you didn’t know better, you’d probably assume this collection was derived from a trip to a local cheap goods store. And, really, this is what we love the most about Perverze: the designs look authentic.

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Paskal highlights bold prints and sophisticated silhouettes for AW20

Top Fashion, Designed by Julie Paskal, Paskal Clothes is a brand that thrives on architectural shapes, laser cuts, and minimalist shapes. See for yourself as you explore the Fall / Winter ’20 collection. With midi dresses and long jackets, these pieces are the ideal combination of elegance and sophistication, but also bold and striking. For example, actual cuts, fabrications and tailoring fit the more classic and minimalist end of the spectrum. However, when we take a look at the printing and colors used, that’s when we get our big design boom to stop the screen. For example, there is a unique multi-colored paint splatter print made on a tailored jacket, turtleneck, and pants. Or, if you want the colorful effect, but are more drawn to a dress, you’ll find a stripped down version paired with a matching cut jacket. Best Menswear

Fall in love with the spectacular designs of the Huishan Zhang Collection

Based in London and known for its luxurious styles, there is no mistaking the Huishan Zhang collection. Combining eastern and western influences, a Huishan Zhang collection is characterized by femininity, strong lines, and incomparable sophistication. Are you curious to know more? Reading the Pre-Autumn 2020 collection carefully is highly recommended. With classic tweed, metallics, pleats, feather details, and elbow-length gloves, there was clearly no way to contain the drama here. Even something as simple as a white suit receives the Huishan Zhang treatment by wearing an off-the-shoulder neckline, see-through panels, and daring elbow-length gloves. Other notable designs from this line include a dramatic pink ruffled midi dress, a dramatic tweed blazer with pearlescent fringes and white feathers, a hot pink chiffon dress, and an over-the-top green sequin dress with sleeves and hem with frills. Kacamata Rayban

Dramatic talent is never lacking in Marianna Senchina

No fear of drama, the FW2020 Marianna Senchina Collection is an absolute must-have for any woman with a strong appreciation for fashion. With fun elements, nostalgic details and a feminine touch, Marianna Senchina’s designs encourage women to have fun with fashion. The looks are never too serious, but they are also full of quality and extreme attention to detail. This has never been clearer than in the brand’s fall / winter ’20 collection. Whether it’s puffy puff sleeves, vintage-style pillbox hats, plush velvet, classic plaids, see-through lace, or elegant white suits, you can’t help but appreciate the bold nature of this collection.

Elegant Fashion

The perfect 7-piece autumn capsule wardrobe

A new season tends to feel like a new beginning and we have no complaints about new beginnings. As we move from summer to the colder months, this is a great opportunity to start the autumn wardrobe that you have always considered making! Rather than investing in a lot of trends, it will be more beneficial for you to invest in higher quality parts that last throughout the year. An ideal capsule wardrobe usually consists of items that you can mix into various outfits. They can be more timeless silhouettes that pass from one season to the next, as well as pieces that have a more fashion element. To help you get started, here are our 10 favorite items that we would add to our own autumn 2020 capsule wardrobe.

1) Large jacket

While we can say goodbye to the hot weather, it means that we can say hello to the falling layers too! Of course, a capsule wardrobe would not be complete without proper outer clothing. A large blazer is great for combining easily and will complement, rather than take off, all the other items in your capsule wardrobe. You can style it over a disheveled dress, combine it with tailored pants or use it to wear a pair of jeans. Timberland Fashion

2) Denim jacket

Top Fashion, For a more casual outerwear alternative, a denim jacket is one of those classic pieces that never goes out of style. However, the faded black look is a bolder approach to a timeless item. If you are looking for a larger fit for an ideal layer, definitely order a larger size. As soon as the temperature changes, this garment can be draped over thick fabrics and even overcoats.

3) baggy sweater

Autumn is the season for sweaters. Whatever happens, I think a loose and solid mesh is a very good staple to have as we move into the colder months. This is a versatile top that you can wear with jeans, pair with a silk midi skirt or wrap up with your sweaters.

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4) Fitted high collar

Another incredible and versatile fall top is a high collar. This item is essential when it comes to comfortable layers! You can use it alone or as a basic piece in sweaters, dresses, button blouses and more. If your closet is full of classic collars, choose a cool cutout. Best Menswear

5) Big shirt

This capsule wardrobe is special because it is a timeless staple that has been revamped to suit current trends. Loose shirts with big cuts will be a storm this season. Although it has a much looser fit than the aforementioned collar, it is great to combine it with cardigans, vests and blazers. But you can use it as a wrap layer over your summer tops and mesh bralettes for now.

6) straight leg jeans

I think we can all agree that an attractive pair of jeans is a must, no matter the time of year. Previously, there was a strong focus on skinny cuts, but this fall, jeans are getting even more relaxed and casual. Straight leg jeans are the new standard and will look amazing with your capsule wardrobe options. For a modern look, try putting them on high boots.

7) Sport pants

Sweatpants are part of the new normal and definitely deserve a place in your fall wardrobe. Recently, they have shown to be more than a lazy attack. Sweatpants can be worn with anything from heeled ankle boots to short tops and tailored jackets. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

A chic casual dress that you can wear until the end of summer

Knitted tubular skirts are one of our favorite summer trends because they create an incredibly casual chic outfit that can accompany you through the end of the season. The best part is that they are very versatile and easy to use, just like your favorite jeans. Combine them with a basic T-shirt and high-top sneakers for every day of the week. If temperatures have already started to drop where you live, all you need to add is a denim jacket

Nfdress balances the trend with a striking design

Timberland Fashion, Designed and founded by LuQi Yu, Nfdress is a brand dedicated to providing the coveted designs that women want in their wardrobes. In particular, you will find that the pieces revolve around serving a mixture of old and new, cunning and haute couture, in fashion, but still unique. In other words, the ideal style combinations that every designer is trying to achieve come together effortlessly at Nfdress. Curious to know how? Check out the latest collection and you’ll soon understand. Whether it’s corsets, heart-shaped necklines, velvet or stunning brooches, you will certainly have no trouble understanding the nostalgic charm displayed throughout.

The key element you need to pair with jeans this fall

You may have noticed, but cardigans are creating quite a stir in the fashion world now. Not only does a cardigan offer endless possibilities for style, it is No. 1 to match jeans this fall. You can wear it as a short top, combine it with a bra or tie it on your shoulders and more. Buy 15 super chic styles below.

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An unusual way to turn your petticoat this fall

We are all in favor of clothes that do not last long, and there is one piece that really allows this: the slip dress. If you’re looking for an unusual way to transform your outfit this fall, this influencer dress is definitely worth copying. Just wear a large hood and combine it with slippers, gold hoop earrings and turtle sunglasses. Top Fashion

Look your best this summer and beyond with For Love & Lemons

Best Menswear, There is a good reason why women go crazy for For Love & Lemons, and we have a strong suspicion that once you take a look at your summer 2020 collection, the answer will be obvious. Full of fashion details, young silhouettes, feminine style and a lot of sex appeal, these pieces guarantee to energize your steps. Combining tropical flowers, lace ornaments, retro details, solid purple and subtle puffing sleeves, it is clear from the beginning that For Love & Lemons is marketing a collection that will attract more young fashion enthusiasts who don’t wear it. . Sorry to show you some skin. Whether it’s short hems, cropped tops or backless cutouts, those revealing skin details for which For Love & Lemons is so famous are sure to be there.

Every woman’s wardrobe deserves a little friendship

Perfectly adapted and designed to be elegant, Adeam is the collection you want in your life if you are ready to enhance your sense of style. In particular, we recommend buying the Resort 2021 collection. With soft pleats, flowing sleeves, shades of pink, puffed sleeves and tailored blouses, this collection screams chic. However, don’t be fooled by this list, thinking that Adeam only specializes in very feminine details. There is much more to your projects. For example, in this collection, in addition to the feminine style, you will also find black leather bags, black trousers with straight legs, black palazzo pants and long dresses with black sashes. Clearly, black is this brand’s favorite shade. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

All the tall boots we want for fall

Knee-high boots will be bigger than ever this fall and fashion girls have already started incorporating them into their summer looks. While neutral-colored boots turn out to be the most popular, you can’t go wrong with the snakeskin print and embossed crocodile styles to make your fall shoes even more unique. Timberland Fashion

Bella Freud proves that sophisticated design can still be fun

If you want a design that catches people’s attention for its incredible sense of style, we can’t say enough good things about Bella Freud. Specializing in providing us with equally chic and playful designs, Bella Freud never allows you to choose between feeling chic and feminine, but also playful and experimental with your own style. We invite you to take a look at the Autumn / Winter ’20 collection to get an idea of ??how these two contrasting aesthetics combine so well. In particular, a piece that really helps convey this aesthetic comes in the form of a pink suit. Made and made with luxurious silk, there is no denying that this piece is full of chic and sophisticated style; however, at the other end of the spectrum, it is done in a super glamor pink bubble gum. As we said, it is the best of both worlds. Other noteworthy designs include light blue pleated pants, metallic mini-dresses, black and red knitted blouses, plaid suits and wraparound skirts for women.

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Summer style has never been easier thanks to Olympia Etal

Simple and so ideal for a cool summer, we can’t wait for you to focus on Olympia Etal’s Summer ’20 collection. Photographed by Kaili Scheer, this lookbook incorporates everything that is summer. It is light, fresh, simple and perfect for hot summer days when you want to look good, but also relaxed and comfortable, regardless of the temperature. For example, you will find linen overalls, flowing dresses and a light color palette reminiscent of summer. Notably, some of our favorite programming choices include a flowing white sleeveless midi dress, an earthy brown super chic dress, a buttoned navy blue midi dress and, the real show, a cheerful long-sleeved maxi. in a dreamy lilac eye shadow. With all these pieces, they work for that style of pitch that is so popular in the summer. In fact, even within the lookbook itself, one of the button-down shirts is combined with a swimsuit to further highlight the easy-to-wear summer feel. Does it look like an aesthetic that you could use more this summer? Discover everything Olympia Etal is and you will be one step closer to your ideal summer style. Top Fashion

A chic casual dress that you can wear until the end of summer

Knitted tubular skirts are one of our favorite summer trends because they create an incredibly casual chic outfit that can accompany you through the end of the season. The best part is that they are very versatile and easy to use, just like your favorite jeans. Combine them with a basic T-shirt and high-top sneakers for every day of the week. If temperatures have already started to drop where you live, all you need to add is a denim jacket. Best Menswear

Nfdress balances the trend with a striking design

Designed and founded by LuQi Yu, Nfdress is a brand dedicated to providing the coveted designs that women want in their wardrobes. In particular, you will find that the pieces revolve around serving a mixture of old and new, artful and couture, in fashion, but unique. In other words, the ideal style combinations that every designer is trying to achieve come together effortlessly at Nfdress. Curious to know how? Check out the latest collection and you’ll soon understand. Whether it’s corsets, heart-shaped necklines, velvet or stunning brooches, you certainly won’t have a problem understanding the nostalgic charm that is in everything. Of course, with that in mind, we don’t even think you’ll miss that more contemporary touch that is so prevalent in these designs. For example, with an almost sporty and athletic look, we definitely have the feeling that this collection is well designed for those who prefer a design inspired by streetwear. Kacamata Rayban

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