10 Zainal’s Flower Style vs. Nana Mirdad, Modern Fashionable Mama

Being a mother, appearance remains number one. Maybe this expression fits the figure of Nana Mirdad and Bunga Zainal. Timberland Fashion

Both rarely appear on television after getting married and having children, Nana Mirdad and Bunga Zainal’s styles are still fashionable. Listen, here, the style of Bunga Zainal vs Nana Mirdad!

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1 Simple monochrome style, just wear raw hem jeans or slit pants. A sleeveless top or an oversized shirt, both are cute!

2 A white V-neck dress can be a holiday OOTD idea or a casual hangout. Can be combined with sneakers or sandals though! Best Menswear

3 Choose a mini dress model with modern kebaya-style lace accents or an earthy combination of a machete batik blouse with a kawung patterned mini skirt

4 T-shirt tops or plain blouses become more attractive when wearing batik bottoms. Pencil skirt models for a formal impression, casual midi skirts for holidays

5 For a party, do you prefer Nana’s OOTD with a white sleeveless top and a satin skirt or a jumpsuit with a transparent brocade layer?

6 Like a college student wearing a jeans jacket, Nana combines it with a crop top and bootcut pants. Simple flower wearing T-shirt and jeans Top Fashion

7 Chic look with a mini dress, Nana chooses a formal style like a blazer and gladiator sandals. Bunga wearing a tweed dress, nude bag, and heels

8 Patterned black dress can be for a formal style with asymmetrical cuts. Slit dress for casual events, it’s sure to be stunning!

9 For the beach look, this shirt and hot pants or mini dress are combined with outer lace, they are both cute and adorable!

10 Now, if you go to the beach, you can wear a slit floral dress like this, right!

I didn’t expect, it turns out that Nana Mirdad and Bunga Zainal’s styles have a lot of similarities! Which OOTD do you think is most worth it to try? Kacamata Rayban