When it comes to the depths of winter, ask yourself: What is your game like with outerwear? Fine? Do you have a windbreaker and one or two bomber jackets on it? Up to you.

Let us know how to do that when the mercury is dipped in the nose, the branches are empty and you need to sharpen your elbows to get the last decent fur. The wrong size. In pink. (Not that there’s anything wrong with going oversized, crazy, or pink.)

For those with a little more Timberland fashion sense, it’s good to get in early and have an overview of this season’s outerwear. This is exactly why we created an edit of the eight must-have styles. These versatile coats shown here offer a balanced mix of classic and modern and protect you from the elements (and the sales track).

The Puffer
As long as you are not privy to your cave-instinct and hibernate, you will not overlook the fact that technical down jackets have really shaped their territory in men’s fashion.

Once a staple for mountaineers, the puffer jacket is a real necessity for streetwear today. Simon Longland, General Merchandise Manager at Harrods, said technical jackets no longer have to be tough and durable. something that can be a deterrent to wearers. The innovation in technical jackets means that a puffer coat can be worn like any other coat – just as perfectly over a suit on a weekday or with a knitwear and boots with jeans on the weekend.

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One thing that the trip has survived down the cliff is bright colors, with which you can make a bold statement even on the grayest days. Choose a model with a stand-up collar to make it easier for a puffer to fly in more formal environments. The hooded version is more casual and therefore more suitable for a streetwear outfit. It goes without saying that if you are actually climbing a mountain, you should leave the snood standing for days.

The Winter Bomber
If you think knee-length coats only appear in spy films, there are a variety of cropped styles that add a modern accent. According to Longland, bomber and plain jackets have become the trendiest short styles. There is a large number of them in all men’s Kacamata Rayban collections. From clear, simple and refined to decorated, patterned and bold.

When the colder months go, send authentic pilot-style versions and instead choose high-quality fabrics such as wool, moleskin or felt to keep the wind out and give your outfit a tactile eye-catcher.

Although they are extremely versatile, these styles are better placed in a smart-casual context. Wear heavy knitwear, overshirts, and scarves if necessary, and avoid wearing with a super formal tailoring, as you lose some of the much-praised feel-good factor.