9. Chinos
They are relaxed, easy to comb and look great with anything. For the days when it’s too hot to wear heavy pants or suit pants, they provide a windy classic and alternative without looking too casual. If you’re heading to an event that requires you to dress a little, opt for darker colors like navy, charcoal or black. However, if you are planning just hang out with friends or go to a pub, a pair of burgundy, cream or green is a great option to flatter a variety of costumes.

10. Cords

Bring back the classics in a few super-soft strings. Pana made a tour in the 70s, and still offer an elegant alternative to regular pants. The fabric is easy to recognize – yarn strands are braided or woven together. These pants are best suited for colder weather because it is warm and keep your legs toasty. If you are ready to make an entrance and make the classic design of pride, choose the style of these funds with Kacamata Rayban, button down, jersey or jacket. These also look fantastic in a casual setting, why not rock them, along with a shirt, a loose shirt and sneakers?

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11. Cropped Trousers
Do you have a pair of socks you’ve been aching to show off or your ankles don’t get enough air? Then the cropped pants are the perfect fit for you. This style is a smart way to liven up a formal suit and provides an easy slice of style. Choose to use just above the ankle or rolled, and have an easy way to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. Again, these offer versatility, so you can rock with almost anything. Shirt and leather jacket to create a cycling instant sensation. By contrast, office-friendly vibrate require a shirt or a necklace and a blazer.

12. Cargo Pants

It is not a Timberland fashion faux-pas, cargo pants have to return in a simplified form and style. If you are trying to avoid aesthetic fisherman, opt for a pair that do not have big pockets on the side, but offer a slimline leg instead. They are directed toward neutrals shades like camel or sand for a classic feel, or go dark something to fit with the rest of your wardrobe. For those who are channeling their inner Kanye, choose something large with big pockets, in shades of pink or red. This style looks great with sweaters, sweatshirts and also button-downs.