Color Palette
One of the easiest rules for creating a Bohemian capsule wardrobe is to start with a curated color palette.

1st Tip : Consider both warm and cold shades. A good general rule is to choose a collection in 6 to 12 shades. Choose less if you prefer a minimalist style, and more if you love prints and strive for a boho Kacamata Rayban look.

2nd Tip : Use sister and cousin colors. For example, use three shades of brown (caramel, maroon, latte) or four shades of blue (turquoise, steel, sky blue and navy blue) and avoid solitary, isolated colors. With this tip, you can curate a capsule wardrobe in which everything can be easily adjusted, which increases the versatility of the collection.

3rd Tip : Include neutral, pastel and strong shades. Avoid artificial neon colors and heavily saturated clothing.

4th Tip : Mixing prints is a lot easier if you start with a color palette. For this reason, you need to think carefully about your color scheme.

If you’re looking forward to opening a bohemian wardrobe, a collection of boho staples is a great place to start. What you need are no more than 20 key pieces that you can easily combine. The fact is that almost everything goes with everything. From tops to bottoms and from outerwear to accessories and one-pieces – here are the 20 must-haves Timberland fashion items in your bohemian wardrobe:

The Tops
1. White Lace Top
2. Ethnic Print Peasant Top
3. Mixed Print Tunic
4. Embroidered Prairie Blouse

Elements to search:
– Loose, relaxed seizures
– Sleeves in the shape of bells, trumpets and bishops
– Half and three-quarter length sleeves
– Various trim strips: pompoms, ethnic prints, etc.
– V-neck, shoulder-free cuts
– Mixed print patterns
– Embroideries

The Bottoms
5. Flared Jeans
6. Boho Print Maxi Skirt
7. Distressed Denim Shorts
8. Harem Pants

Elements to search:
– Silhouettes on display
– Flowing, voluminous skirts
– Mixed-print skirts
– Relaxed seizures
– Embroideries

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The Dresses
9. Eyelet Dress
10. Printed Maxi Dress

Elements to search:
– Loose fit, A-line cuts
– Sleeves in the shape of bells, trumpets and bishops
– Half and three-quarter length sleeves
– Shoulderless prairie designs
– Mixed print patterns
– Embroideries

The Outerwear
11. Distressed Denim Jacket
12. Boho Print Kimono
13. Sheepskin Coat

Elements to search:
– Distressed elements
– Slightly oversized silhouettes
– Comfortable clothes
– Decorative fringes and borders

The Footwear
14. Gladiator Sandals
15. Chunky Heeled Clogs
16. Embroidered Suede Ankle Boots

Elements to search:
– Natural, warm colors such as brown, beige and gray
– Wood accents
– Embroideries
– Comfortable block heels
– Platform heels
– Low cowboy boots

The Accessories
17. Brown Fringe Bag
18. Ethnic Bucket Drawstring Bag
19. Turquoise Jewelry
20. Oversize Scarf

Elements to search:
– Fringes, tassels and other borders
– Ethnic print designs
– Bucket designs
– Mixed prints
– Antiquated jewelry
– Perforated detailing
– Rattan bags and belts
– Braid details
– Patchwork designs