If we look back at photos from the first two decades of the 21st century, it may be more difficult than ever to pick the era out of your clothes. These were decades of constant change; as trends came and went faster and men discovered a new appreciation for what they were wearing and why they were wearing it.

These shifts were thanks to the ten men who inspired men around the world to try new things with their closets. It was not all good and it will certainly not look good on the pictures. But damn it was exciting.

1. Ryan Gosling
In the preparatory program of the 21st century, men’s Timberland fashion achieved unprecedented theatricality.

Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling became one of the best-dressed men in the world by taking a leaf from Hollywood stars in the form in which his own career was forged: Steve McQueen, Paul Newman et al. His look, with elevated workwear, tight-fitting suits and occasional curves, was a classic men’s fashion with a modern twist that came from every decade since the 1950s to create something that felt absolutely current.

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2. Tom Ford
Tom Ford left the 2010s just like the 2000s. in a black suit with a white shirt, unbuttoned almost to the navel. In the meantime, he has not only demonstrated the power of a Kacamata Rayban uniform, but also how important it is to bend it – he has tried his distinctive look in double denim, suede and all types of velvet. The uniforms were great in the first two decades of the 21st century, but unlike Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg and Barack Obama, Ford showed that it’s about a consistent, not a fashionable straitjacket.

3. Kanye West
Kanye was not content with reinventing what streetwear meant, but ultimately prevailed with years of boastful texts and became a real fashion icon, both on the runway and on the street.

Of all the trends triggered by Mr. West, the color palette in which he has lived since the foundation of his Yeezy line is perhaps the most sustainable. With dusty shades of pink, dreary olives and military-inspired khakis, he was able to freely experiment with silhouettes and fabrics, which helped him to develop a distinctive, but always changing aesthetic.