In retrospect, the 2010s were a brave and often brilliant decade for men’s Timberland fashion from the outside. It was a time of experimentation when nobody was in charge. At various points, men boasted tailoring, sports clothing and everything in between. Smart dress became casual, casual dress became fashionable.

But it didn’t work out right? We wake up in the morning after the previous decade and can already shudder on some of our clothing. Some trends in 2010, especially from the first half of the decade, have already died quietly. Crew neck T-shirts, lace knots and cuts have disappeared without having to submit a petition.

Whisper it, but even some of the classics have been a little overexposed by Instagram over the decade. They are too evergreen to fully retire, but we have to get a little tired of biker jackets, bomber jackets, chelsea boots, turtlenecks, and minimalist sneakers.

But we’re not going to put the focus on that today. Below is a list of the trends whose time has definitely expired and the question of which trends should replace them.

Shrink-Wrap Jeans
Skinny jeans only really worked for men with a specific leg shape. They look great with tall, slim men who only wear black, tend to smoke chains and can handle a guitar well. Basically rock stars.

According to Kacamata Rayban, if you’re not a rock star, don’t have thin but not too thin legs, and aren’t at least six feet tall, you’ve probably looked like tight-fitting sausage through the skinny jeans.

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Since the window for the success rate for skinny jeans is so small and the concept of the rock star no longer exists, we simply leave it behind. It is no wonder that millions of men were attracted to it at all.

Let’s face it, it’s hard to put them on and take them off. restrict your movement; You can’t put anything in your pockets. You are against comfort. Make your top half look bigger (not in a good way) and make yourself look childish. Yes, we definitely leave them.

What To Wear Instead
Wouldn’t you rather be able to move freely and sit down at will without fear of being cut in half? If you want a slim silhouette, prefer slim jeans, but for the rest of us, the most flattering cut is straight with a taper.

Jeans with a slightly higher rise lengthen the legs and make them look taller and ironically slimmer, which was what most skinny jeans men originally hoped for.