Usually, the wives of officials are identical to the variety of kebaya clothes when accompanying their husbands or attending formal events. However, they are also no less elegant when wearing a party dress, you know!

Below, IDN Times summarizes the reference to the official wife’s party dress. The styles are very varied, from batik dresses to luxurious brocade dresses that are suitable for invitations. Read the article, yes!

1 Ridwan Kamil’s wife, Atalia, elegantly wears a satin dress, accented with a nude brocade cape. Complete with matching masks and wrapped hijabs

2 Sendy Yusuf, the wife of Dede Yusuf, captivates with a slip dress piled with a lace outer with a unique collar, and wearing a necklace that makes her style fashionable Timberland Fashion

3 Even though she looks simple wearing a batik dress, Hani Pramono Anung combines it with a classy red hand bag

You can copy 4 syar’i party styles from the Regent of Kendal, Chacha Frederica, who wears a hijab & a pink brocade-tulle combination dress

5 Dewi Bamsoet’s dress looks luxurious for an invitation. There is a golden color with a layer of gold tendril motif fabric & peep toe heels Best Menswear

6 Nuri Maulida is now called the wife of the Deputy Regent of South Lampung. She is still elegant in a tulle brocade dress with a syar’i hijab style

7 Suitable for a glamorous themed event, you can wear this vine-patterned dress with a modern cape accent. Class straight away!

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8 Bianca Alinda as the wife of the Minister of Trade did not fail to impress. She wears a simple dress, but it is full of decorations that make her seem luxurious

9 This black Embroidered dress exudes Kahiyang Ayu’s elegant charm. The style can be a reference for the night party style, here! Top Fashion

10 Yanti Airlangga is elegant in a floral peplum dress. Just as cute as Loemongga who wears a midi dress made of batik cloth

11 Designer Vivi Zubedi, wife of the Mayor of Banjarbaru, chose an all-black head to toe outfit. Fashionable to be a minimalist hijab party style, do you agree?

12 Ingrid Kansil, a politician and wife of Syarief Hasan, looks chic like a socialite wearing a plain but fashionable long dress with bishop sleeves

That’s a row of party styles in the style of the official’s wife. In your opinion, whose style is suitable for the official wife’s invitation above? Kacamata Rayban