For fashion-loving hijabers, the name Richa Etika Ulhaq is definitely familiar. She is a hijab fashion influencer who has hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media accounts. Richa actively shares style inspiration for hijabers.

One of the things that is trending is the lilac outfit, which is a mix and match of clothes with a fresh and soft light purple color. Well, here are some inspirations for the lilac outfit ala Richa Etika. Come on, see the reviews! Top Fashion

1 Starting with a sweet one, let’s combine denim overalls with a lilac blouse with rubber sleeves

2 The combination of white and lilac looks very sweet, yes, Richa combines her lilac blouse with white pleated skirt

3 This lilac flower-patterned skirt looks so perfect combined with a kimono-accented blouse, cool! Timberland Fashion

4 The combination of a dark lilac top and pleated skirt with earth tone nuances gives a calm and elegant impression to Richa’s appearance

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5 For a hangout with friends, you can look fashionable by combining inner, floral outer, and pleated skirts

6 One set of lilac color is no less fashionable to use for invitations, simple but elegant! Best Menswear

You can apply this combination of a Richa-style blouse and white skirt, just add it with some of your favorite accessories!

8 When traveling, you can also look contemporary with a lilac blouse and broken white skirt

9 Besides being stylish, one set outfit makes you not have to bother thinking about the right mix and match, you can really cheat, here!

10 If this is a combination of white inner, lilac knit sweater, and beige skirt, it is proven that lilac and earth tone are the perfect combination Kacamata Rayban

Girls, now you don’t need to be confused anymore if you want to follow the lilac outfit trend, have a good try.