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2 Indonesian Designers Create Smartphone-Inspired Dresses

Perusahaan teknologi Xiaomi telah berkolaborasi dengan dua stylist Indonesia, Stella Rissa dan Diana M. Putri. Kedua desainer ini menciptakan pakaian yang terinspirasi dari smartphone

Menurut Stephanie Sicilia, Direktur Humas Xiaomi Indonesia, perusahaan telah meluncurkan lini baru produk high-end dan perangkat AIoT, yakni Mi 11 Lite, Mi 11 Ultra dan Mi Smart Band 6. Produk baru ini tidak hanya mendukung produktivitas. . tetapi mereka juga melengkapi gaya hidup sebagai pernyataan mode. Timberland Fashion

Bertempat di channel Youtube Xiaomi Indonesia, pada peluncuran kali ini Xiaomi mengusung tema Tech X Fashion. Tema ini memadukan teknologi dengan gaya hidup dalam sebuah peragaan busana.

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Stephanie mengatakan pihaknya bekerja sama dengan dua perancang busana terkenal untuk menggabungkan teknologi dan mode yang begitu glamor dalam gaun dan desain malam yang elegan dan eksotis.

Salah satunya, kolaborasi dengan Stella Rissa, menampilkan desain khusus yang merepresentasikan Mi 11 Lite. Stella Rissa menggunakan bahan seperti tulle dan organza dalam tiga variasi warna Mi 11 Lite yaitu Peach Pink, Bubblegum Blue dan Boba Black, kata Stephanie baru-baru ini. Best Menswear

Stella Rissa menjelaskan saat mendesain koleksi ini, ia sangat terinspirasi dengan konsep Mi 11 Lite yang ramping, stylish dan stylish sehingga bisa begitu ringan. Bahan yang Anda gunakan dalam koleksi ini juga paling ringan yaitu organza dan tulle.

Stella juga memadukannya dengan material yang cukup berat seperti denim, karena koleksi yang dihadirkan bold. Kain sutra krep dan satin sutra meningkatkan kesan elegan dan transparan. “Inilah bagaimana kolaborasi yang menyatukan dua desain kami benar-benar dapat mewakili,” kata Stella.

Kolaborasi mengesankan lainnya adalah dengan Diana M. Putri melalui label Diana Couture. Pada kesempatan ini, Xiaomi dan Diana menghadirkan wearable smartphone pertama di Indonesia yang terinspirasi dari desain Mi 11 Lite yang tipis, ringan dan elegan. Top Fashion

Desain Diana Couture ini mengaplikasikan smartphone 30 Mi 11 Lite pada pakaiannya, hal tersebut dimungkinkan karena desain smartphone ini tergolong sangat ramping dengan tampilan yang impresif.

“Gaun yang saya desain ini bertemakan Seraphim. My 11 Lite menjadi inspirasi saya untuk membuat dress trendy ini dimana smartphone ini begitu ringan, tipis dan elegan,” ujar Diana.

Oleh karena itu, Diana membuat desain khusus untuk Xiaomi dengan menempatkan 30 smartphone Mi 11 Lite di gaun tersebut. Ini untuk menunjukkan betapa ringannya smartphone ini. Kacamata Rayban

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Dare to Show Opening, 7 Sensual Portraits of Jennifer Coppen

Dare to Show Opening, 7 Sensual Portraits of Jennifer Coppen

For you lovers of Indonesian films, maybe you are already familiar with Jennifer Coppen. Her name began to be known when she played Caca in the soap opera Little-Little Thinking So Manten. In 2020, her role as Kirana in Generation 90s: Melancholia also received praise. Not only has acting skills that deserve thumbs up, his appearance is also in the spotlight. Besides often wearing revealing clothes, this 19-year-old artist also often uses bold makeup. Curious what the portrait looks like? Check it out below! Timberland Fashion

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1 A nude lip gloss and a flawless matte complexion, Jennifer Coppen has an irresistible charm.

2 Jennifer’s tips to appear on point in an instant? Use red lipstick! So pretty!

3 Playing in the water, Jennifer’s makeup still steals the attention, you know. Eyebrows on fleek and bright eyelashes are also an option to look stunning.

4 Using an open shirt, Jennifer chose a bangs accent for her medium hair style. Looks more mature huh! Best Menswear

5 Wet hair look is also an option when on vacation. More alluring! Top Fashion

6 Two super sleek ponytails and sharp eye makeup, Jennifer’s makeup always looks perfect on every occasion.

7 Messy hair and glowing makeup are a combination that makes Jennifer’s total look even more statement. Kacamata Rayban

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Take a peek at Chae Soo Bin’s cute style, the role of Da Eun in Sweet & Sour

Top Fashion Chae Soo Bin is not a new name in the Korean drama industry. He has acted in Iam Not A Robot, Where Stars Land and A Piece of Your Mind. Recently, Chae Soo Bin collided with Kang Daniel and Krystal Jung in the film Sweet & Sour.

Thanks to the total acting, Chae Soo Bin received various praises and positive responses from the audience. Immediately became a conversation, Chae Soo Bin’s style of dress on social media came into the spotlight.

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1 Chae Soo Bin already looks cool when mixing a t-shirt with jeans. Timberland Fashion

2 Using a hoodie as an outerwear makes Chae Soo Bin look different when she wears a casual outfit.

3 Chae Soo Bin looks cute in a printed blouse and jeans during a summer picnic. Best Menswear

4 Rely on a knitted turtleneck vest combined with a floral midi dress with a warm tone, successfully making Chae Soo Bin look even cuter! Kacamata Rayban

5 Spending free time at the bookstore, Chae Soo Bin chose a fur jacket, gingham midi dress and cross body bag.

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Nostalgia for Hollywood Celebrities of the 2000s

Bling-bling accessories, hipster pants, chain accents, colors in a mix and match, you can’t forget the 2000s fashion, right, Bela. Even if you feel tacky, doing a throwback to this old-school Hollywood celebrity appearance will definitely make you want to reminisce. Are you ready to reminisce together? Check it out, come on! Top Fashion

1 Hipster pants were a staple in the early 2000s. The one who popularized it among women, yes, is Gwen Stefani, Bela. Combined with accessories and a touch of bling-bling, this OOTD was truly unique for its time!

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2 The icon of the emo queen of her time went to Avril Lavigne! With a touch of ‘dark’ but adorable outfit, making a spooky black mix with girly pink, always synonymous with Avril’s style. Even now he is still consistent, you know, Bela.

3 Long time fashion lover? You can’t forget the figure of the twins Mary-Kate and Ahsley Olsen. Their exploration of fashion is quite proud and looks different from other celebrities in the early 2000s era. Timberland Fashion

4 Combining ankle-cut skinny jeans with a blazer that fits the body, had become the hallmark of Sarah Jessica Parker in the early 2000s. Even so, it seems that this one mix-and-match is still legal to use, right, Bela… Best Menswear

5 Nicky Hilton’s style on this one is quite an “old school” impression, right, Bela! Jeans with motifs, graphic tank tops with big accents and sparkling sequins, combined with heels, make the style really feel like a teenager in the 2000s! Kacamata Rayban

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Want a Vacation? Check out these 5 Yuki Kato-style OOTD Inspirations!

The soap opera actor Yaki Kato is not only smart on TV, you know.

Yuki Kato also often shows off his prowess in combining clothes in his daily life.

In fact, Yuki Kato also flaunts it on his personal Instagram page.

We can really imitate Yuki Kato’s style, which is suitable for holiday wear. Top Fashion

Let our holidays be more exciting with a stylish style.

Come on, take a peek at these 6 Yuki Kato-style OOTDs!

Shorts + T-shirt

Combining shorts and T-shirts can also look stylish, you know.

We can use this outfit to be worn in a hot place so that our bodies are not hot.

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Even though you have to withstand the heat because your skin is directly exposed to the sun, Yuki Kato’s appearance like this can really be tried when going on vacation. Timberland Fashion

Bat shirt + boots

Who says boots can’t be worn on vacation?

Look, Yuki Kato combined her outfit with boots and the result is perfect!

His black shirt and matching boots make Yuki look chic.

Don’t forget to touch the sunglasses to make it even cooler!

Skirt + short sleeve

The key to enjoying the holidays is daring to get sunburnt, yes. Best Menswear

Yuki wears a short sleeved shirt and combines it with a 3/4 black skirt so it looks girly, doesn’t it.

Especially with a touch of a bucket hat that makes Yuki’s girly look a little bit tomboyish.

Very cool, yes!

Shirt + plaid pants

Using a shirt combined with plaid pants makes Yuki really cool.

Choosing to use a matching color makes this lively look a little calmer.

Daisy dress

Well, the last one is the OOTD that we can use if we want to go to the beach.

Wearing a daisy dress makes Yuki look stunning in the middle of the beach sand, right?

Don’t forget to wear a bucket hat, besides being able to add a plus to the fashion we wear, it can also protect our eyes from the hot sun. Kacamata Rayban

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Shades of white, here are 5 portraits of Ariana Grande’s wedding decorations

The news of Ariana Grande’s marriage to a businessman named Dalton Gomez managed to make a public shock.

Previously, both of them had announced that they had engaged in 2020. Meanwhile, their wedding took place in the middle of May 2021 at the private residence of the singer of the song ‘7 Rings’. Top Fashion

Unfortunately, Ariana Grande and her husband chose to hold their wedding intimate. By carrying out a white decoration, it will make the happy moment even more sacred and romantic.

Come on, take a peek at five portraits of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s wedding decorations.

1 Launching from the Vogue page, Friday, May 28, 2021, Ariana Grande was so elegant in a white wedding dress. The wedding dress was designed by Vera Wang. Timberland Fashion

2 Ariana Grande has officially married Dalton Gomez on Saturday, May 15, 2021 at her residence, Montecito, California.

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3 Main decoration is dominated by white color with ivory patterned floor. On each side there are large white candles arranged neatly. Apart from white, there are also all green and brown ornaments. So that the atmosphere is like being in a park. Best Menswear

4 Interestingly, the wood surrounding the decoration is not real wood. Rather it is a painting painted in dark brown color.

5 The dining table is also white and green. Fresh plants with unique pots, neatly arranged on the table.

Those are five portraits of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s wedding decorations that are white. Can be an inspiration for those of you who are preparing for a wedding. Kacamata Rayban

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The Enchantment of Zainal Flowers Wrapped in Balinese Kebaya Floods of Praise, Netizens: Very Beautiful Indonesia

Usually appearing in casual clothes, Bunga Zainal stole attention when wearing traditional clothes. On vacation to Bali, Bunga Zainal looks beautiful wearing a Balinese kebaya.

Through his Instagram, Bunga Zainal revealed that he was studying to live in Bali. In the photo, the mother of two children is seen learning to make canang.

“If you want to stay in Bali, you have to learn to make a meal 🌸🌿 want to be loved by your husband, you have to learn to cook. If you want to increase your shopping money, you have to learn to talk about your husband # eeeaaaaa😂,” wrote Bunga Zainal in her photo upload caption. Top Fashion

Learning to make canang, Bunga Zainal looks beautiful wearing a bright yellow Balinese kebaya. The kebaya worn by Zainal Flowers looks simple with brocade cloth material. Her appearance looks even more beautiful with a flower pinned to her left ear.

Then, the 34-year-old woman also wore a purple scarf. The shawl, which is usually called a prada belt, is tied at the waist.

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For his subordinates, Sukhdev Singh’s wife wore a batik cloth. How does Bunga Zainal look with Balinese kebaya? It certainly looks beautiful and charming, right? Timberland Fashion

Uploaded photos of Zainal Flowers were also busy with praise from netizens. They call Bunga Zainal like a beautiful and beautiful Balinese girl.

“Duh, the Balinese girl is really beautiful,” praised @ indz.florenz **

“This is a very beautiful devinition ❤️,” flattered @windasa ****

“Beautiful and very beautiful😍,” said @keketjona ***

“Rich are not mothers of two children,” said @mithaanggra *** Best Menswear

“Very beautiful Indonesia,” commented @mira ***

“Brother is very beautiful, always liked her appearance … 😍❤️❤️,” said @setyatiher ***

For his subordinates, Sukhdev Singh’s wife wore a batik cloth. How does Bunga Zainal look with Balinese kebaya? It certainly looks beautiful and charming, right?

Uploaded photos of Zainal Flowers were also busy with praise from netizens. They call Bunga Zainal like a beautiful and beautiful Balinese girl.

“Duh, the Balinese girl is really beautiful,” praised @ indz.florenz **

“This is a very beautiful devinition ❤️,” flattered @windasa ****

“Beautiful and very beautiful😍,” said @keketjona ***

“Rich are not mothers of two children,” said @mithaanggra ***

“Very beautiful Indonesia,” commented @mira ***

“Brother is very beautiful, always liked her appearance … 😍❤️❤️,” said @setyatiher *** Kacamata Rayban

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Captivating Portrait of Alsa Aqilah, a Cute TikTok Celebrity with a Melodious Voice

For TikTok lovers, you must be familiar with the figure of Alsa Aqilah. Not without reason, the existence of this 21-year-old woman has successfully won 8.5 million followers on TikTok. Apart from her cute appearance, Alsa also has a sweet voice that hypnotizes her fans.

Are you curious about the sweet portrait of Alsa Aqilah? Let’s take a cute portrait below! Top Fashion

1 This cute girl who loves to sing also often experiments with contemporary hair colors

2 Apart from being on TikTok, Alsa also has a Youtube channel with a subscriber number of more than 100 thousand, you know!

3 Not only has a sweet voice, Alsa is also good at dancing and playing musical instruments, you know

4 Thanks to his shrewdness in music, Alsa managed to release a new single titled I Swear I Love You. Timberland Fashion

5 Having a cute appearance, outfit style and natural makeup make Alsa look even cuter

6 Do you know, it turns out that Alsa has been in the music world since she was a child and has participated in the Little Idola and The Voice Kids Indonesia events

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7 Having a lot of talent and being an inspiration to young people, an influencer like this is worthy of appreciation! Best Menswear

8 His funny behavior also makes it difficult for fans to escape Alsa, who always entertains through his social media

9 This is how Alsa looks on Eid with blonde hair. Is it really shaky, here? Kacamata Rayban

How about the sweet portrait of Alsa above, Bro? So cute and charming, auto makes you annoyed and attracted, huh!

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Fashion Ideas with Pants, Not Just Dress or Kebaya!

Kebaya and dresses are still women’s favorite outfits to attend weddings. Both of them make women look elegant and charming. However, sometimes there are situations where you cannot wear it, such as having to come on a motorbike.

You don’t need to force wearing a skirt, you can still look elegant with pants. Come on, take a look at some celebrity OOTD portraits that can inspire inviting outfits with pants. Top Fashion

1 Pair a lace top with satin slit detailing and ankle straps heels. This match makes you look tall and level!

2 Match up with matching tops and pants, choose a soft color like white with minimalist glamorous details

3 In black and white monochrome style with one shoulder top and material trousers. Change the shoes with heels and voila! Timberland Fashion

4 It can be used for Eid clothes too, patterned tops and salmon color satin pants make you look cute

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5 If the outfit is too plain, add a patterned outer tulle or accessory in the form of a long necklace like Olla Ramlan

6 Dark green clothes are very suitable for attending invitations at night. Classy! Best Menswear

7 Marsha wears a top with fluffy sleeves, which is combined with white culottes. The color is calm and simple

8 Lazy to be complicated? Just wear shiny satin overalls with minimalist sequin decorations so you are ready to look elegant in invitations Kacamata Rayban

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Inspiration Mix and match Lebaran clothes and culottes but still polite

Culottes are indeed champions for being fashionable, while remaining comfortable. No wonder most women have culottes in their cupboards. Moreover, culottes can also be combined with a hijab and can still make your appearance look polite, especially on the day of Eid. Well, here we have tips on how to mix and match culottes and hijab pants for Eid. Top Fashion

  1. Choose plisket culottes for a neater look and remain polite.

You can choose light brown plisket culottes, combined with a white top and a matching light pink hijab. This appearance can give the face a more glowing and youthful impression.

  1. If you want to look younger and look fresher on Eid,

You can choose pastel or light colored plisket culottes, such as light blue culottes. Timberland Fashion

  1. Appearing in a matching culottes trouser suit can also create a more charming appearance and still look polite.

You can choose gray culottes combined with a matching top, but choose a lighter hijab color to create a glowing face.

  1. To appear elegant and sweet on the day of Eid,

You can choose light pink culottes paired with a floral top. Choose a pastel hijab color so that the appearance looks more attractive. Best Menswear

  1. Mix and match peach culottes with a pastel green outerwear to make your appearance even fresher.

You can combine it with an army green hijab to look more fashionable.

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  1. Mix matching hijab and pastel culottes is indeed a trend in the current hijab fashion.

You can combine it with a matching pastel blue outer, like this one fashion style to create a more trendy appearance. Kacamata Rayban

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12 Inspiring Kim Go Eun’s Outfit Dress, Classy and Trendy!

To appear feminine, some women use skirts or dresses as clothing items that they must wear to appear feminine and eye catching. Not to be spared from the development of models, dresses are now increasingly varied so that there are more choices for dress lovers.

For those of you who are looking for an outfit reference using a dress, here are some inspirations for a simple Kim Go Eun style outfit that can make you cheat, let’s see! Top Fashion

1 Use a stripe-patterned light dress, mix it with peep toe shoes, simple and catching!

2 You can look simple and elegant by using a soft pink shift dress, mix it with stabiletto shoes, sweet!

3 No less eye catching for your OOTD choice, use a nude colored shift dress and white, very chic, peep toe shoes!

4 You can also look contemporary by combining a patterned shift dress with an oversized shirt as an outsider and boots, it’s so cool! Timberland Fashion

5 Use a cream wrap dress, mix it with peep toe shoes, your appearance will be very feminine!

6 Look feminine and elegant for formal events, you can use a plain black midi dress with kitten heels, it’s simple and eye catching!

7 Suitable for simple OOTD wear, use a white blouse and a cream colored jumper dress and stiletto shoes, classy!

8 No less cool to wear OOTD, you can also combine a patterned white shift dress with a cream colored truck jacket, so trendy! Best Menswear

9 Look elegant and complete, you can use a patterned black long dress, perfect for wearing it to formal events!

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10 No less contemporary and cool to make it your outfit choice, use a cream colored mini dress and matching colored heels, so eye catching!

11 Use a white mini dress with a polka pattern and peep toe shoes to make your appearance even more eye catching and stylish!

12 You can also wear vintage cream-colored long dresses, as well asep toe shoes, sweetie!

Just mix it with accessories and a few other clothing items, you can look contemporary and feminine with a dress, you know! Those are some of the inspirations for Kim Go Eun’s outfit dresses that can make you cheat, simple and up-to-date! Kacamata Rayban


9 OOTD Inspiration ala Ibrahim Risyad, Kece Tanpa Many Items

Often said to have similarities with Hamish Daud, Ibrahim Risyad’s name did steal public attention. Starting his career as a celebrity, now Ibrahim Risyad is hired as a travel program host and plunged into the world of acting as an FTV player. Top Fashion

Ibrahim Risyad is also known for his stylish style of dress. Well, this time there will be the ninth inspirational cute OOTD ala Ibrahim Risyad that is effortless. So, without further ado, let’s just take a look at the following review. Stay tuned!

1 Hangout outfit, you can wear a plain white T-shirt with long denim pants, more charming look with your favorite sneakers

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2 If you want to go shopping, just wear a black T-shirt with long denim pants. Already, just add a baseball cap to make it more cute, Bro!

3 comfortable outfits for the holidays? Just combine a collar band shirt with black short pants and sneakers. Wear sunglasses to be cool, right, bro?

4 Earth tone settings can be an option to look simple nanclassy. Compatible when mixed with white socks as an inner and black sneakers Timberland Fashion

5 Airport style with a plain white shirt combined with black short pants and glasses that make your style so edgy!

6 Tired of wearing T-shirts? You can use a turtleneck top that is pretty mixed with your favorite chino pants. Very effortless!

7 Wear a navy collar band shirt mixed with olive high waist pants, the look is standout with sneakerstwo tone

8 Perfect for leisurely walks, combine a tosca green hoodie with ripped jeans and classic sneakers. Guaranteed eye catchy abis! Best Menswear

9 Monochrome shades are never wrong! Pair a white shirt with black high waist pants and white sneakers. Get ready to make a name!

Well, for those of you who want to look as cool as Ibrahim Risyad, just look at the ninth inspiration of his effortless but eye catchy OOTD. Let’s try, Bro! Kacamata Rayban

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4 recommendations for local fashion brands for Eid clothes

Eid soon! The tradition of buying Lebaran clothes to keep your appearance optimally even at home has never disappeared. For that, you must check the recommendations of local fashion brands for this Eid shirt, here.

Even though it’s still a matter of weeks, there’s nothing wrong with preparing for Eid’s needs from now on, right? What local brands can be your choice to buy Eid clothes, huh?

4 recommendations for local fashion brands for fashionable Eid clothes:


The first recommendation for a local fashion brand for Eid is Noki, which carries the theme “ modernizing tradition ”, which is in accordance with the purpose of this brand being founded, which is to introduce a wide range of ethnic materials to the community, especially young women. Top Fashion

The collection from Noki is quite unique, you know! They are well known for their floral elements which come in various colors in their collections. For example, their latest collection called “ Teduh ”.

We can also see beautiful patchwork techniques in the collection, girls. The combination of ethnic fabrics, brocade, and floral elements with a blend of soft colors makes this Eid shirt one of a kind.

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Oh yeah, the models themselves are quite diverse, you know! Noki applies various fashion trends in this �Teduh� collection, one of which is the puffy shoulder top. Timberland Fashion

You can get products from Noki offline at The Goods Dept. and online through the official website or Shopee.

Miroir Store

So, this local fashion brand has just released its Hari Ray collection, you know! Collaborating with one of the local fashion brands as well, Shopataleen, Miroir Store presents a collection of Lebaran clothes named Raya Collection 2021.

Miroir, which was founded in 2013, is known for its unique designs, such as volume dresses, ruffle details, plain motifs and soft colors. But the collection this time is quite different, here!

The “ Raya Collection 2021 ” is dominated by neutral colors, such as cream colors. But take it easy, we can still see the other colors of Lebaran’s clothes, namely white, black, white, brown, even lilac and salmon.

Even though many offer dresses, you can also buy tops that are no less cool than this collection, girls. Guaranteed not to regret, deh! Best Menswear

May Outfit

May Outfit is a recommendation for local fashion brands for the next Lebaran clothes, here! For those of you who are looking for not only beautiful Eid clothes but also at affordable prices, this brand can be an option.

This brand provides a variety of clothes designs, girls. Starting from the robe to the beautiful dress that can complete your total look on the day of Eid.

Not only is it a beautiful design, but My Outfit also offers materials that are comfortable to wear, such as rayon.

This Lebaran shirt from My Outfit will suit those of you who want to appear expressive because the motifs given are also quite diverse. There are patchwork, polka dots, and floral motifs with a flowy dress.

If you are interested, just stop by on May Outfit’s Instagram social media and order the clothes online, OK!


The local fashion brand for the last Lebaran is Nona. Yup! This local fashion brand has been established since 2017. Even though it is quite new, it doesn’t mean that the collections are not cool, you know! Kacamata Rayban

For this year’s Eid dress collection, Nona issued several new dress designs with various colors, which were named “ Raya Blessing ”.

The clothes are dominated by dresses, girls. The material also varies, from full brocade to satin. If you are a floral dress lover, this Lebaran clothing collection from Nona must be included in your Eid outfit collection

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Hijab Recommendations from Beautiful and Elegant Local Brands for Eid

Appearing on Lebaran day with a hijab can indeed make your appearance look polite and beautiful at the same time. Starting from earthy tone nuances to charming abstract motifs, here are recommendations for hijabs from local brands that are good for you to wear on Hari Raya:

1 Button Scarves

Comes in pastel to bold colors, Button Scarves offers a beautiful and classy hijab motif. Top Fashion

2 Puru Kambera

Still presenting a patterned hijab, Puru Kambera emphasizes bold and dark colors, from dark brown to navy blue with ethnic nuances.

3 Zyta Delia

Zyta Delia offers soft color hijabs with simpler motifs. Suitable for looking beautiful on the day of Eid.

4 Lights.Clo

Not only patterned, Lights.Clo presents a plain hijab made from voal in soft, beautiful colors. Hijab from this local brand is suitable to be combined with Muslim clothing motifs during Eid. Timberland Fashion

5 My Lady Official

My Lady Official offers a line of voal hijab in complete color gradations, from pastel, bold, to earthy tone. Also present is a simple and elegant patterned hijab. Best Menswear

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  1. Louisa Luna

Not only floral motifs, the hijab from Louisa Luna also comes in bold and timeless geometric motifs. This hijab is suitable to be combined with your Eid clothes. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

Portrait of Maharani Kemala, a Twisty Cosmetics Boss

Maharani Kemala is known as one of the young entrepreneurs who successfully started a career in the beauty sector. The figure of a woman born in Bali has also become a role model for many people because of her inspirational story, struggling from scratch to reach the peak of her career.

He is charming and has a high social life, here are some portraits of Maharani Kemala.

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1 This woman whose full name is Kadek Maharani Kemala Dewi was born in Gianyar, Bali on September 3, 1988

2 He is known as the founder of a well-known local cosmetic brand, MS Glow. Top Fashion

3 Wallowing in wealth, no wonder Maharani Kemala is often referred to as the crazy rich Bali

4 His lifestyle with various luxury properties, he often shares on his Instagram account which has 377 thousand followers

5 Even though he has become a successful entrepreneur, many do not know about Maharani Kemala’s struggles, who had ups and downs at the beginning of his career. Timberland Fashion

6 Persistence, never giving up, and hard work have succeeded in making his previously unknown brand become the favorite skincare of many people

7 Thanks to her struggles and success in the beauty sector, this mother of one child was awarded the 2018 Indonesia Women Award. Best Menswear

8 Being a successful career woman doesn’t make Maharani Kemala forget about quality time with family

9 Being a life partner at the same time at work, she often travels with her husband on work visits out of town

10 This charming woman is also known as a generous boss who often gives gifts, including cars for resellers of her cosmetic products

11 Not only with colleagues, Maharani Kemala also likes to share with others, such as during charity events with his best friend, Ivan Gunawan.

Still young, Maharani Kemala’s journey to achieve success as it is today was not without obstacles. He has experienced failure and rose again until he can be where he is. Kacamata Rayban

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OOTD in the style of singer Deanda Puteri, there are kaftans to kebaya

The Indonesian music scene has never finished producing talented young singers. One of them is Deanda Puteri. The owner of this soft voice brought back a song that had been popularized by the late Nike Ardila entitled Allow.

Some time ago, Deanda was seen attending a series of wedding processes at Atta Halilintar and Aurel Hermansyah. He always comes with his signature style that is simple and elegant. Want to know more? Here are 10 OOTD invites by singer Deanda Puteri!

1 Attending as bridesmaids at the thanksgiving ceremony for the Atta-Aurel contract, Deanda wore a brocade kebaya combined with an orange batik skirt Top Fashion

2 During Aurel’s Middle Eastern Henna Night, this 23-year-old girl wore a glamorous sequin-studded lehenga choli & a glamorous matta patti

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3 Simple and minimalist, Deanda chose a white brocade kebaya suit combined with a batik skirt and nude sling back

4 This tie dye kaftan dress is suitable for use during pre-wedding recitations, goes well with simple make-up. Timberland Fashion

5 Matching suits with calm nuances that are anti-complicated, wrap top with asymmetrical cutting and trousers still look fashionable & modern

6 In Aurel’s proposal, the girl who was born in the musician’s family environment, is charming in a white knot dress and outer lace and a nude shoulder bag. Best Menswear

7 You can cheat Deanda’s appearance when wearing a simple white dress, but still exude an elegant aura!

8 Or, you can go effortless in style with a blue V-neck dress, clutch, and gold heels

9 Every now and then, you can appear SWAG through an all-black OOTD starting from jumpsuits, sling bags, to wedges

10 Both are black, this time she is more chic wearing a printed wrap dress and black heels. Without the extravagant accessories, the style is elegant! Kacamata Rayban

Those were some of the OOTD style inspirations from Deanda Puteri.


10 Ide Mix and Match Lilac Outfit ala Richa Etika, Tampil Fresh!

For fashion-loving hijabers, the name Richa Etika Ulhaq is definitely familiar. She is a hijab fashion influencer who has hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media accounts. Richa actively shares style inspiration for hijabers.

One of the things that is trending is the lilac outfit, which is a mix and match of clothes with a fresh and soft light purple color. Well, here are some inspirations for the lilac outfit ala Richa Etika. Come on, see the reviews! Top Fashion

1 Starting with a sweet one, let’s combine denim overalls with a lilac blouse with rubber sleeves

2 The combination of white and lilac looks very sweet, yes, Richa combines her lilac blouse with white pleated skirt

3 This lilac flower-patterned skirt looks so perfect combined with a kimono-accented blouse, cool! Timberland Fashion

4 The combination of a dark lilac top and pleated skirt with earth tone nuances gives a calm and elegant impression to Richa’s appearance

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5 For a hangout with friends, you can look fashionable by combining inner, floral outer, and pleated skirts

6 One set of lilac color is no less fashionable to use for invitations, simple but elegant! Best Menswear

You can apply this combination of a Richa-style blouse and white skirt, just add it with some of your favorite accessories!

8 When traveling, you can also look contemporary with a lilac blouse and broken white skirt

9 Besides being stylish, one set outfit makes you not have to bother thinking about the right mix and match, you can really cheat, here!

10 If this is a combination of white inner, lilac knit sweater, and beige skirt, it is proven that lilac and earth tone are the perfect combination Kacamata Rayban

Girls, now you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to follow the lilac outfit trend, have a good try.

Elegant Fashion

Beautiful Neutral Sandals From Local Brands To Match An Elegant Brocade Robe

The dress model of the robe and robe dress with brocade material gives an elegant, luxurious impression. For the equivalent of the footwear, it is better if you can give the same beautiful impression, so that the appearance is maximally elegant. For those of you who want to look charming with a brocade robe, here are some inspirations for beautiful sandal models from local brands for their matching! Top Fashion

1 Cloxvox – Kim Sandals

The colors are neutral and without motif, but the edgy design will make your appearance stand out even more. This medium heeled sandal is great with a plain brocade robe or a sequined brocade robe, and is perfect for those of you who are confident and don’t like to be complicated with your style.

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2 Mader – Fancy Crossover

This local sandal brand always has a characteristic in each of its designs. For his collaboration collection with Kala Studio, Mader has launched a fancy crossover sandal model with sequins and a Kala Studio-style floral base. The colors are beautiful and elegant pastels, perfect for a charming pink brocade or nude brocade robe. Timberland Fashion

3 Fayt – Hestia Sandals

The plait on the front reminds us of the diamond on a fitri day. With a beautiful, sleek design, and make your feet look more leveled, Hestia Sandals from a local brand called Fayt are also suitable for pairing with an elegant brocade dress. Best Menswear


This local sandal brand is definitely familiar to sequined sandal fans. Typical of its beautiful sequins, everyone knew right away that this sandal is an authentic PVRA collection. For regular dresses, culottes, or brocade robes, the sandals from PVRA never fail to be the perfect match!

5 Unificatio

Luxurious decorated with sequins and mote-mote, all the mules sandals from Unificatio are always distinctive and have unique designs. No wonder the slipper collection from this local brand is often used as an option for wedding sandals, or the equivalent of brocade kebaya for invitations. Worn with the brocade robe? Very suitable! Kacamata Rayban

6 Vaia – Allure Mules

Another beautiful sandal brand with a mules or slippers design is Vaia. The designs of the sandals from this local brand are always luxurious and elegant with the lacy material they wear. It matches perfectly with the kebaya and brocade dress robe that are equally elegant!

7 Pix Footwear – 2in1 Strappy Heels

This beautiful sandal with a feminine silhouette is called 2in1 because it can be worn in two styles. First, they are worn as regular heels; and the second is used with an additional rope that can be wrapped around. These strappy heels are perfect for invitations to wear, as well as for holiday moments when we wear a brocade robe!

8 Chiel – Moana Sandal

This local shoe and sandal brand is known for its playful and fun designs. For example, Moana, this flat flat heel sandal or flat sandal. For those of you who don’t want to be complicated and want to move a lot, sandals without rights like Moana sandals are indeed the most suitable for you. It’s also suitable to be combined with plain brocade gami!

Wow, the sandals are really beautiful. In your opinion, which sandal from the local brand, which model makes you want to have it the most?

Elegant Fashion

Aurel Hermansyah’s all-black outfit inspiration

Aurel Hermansyah or who is familiarly called Aurel is one of the actresses who are currently hotly discussed. After holding a marriage with YouTuber Atta Halilintar, Aurel became increasingly recognized by fans. Top Fashion

Even so, there are interesting things that can be discussed from Aurel’s figure, namely the outfit. He has often been seen wearing an all-black outfit on several occasions. Curious? Come on, take a look at the following 10 inspirations for the all-black outfit of Aurel Hermansyah! Timberland Fashion

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1 Street style outfit with a black parachute jacket combined with black pants and boots

2 When attending prom night, you can try wearing this Aurel-style black mini dress

3 Simple look with plain black shirt combined with black pants

4 Can you try wearing a black dress that makes your appearance elegant

5 Wear a black leather jacket combined with a black miniskirt, charming!

6 Well, if this is a black shirt combined with black leggings, look casual with the black leggings

7 When you hang out, you can try wearing black inner covered with a black long outer

8 An elegant beach outfit in this black Aurel dress. Best Menswear

9 So, if this is a simple black jumpsuit that is still stylish

10 Can you try wearing a black mini dress, the look will stand out, here!

So, those are 10 inspirations for the all-black mix and match outfit ala Aurel Hermansyah, good luck readers! Kacamata Rayban


This Pink Girly Bag is a Favorite of Millennial Celebs

Since its launch last month, Pillow Tabby has become a favorite of Indonesian celebrities to wear in their daily activities. This bag from the Coach label can be combined with the characters of Indonesian celebrities from Valerie Thomas, Prilly Latuconsina, to Rinni Wulandari. Top Fashion

In a release received by SINDOnews.com, Coach recently presented a new collection as a fun and eye catchy choice for spring, the Pillow Tabby bag. A new and fresh look of the shoulder bag named for its fun, pillow-like silhouette, and made of soft and luxurious Napa leather.

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Pillow Tabby bags come in a variety of bold colors to neutral colors. Its eclectic shape gives a versatile impression making it easy to use for several types of occasions. Comes with two detachable straps, either to carry by hand, or to wear as a short shoulder bag or crossbody. Three beautiful celebrities namely Valerie Thomas, Prilly Latuconsina, and Rinni Wulandari mix and match this bag with their respective personal styles. Timberland Fashion

Valerie, who is famous for her edgy style, made Coach Pillow Tabby a statement accessories for her style in a photo shoot. The pink color and the fun design make this bag a steal for the monochrome style outfit Valerie wears.

This overall look from Valerie can be an inspiration to attend parties and if the pandemic ends. This view can also be used as an interesting inspiration for a girls night out.

Meanwhile Prilly is indeed synonymous with her girly and cute style. This time, she was seen wearing a pastel printed tie pleat dress that is synonymous with spring OOTD, paired with a denim coat.

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For people who want to look vintage, you can try imitating Prilly style, wearing a cute floral themed dress and adding some accessories to make the appearance even more perfect. Best Menswear

You can also add a scarf or a vintage-style headpiece, to decorate your hair like Prilly did. The pink Pillow Tabby bag is a complement to make it look more attractive and less monotonous, ready to become a statement point for style.

Meanwhile, Rinni chose to mix and match Coach Pillow Tabby bags with a very casual style. With a crop top and jeans, Rinni proves that this bag can be worn for any occasion.

Coach Pillow Tabby bag as statement accessories for casual activities on weekends, from brunch with friends to leisurely walks enjoying the city of Jakarta. The touch of this bag will add an extra touch to your appearance. Kacamata Rayban

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