Timberland Fashion, Inspired by “horrified heroines,” this Peter Do FW2020 collection is full of bold sophistication. Whether it’s leather, capes, blazers, or structured cuts, there’s no denying that this fall definitely has an advantage. However, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s all doom and gloom just because we mention horror. While the edge certainly extends everywhere, Peter Do is sure to add a few more feminine details to keep things from looking too dark. For example, the combination of a bubblegum pink blazer, baggy pants, and pleated skirt may seem a bit out of place, but when considering the style of the collection, especially straight hair and dramatic makeup, the aesthetic holds. Other notable designs include a pleated black leather maxi skirt, a cherry red curtain mini dress, a long black blazer with dramatic cuffs and our favorite, a black leather sleeveless tunic that screams horrified heroine. Also, we want to draw your attention to some of the remarkable silhouettes that appear everywhere. This includes oversized bell bottoms, dramatic bell sleeves, pleated skirts and plenty of coverage to give that mysterious effect. At the end of the day, though, this is truly one of those collections that you must see for yourself to fully appreciate. Get on board Peter Do and it won’t be long before you’re there with us.

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Get ready for fall with new designs by Marissa Webb

If you haven’t tried Marissa Webb’s pre-fall 2020 collection yet, it’s time to get on board. With the perfect fall color palette, modern knitwear, and a combination of winter wear paired with higher styles, there’s really something for everyone here. In particular, a light pink suit immediately caught our attention. With pleated pants, a tight blouse and blazers, this outfit can feel feminine, sophisticated and young, all at the same time. And hey, if pale pink doesn’t exactly fit your style, you’ll be happy to know there’s a similar black version, too. Also, if the suits look too tall for your daily life, take a look at the trendy biker sweaters, swimsuits, and shorts for something a little more relaxed. Still not satisfied? Well, you might want to see some of the styles that range between casual and tall. For example, there is a pair of paper bag pants that we can easily see worn, depending on the occasion. And if you’re not impressed yet, we love that the brand is bold enough to give a bit of a camouflage impression to the mix of something that looks rustic, fresh, and perfectly in contrast to some of the most feminine details. Stay tuned for the latest news from Marissa Webb to see what all the fuss is about Top Fashion

Update your selection of jeans with AMO Denim designs

Sure, jeans can be one of the most classic wardrobe staples you can have, but that doesn’t mean your jeans collection has to be boring, for sure. AMO Denim proves this to be true with their summer 2020 collection. With everything from white denim shorts to pale pink jumpsuits, the days when jeans simply meant your favorite pants were gone. Jeans now come in a variety of shapes, forms, and styles. But even if you’re specifically looking for jeans, you’ll be pleased to see that AMO offers pants of various styles to keep things interesting. For example, we have a wide leg cut, a slim fit, a retro ripped style and even perfect white jeans for the warmer months. Also, remember that AMO Denim designs more than just jeans. Staying true to the classic, laid-back aesthetic, you won’t find anything daring or over the top in the collection, but you can find ribbed midi dresses and puffy hoodies. Anyway, if you are looking for pieces that are easy to use and perfectly suited to your everyday lifestyle, we have a strong suspicion that you will find something that you will love in AMO Denim. Best Menswear

Discreet elegance comes to life in this Blanc & Eclare collection

Offering an aesthetic that manages to be modern and classic, if you haven’t seen Blanc & Eclare yet, you’re ready for a royal-style treatment. Designed by Jessica Jung, the brand’s vision is to offer the classic silhouettes and details you love, plus add that extra touch of extra flair to make the piece special. For example, on the one hand, we have classic denim turtleneck sweaters, while on the other hand, you will find cotton miniskirts, structured blazers with puffy sleeves, and mini dresses made with an antique floral print. The contrast in the designs allows you to design your pieces with everything from your regular T-shirts and sneakers, or to wear some platform heels and retro sunglasses. In fact, speaking of retro sunglasses, glasses really are the name of this brand, so let’s take a look at some of their eyeglass designs. With everything from mirrored lenses, shades of pink, turtle patterns, and every shape you can imagine, we guarantee there is a pair for you. Find out more about Blanc & Eclare to prepare your wardrobe for summer.

Update your gym wardrobe with inspiration from this P.E Nation collection

It’s time to improve your gym style with new P.E Nation designs. Always the brand we are looking for in stylish sportswear, this latest collection is no exception. Titled “Energy in Motion,” the lineup is filled with all the pieces of the logo we love, along with bold red pops and all of our favorite athletic styles, including jackets, leggings, sports bras, and even a drawstring midi skirt. Also, we would not say that there is a resonant theme or aesthetic that is displayed throughout this collection. Instead, the collection appears to be following a more organic trajectory, with a wide color palette, designs ranging from outerwear-inspired garments to classic sports pieces, and various prints, including cheetah, star, and plaid prints. Having said all that, because the sporty and joyous feeling goes down the road, the collection still manages to feel cohesive in the most unexpected way. Combine all of this with the talents of models Beti and Priscilla, photographer Jedd Cooney, Travis Bandiera’s hair, Katy Parsons makeup, and Jessica Rolfe’s style. Kacamata Rayban