Timberland Fashion, Now is the time to embrace all things romantic and airy, like tops and light blouses. This feminine and dreamy piece can quickly transform your look into a casual day, if combined with your favorite jeans and espadrilles. We love the elastic fit as it is not only flattering for all body types, but is ideal for al fresco dining or a busy day outdoors. Buy from 17 beautiful options below.

Show your unique sense of style with Kye’s bold appearance

Are you excited to see the latest news from Kye? Well, you should be, because this latest lookbook offers the best of program style. With everything from electric influences of lime green and the west to ghost prints and corsets, this collection makes you guess from start to finish. Even something as simple as a buttoned collar dress undergoes the Kye treatment, adding an exciting lavender explosion, as well as lace details scattered throughout the dress. Hey, if you’re looking for more relaxed styles, you’ll be happy to see oversized graphic shirts, sweatshirts, distressed jeans, grandfather-style cardigans and even a pair of trendy biker shorts made with cheetah prints. Yes, this gap looks almost everywhere with its colors, prints and details, but that’s what makes Kye so exciting. They do not hold back and are not afraid to do so when it comes to making a statement. Keep an eye on you with the latest news from Kye. Trust us, you won’t be able to join the crowd with these useful pieces, that’s for sure. Top Fashion

Lorenzo Serafini’s philosophy brings a dramatic, vintage-inspired style to pre-fall

It is no stranger to an exaggerated style, dramatic details and bold silhouettes; it is impossible to ignore this pre-autumn ’20 collection of Lorenzo Serafini’s philosophy. Characterized by a high western style atmosphere, this collection is in line with the luxurious aesthetic for which Lorenzo Serafini’s philosophy is so famous, but inserts small details to give the collection a nostalgic aesthetic. For example, you’ll find hints of jeans, ties, braided belts, fringed leather jackets, lace collar, vintage-style silk, blouse with bib and burgundy leather, all in evidence. Also, remember that, if it were not obvious in this list above, the feminine style is never short of the philosophy of Lorenzo Serafini. Be it silk, flowers or lace details, if you are not interested in adding a feminine touch to your wardrobe, this collection may not be your choice. Lorenzo Serafini’s philosophy dresses women so that they feel feminine, chic and sophisticated, while also adding an element of play to prevent things from looking obsolete. Best Menswear

Monse is inspired by an unlikely match in this pre-autumn collection

Inspired by Hugh Hefner and men’s clothing from the 80s, this Monse collection is a collection that everyone should see. Rich in deconstructed tailoring, rich jewel tones and fluid silhouette, this collection ends up looking masculine and sexy at the same time. Monse accomplishes this by highlighting the masculine inspiration, such as jackets, pants and a lot of gray plaid, but you won’t find a lack of leather and a flattering fit throughout. For example, one of our favorite pieces comes in the form of a black structural suit. Made with mesh panels, asymmetrical neckline and enveloping construction, this garment is elegant, feminine and sophisticated, but also modern and sexy. Other notable styles include double-breasted blazers used as suits, polka-dot plaid pants, vertical black and emerald pants and dark blue white polka dot jumpsuits. And yes, if you are thinking that polka dots, blankets and stripes sound like motifs often present in sleepwear, you would be absolutely right. As mentioned at the beginning, this collection was inspired by Hugh Hefner, who was often presented in a silk dressing gown.

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Outstanding designer – Nazanin Rose Matin brings new meaning to resort wear

Nazanin Rose Matin graduated from Central St Martins and women’s clothing at the Royal College of Art with a postgraduate impression. He started his career working with Alexander McQueen in London and then spent several years in Paris honing his style and creativity with Christian Lacroix, Celine and Kenzo. His collections combine influences from his coastal education in southern England with time spent in London, Paris and California. The juxtaposition of natural coastal and London landscapes and the heady energy of Paris’ creativity profoundly shaped the designer’s perspective. Through the use of his original prints and fabrics, together with simple and sophisticated silhouettes, he creates a high-end clothing brand that can be worn day by night for the free-spirited citizen who seeks explorations and adventures around the world. Kacamata Rayban

Fun and young streetwear that you can’t do without Love From Eyeye

Based in Korea, Eyeye is inspired by streetwear. With anything from graphic T-shirts, large silhouettes, gingham print, asymmetrical skirts, tie and t-shirt dresses, this collection definitely has that streetwear feeling we know and love, but it also has a sense of playful femininity. donate I usually see it on a label inspired by streetwear. Streetwear is usually a little more difficult, daring and sporty. Although there are elements of this here, with plaid midi skirts, puffed sleeves, coral buttons and eyelet details, the collection is softened and gives a touch a little more feminine and easier to wear than your common streetwear style. In fact, “relaxed with a fun touch” is exactly how Eyeye describes his aesthetics, and we couldn’t agree more! We love the combination of shirts with logos and modern denim miniskirts. And who could say no to a fun peach shirt combined with a plaid midi skirt? Even something as simple as a pink tie-dyed shirt with jeans cuts caught our attention. Make this collection yourself to see what it is.