6) Back to black

Even between sweatpants and sweatpants, there is something about black from head to toe that never fails to look sharp and organized. A black sports bra, sweatpants and even black sneakers offer that street style aesthetic. Add to the atmosphere with mysterious sunglasses and a baseball cap in contrasting colors. Timberland Fashion

7) Tie-Dye

Top Fashion, On the other hand, a little color in your athletics brightens the mood and is fun to use! Tie-dye is definitely back in fashion this season and is a really fun way to add more interest to your everyday looks. And while the tie-dye is casual, you can definitely dress it up with some chain jewelry and sunglasses. We love this basic top with solid colored wool shorts.

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8) tracksuit

If you are simply entering the world of athletics, the combination you can’t go wrong with is a classic tracksuit. Note that not all sweatshirts are made of this thick, cozy material. For something lighter, try adding some mesh jogging pants to your collection or you can try a short set. Best Menswear

9) Leather layers

A little leather helps a lot to improve an outfit and make it more fashionable. We love this combination of an oversized leather shirt with a short shirt and biker shorts. As we are quickly approaching August, we also appreciate that you can wear this perfectly matched outfit in the fall.

10) Dress up

Finally, why not leave the house and get dressed while exuding that cool athletic vibe? There are so many coordinated knitting sets on the market that they look easy, yet sophisticated at the same time. We recommend choosing neutrals, as they naturally look more expensive. Then add your favorite heels, trendy earrings and a necklace that stands out at the top. Pulling your hair back and adding a little makeup helps a lot to enhance that look. Kacamata Rayban