The modern way to wear a polka dot dress

Do you need a modern way to wear a polka dot dress? Get inspired by Vanessa Hong and dress her with the classic Vans sneakers, a fabric bag spacious enough to hold everything you need and thick gold rings. This simple combination of outfits is guaranteed to elevate your daily style Like Timberland Fashion

Fresh and glamorous summer swimsuit by For Love & Limões

Top Fashion, Do you feel attracted to women’s swimwear that stands out from the ordinary swimwear? If you answered yes, we have the feeling that the For Love & Lemons Spring / Summer ’20 collection was created with your style preferences in mind. Above all, there is no lack of details with floral prints and ruffles. In fact, matted details are present in almost every part of this program. Some of our favorites include a white bustier blouse with curled edges and matching white curled trousers, a piece with black eyelets with a backless design and waist with a flattering belt and a tropical pink floral number with white lace and white blouse. necktie. As you can probably say, For Love & Lemons didn’t hide anything when it came to those glamorous and feminine details. Also, if the swimsuit isn’t on your list of summer summer items, you’ll be happy to see that many of these prints and colors have been translated into swimsuits and elegant covers. For example, we love the tropical floral print made in a ruched mini dress with thin sleeves.

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Torn edges and deconstructed designs make a statement in this Wen Pan collection

Full of deconstructed pieces, rough edges and asymmetrical shapes, this Spring / Summer 2020 collection by Wen Pan is inspired by the idea of ?? abandoned family houses in Shanghai. Whether we see it through torn floral “backgrounds” or designs that seem “ruined”, this collection must be tough and delicate at the same time. But how does something so raw and distressed end up smooth and delicate? Wen Pen achieves this through a soft color palette, floral print and plenty of coverage. If this collection were made of black or heavy fabrics, it would probably end up feeling a little more Gothic or inspired by grunge, mainly due to the use of the blanket exposed everywhere. So while these overly deconstructed pieces may not be exactly what you’re used to seeing on a normal day, they fill a more artistic gap in the fashion industry. And therefore, keeping this in mind, if the idea of ??a ripped button made of various fabrics combined with an asymmetrical torn skirt seems something you might be interested in, we advise you to take the time to take a look at this powerful collection. by Wen Pan.

10 beautiful swimsuits for your next vacation

Summer is an endless battle to try to fight the heat, resulting in several days spent at the pool or perhaps several long weekends at the nearest beach or lake. Anyway, we tend to spend a lot more time outdoors to catch some rays and get some fresh air. With this carefree lifestyle in summer, you will want to combine a wardrobe. Fortunately, swimwear has come a long way and there are many different styles to play with. Best Menswear

Add something special to your wardrobe with Neul

Based in Verona, Italy, if you want to add something special to your daily wardrobe, we can’t wait for you to become familiar with Neul. All about shaking your wardrobe every day with special details, color patches and unique silhouettes, Neul shows us that coloring outside the lines doesn’t have to be overly dramatic or shocking. Instead, it can be just a little touch of style here and there to create something unique. Remember, however, that each piece is always designed with the classic design in mind. Neul wants to create designs that remain timeless and can be used season after season. The result is something special and unique, but also timeless and practical. The best of both worlds, right? Take a look at the latest lookbook to see how it looks. For example, we love the combination of a two-tone midi skirt made of faded coral and aqua green, with an elegant white wrap top. On the one hand, the pops of colors in the midi skirt make this outfit special, but on the other hand, a classic white wrap top is classic and something that never goes out of style.

Hellessy takes us to another world with this exciting collection

Whether it’s a scottish pants suit, gingham, tulle skirts, luxury velvet or modern one-shoulder details, there’s no denying that Hellessy did it all with her Fall / Winter 2020 collection. But, in fact, if you already know this brand ready to wear, it probably won’t surprise you much. Hellessy takes care to offer declaration styles that go beyond the norm, in addition to being easy to use for everyday life. Remember, however, you will need to have a modern and elegant enough life for this label to suit your lifestyle. Of course, jeans are not exactly revolutionary, but when designed with patchwork made with a black and white bird print, the jeans end up feeling a little more special and unique. This is especially true when the jeans are paired with a top made with the same combined bird print. In addition, the silhouette and the construction of the upper part also look a little different, presenting us with a new interpretation of the surrounding upper part (you need to see this to understand). Kacamata Rayban