In retrospect, the 2010s were a brave and often brilliant decade for men’s Timberland fashion from the outside. It was a time of experimentation when nobody was in charge. At various points, men boasted tailoring, sports clothing and everything in between. Smart dress became casual, casual dress became fashionable.

But it didn’t work out right? We wake up in the morning after the previous decade and can already shudder on some of our clothing. Some trends in 2010, especially from the first half of the decade, have already died quietly. Crew neck T-shirts, lace knots and cuts have disappeared without having to submit a petition.

Whisper it, but even some of the classics have been a little overexposed by Instagram over the decade. They are too evergreen to fully retire, but we have to get a little tired of biker jackets, bomber jackets, chelsea boots, turtlenecks, and minimalist sneakers.

But we’re not going to put the focus on that today. Below is a list of the trends whose time has definitely expired and the question of which trends should replace them.

The Menswear Blogger Uniform
The 2010s were the decade in which street style became stratospheric, and the fashion week catwalks increasingly played the second fiddle for well-dressed men outside of the shows.

While this meant a lot of outfit inspiration that was ripe for looting, it also resulted in a strange homogeneity of men’s clothing that formed into the dreaded blogger uniform for men’s clothing.

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What makes a blogger’s uniform? Well, to explain this, a five-minute scroll on Instagram should be enough to tell you. It’s a strange alchemy of otherwise harmless men’s clothing items (slim black jeans and maybe a leather jacket or checked pants, tassel loafers and a camel coat) that come together in a closet that is not only safe, but at the highest level.

Ironically, really, given that the uniform is supposed to serve a hefty dose of #outfitinspo. Who would have thought that deliberate attention could be so alarmingly conformist?

What To Wear Instead

Instead of sticking to the tried-and-true and tired formula of choosing clothes based solely on their ability to “pop” for street style photographers, consider the virtue of simplicity instead. That means no attention looking for a pattern, no deliberately contrasting outerwear that catches the eye, and no acres of ankle meat.

Stay on top of things, but if you’ve worn your favorite combinations 500 times, mix them up. Fast.

Kacamata Rayban