When it comes to the depths of winter, ask yourself: What is your game like with outerwear? Fine? Do you have a windbreaker and one or two bomber jackets on it? Up to you.

Let us know how to do that when the mercury is dipped in the nose, the branches are empty and you need to sharpen your elbows to get the last decent fur. The wrong size. In pink. (Not that there’s anything wrong with going oversized, crazy, or pink.)

For those with a little more Timberland fashion sense, it’s good to get in early and have an overview of this season’s outerwear. This is exactly why we created an edit of the eight must-have styles. These versatile coats shown here offer a balanced mix of classic and modern and protect you from the elements (and the sales track).

The Check Overcoat
Heritage designs – and checks in particular – have been popular for several seasons, ranging from pants and shoes to tailoring and knitwear.

On the outer clothing, however, it is the case that such motifs offer the most for their patterned money. A plaid coat is able to turn a simple classic outer garment into a hero piece. The easiest way to ensure that you don’t get bored when buying.

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Regardless of whether you choose Prince of Wales or a window pane, checks are a great way to subtly incorporate color into your wardrobe, or you can keep things monochromatic with a black and gray check that goes well with just about anything leaves.

In addition to luxury brands and houses on Savile Row, there are many shops across the street that have looser silhouettes. So don’t be afraid to wear this style a little bigger (though you should be looking for coats that have a generous shape and shouldn’t just buy two sizes up).

And a simple rule of thumb for styling: if the pattern is big and colorful, keep it in check by combining it with a more neutral outfit.

Kacamata Rayban