1. Crop Top

Usually comes with short sleeves and perfect choice for those who want to display or show their beautiful bellies and look sexy. Moreover, it goes well with skinny jeans or jeggings.

2. Tube Top
This is an ardent pick for those who want to show off their sexy shoulders. A tube top has elastic neck that is just above the bust and covers the top of the torso.

Tube top goes well with capris, shorts, skinny jeans, palace, short skirts or long skirts and try on sneakers or heels with it.

Kacamata Rayban

3. Blouse Top

A perfect casual outfit because it is comfortable and one will look gorgeous even with very less accessories. Usually it comes 3 / 4th sleeves and has gathers on the back for comfort. Looks good with skinny jeans and heels or flat tummies try of the ethnic touch.

4. Tunic Tops
This top is a high low-waist with a neck V-overlapping on garment. It is a perfect Timberland fashion choice for all women out there like leather tunic top bulging tummy and still look amazing and beautiful. Use skinny jeans, pants or tampered jeans and flat sandals or tunic sneakers to look more elegant.

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5. Tank Tops
The choice of garment summer time is a sleeveless shirt. It’s sleeveless and top with round neck. Pair with cool shorts, jeans, or palace with sandals, slippers or flat bellies for a charming look.

6. Longline or Maxi Tops
Like how the name implies, maxi or longline tops are elegant clothing to the ankles. It has a side opening from the waist to the ankles. It can be sleeveless, half or full sleeves with variations in the design of front neck. Jeggings and skinny jeans seem the most satisfying with this shirt. High heels are also suggested to be paired with type of top.