When it comes to the depths of winter, ask yourself: What is your game like with outerwear? Fine? Do you have a windbreaker and one or two bomber jackets on it? Up to you.

Let us know how to do that when the mercury is dipped in the nose, the branches are empty and you need to sharpen your elbows to get the last decent fur. The wrong size. In pink. (Not that there’s anything wrong with going oversized, crazy, or pink.)

For those with a little more Timberland fashion sense, it’s good to get in early and have an overview of this season’s outerwear. This is exactly why we created an edit of the eight must-have styles. These versatile coats shown here offer a balanced mix of classic and modern and protect you from the elements (and the sales track).

The Peacoat
The double-breasted peacoat is nothing short of a chic, casual beast. Simply put, it’s one of those coats that you can put on and look better immediately, whether you’re wearing it with used-look jeans and Chelsea boots, or with tailored pants and sneakers.

According to Longland, a navy peacoat is the ultimate versatile weekend style that can be dressed well and badly, and we can’t argue about that.

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It is advisable to avoid a second skin fit when buying a peacoat, not only because a slightly oversized cut gives your look a heathcliff-on-the-moor atmosphere, but also because there is room for a thick turtleneck or cable pattern sweater below.

The Shearling Jacket
Shearling has been valued by fashionable men for generations and is one of the warmest and most luxurious winter coat fabrics. So you may have to skip a few shepherd’s cake dinners to afford one, but there is no shortage of options available and in every style imaginable.

One way to reduce costs is to opt for a coat with only one lambskin collar (artificial lambskin is also offered at a fraction of the price). That way, you still get the warmth around your neck, but without driving your Kacamata Rayban credit into the red.

Trucker jackets are particularly suitable for denim or cord, two fabrics that offer a robust workwear look for winter. Pair them with plaid wool shirts and dark jeans to get an ode to Americana, or look for higher-cut styles that you can wear with tailored pants and a pair of derby shoes to avoid the connotations of the football commentators.