To appear feminine, some women use skirts or dresses as clothing items that they must wear to appear feminine and eye catching. Not to be spared from the development of models, dresses are now increasingly varied so that there are more choices for dress lovers.

For those of you who are looking for an outfit reference using a dress, here are some inspirations for a simple Kim Go Eun style outfit that can make you cheat, let’s see! Top Fashion

1 Use a stripe-patterned light dress, mix it with peep toe shoes, simple and catching!

2 You can look simple and elegant by using a soft pink shift dress, mix it with stabiletto shoes, sweet!

3 No less eye catching for your OOTD choice, use a nude colored shift dress and white, very chic, peep toe shoes!

4 You can also look contemporary by combining a patterned shift dress with an oversized shirt as an outsider and boots, it’s so cool! Timberland Fashion

5 Use a cream wrap dress, mix it with peep toe shoes, your appearance will be very feminine!

6 Look feminine and elegant for formal events, you can use a plain black midi dress with kitten heels, it’s simple and eye catching!

7 Suitable for simple OOTD wear, use a white blouse and a cream colored jumper dress and stiletto shoes, classy!

8 No less cool to wear OOTD, you can also combine a patterned white shift dress with a cream colored truck jacket, so trendy! Best Menswear

9 Look elegant and complete, you can use a patterned black long dress, perfect for wearing it to formal events!

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10 No less contemporary and cool to make it your outfit choice, use a cream colored mini dress and matching colored heels, so eye catching!

11 Use a white mini dress with a polka pattern and peep toe shoes to make your appearance even more eye catching and stylish!

12 You can also wear vintage cream-colored long dresses, as well asep toe shoes, sweetie!

Just mix it with accessories and a few other clothing items, you can look contemporary and feminine with a dress, you know! Those are some of the inspirations for Kim Go Eun’s outfit dresses that can make you cheat, simple and up-to-date! Kacamata Rayban