Fashion. It is completely transparent, and fun, also confusing at the same time, however, it never dies. Fashions from the past are still being worn by women across the country and new fashions are designed and invented every day. There are so many different styles of fashion, and here are the next 5 types of fashion styles:
6. Preppy

Preppy girls, often called simply ‘preps’, love to rock a college-inspired wardrobe. Their perches are aligned side by side with feminine blouses with matching collared shirts and a-line skirts and stockings. His hair is almost always amplified with a little cute headband and she usually wears glasses-if she wants! This style may seem geeky and a little luxurious, but the look itself really is not expensive and extravagant at all.

7. Elegant
With elegant Timberland fashion style, refinement and glamor is key. Women with this type of fashion style will not step to walk without looking her best, and pays close attention to creating a closet filled head to toe with the most glamorous and classy pieces. She is a lover of all things that dazzle and would not be caught without diamonds and jewels as well as a very impressive outfit. She is the perfect combo of sophisticated and sexy!

8. Bohemian

Always referred to commonly as ‘boho’ look, it can easily be described as a style that focuses mainly on wild, exotic textures and intricate patterns. They get most of their inspiration from gypsies and hippies, making an excellent end with many hand dye, geometrics, chains, and different obvious styles.

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9. Girly
This fashion style can be most easily described as the popular vintage style. Most of her costumes consist of lots of beautiful laces and ruffles, hearts, flowers, pale colors, especially pink and white. She’s a romantic in spite of her appearance and desires and has always wanted to be treated like a lady at all times. She is waiting for her prince charming, therefore, she adorns herself with only the girliest and most beautiful fashions.

10. Cowgirl
It is not difficult to pinpoint a girl wearing cowgirl fashion style! In this particular style, there are some commodities that are an absolute must for the wardrobe: undoubtedly an adorable cowgirl hat, usually in either some shade of brown or pink, Kacamata Rayban, a pair of blue jeans with western-themed leather belt, party denim jacket, a pair of cowgirl boots, and a few white checkered shirt and flat buttons.