Fashion. A completely transparent and fun thing to do, also confusing at the same time, however, it never dies. Fashions from the past are still being worn by women across the country and new fashions are designed and invented every day. There are so many different styles of fashion, and here is the next 5 kinds of fashion styles:
11. Girl Next Door
The classic style that has existed for centuries. According to Kacamata Rayban, This style does not pay attention to the latest trends and does not imply anything wild or exotic. This trend focuses on simplicity and tenderness, with a striped shirt, shorts and tennis shoes enough to make her happy.

12. Punk

This style is all about SCREAMING edge and attitude. Punks like to wear a lot of leather, especially when it comes to jackets and pants and they wouldn’t be caught in the streets without pins, nails and chains. They also tend to indulge in spandex and prints of wild animals and also band shirts, boots and tight jeans.

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13. Artsy
These women tend to stay away from the traditional trends of the Timberland fashion and love to make a statement with their clothing. Often they will be the creator of their own fashions, designing and creating their own blouses, hats and jackets. Each artistic style will be different for women, since everyone has their own idea of what ‘art’ actually is. That’s what makes this particular style of fashion, unconventional and exciting.

14. Businesswomen
These women will look like smart and sophisticated ladies who demand and deserve the respect of everyone around her. She won’t settle for less and is a high-achiever which regards herself as in society. Her wardrobe is incredibly smart and elegant, with lots of jackets and pencil skirts.

15. Tomboy

Can simply be described as simple and modern. Girls who wear this type of fashion style dislike to wear frills or lace, pinks or other bright colors. They prefer youthful appearance, usually jeans with a graphic tee or button-up and a pair of flat shoes to match.