In retrospect, the 2010s were a brave and often brilliant decade for men’s Timberland fashion from the outside. It was a time of experimentation when nobody was in charge. At various points, men boasted tailoring, sports clothing and everything in between. Smart dress became casual, casual dress became fashionable.

But it didn’t work out right? We wake up in the morning after the previous decade and can already shudder on some of our clothing. Some trends in 2010, especially from the first half of the decade, have already died quietly. Crew neck T-shirts, lace knots and cuts have disappeared without having to submit a petition.

Whisper it, but even some of the classics have been a little overexposed by Instagram over the decade. They are too evergreen to fully retire, but we have to get a little tired of biker jackets, bomber jackets, chelsea boots, turtlenecks, and minimalist sneakers.

But we’re not going to put the focus on that today. Below is a list of the trends whose time has definitely expired and the question of which trends should replace them.

Overwhelming Logos
Oddly enough, the 90s were a big topic in the 10s. And of all the fashion trends of the 90s, none was as conspicuous as a large logo. From skate wear brands to luxury fashion houses, Kacamata Rayban streetwear used the day to literally get to the heart of the risen trend. And we’re not just talking about logo t-shirts and hoodies, but also tracksuits, bags and knitwear, all of which are decorated with brand logos.

Now, at the turn of the decade, the logos have gotten a little tired. Among other things, the sustainability agenda called on customers to demand more creativity from designers than just “How big can I make this font?”.

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The trend has developed as such. Industry leaders like Off-White and Gucci have flipped the script and created unusual versions of their own logos, interspersed with creative graphics and printed over the teas in unexpected places. Logos have not gone out of style, but it shouldn’t be a priority in the 1920s to be a walking billboard of your favorite brands.

What To Wear Instead

Make a statement in a different way, apart from the fact that you can afford certain designers. A bold shadow is one. The other route is an all-over pattern. Camo is the de facto pattern of choice in streetwear. A camouflage color in bright orange? Streetwear gold.