7. Peplum

This garment has a cute elastic detail under the bust. Peplum tops are precisely accurate Timberland fashion choice for those who want to hide their belly fat, but still look stylish. The best option to bring lower garment with top peplum are pants, ripped jeans or shorts and boots or pumps are suggested as the footwear to pair with this top.

8. Kaftan
It’s robe pattern top and one of the best options for the summer season. You are going very bold and cool, while wearing a kaftan. Wearing sandals, bellies for sassy style and trousers, shorts and skirts suits the most with this top.

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9. Wrap Tops
Wrap around your torso, which gives a perfect fit and forms a V-neck style because it overlaps. It is a good choice for casual outings. Flat tummies and sneakers are a good choice with wrap tops. Bottoms that suit this top will be palazzo and shorts.

10. Cami Top
With square or round neck and shoulder belts, Cami top provided you will be the center of attention wherever you go. According to Kacamata Rayban, flat sandals, bellies in footwear and shorts, palazzo, skinny jeans and tights suit the most with this top.

11. Off Shoulder

Alias Bardot, off shoulder top is an elegant and classy looking upper outfit that begins above the bust area up to the waistline. Tight skirt up to thigh or knee length (pencil and straight skirts), tights and jeggings go well with off shoulder tops. The stilettos or pumps are well suited with this top.

12. Asymmetric Top
Bottom hem with unequal sides, the asymmetrical top is the latest trend in the industry of the dress. It comes with short sleeves or also long sleeves. Try high heels, skirts and flat sandals and for bottoms, wearing tights and skinny jeans will display an elegant look.