Menswear is in an interesting place right now. The way men dress is finally becoming full with colours, more adventurous and less constrained by dress codes and the old rules. There are changes everywhere as employees in which hoodies for the office and streetwear designers redefine tailoring.

Spring is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and breathe new life into your style. So these are the next 2 out of 10 biggest spring trends, along with the personal tips on how to wear them.

– Utility
Technical fabrics, command sole shoes, firefighting jackets, work clothes – everything: Kacamata Rayban designers of men’s clothing have been concerned with function as well as form for several years.

This season, this trend has reached its natural conclusion with utility wear, in which practical, military-inspired clothing is reinterpreted as designer equipment. What does that mean in real life?

Bags. Many pockets.

It’s kettle suits, warcore tactical equipment, and the kind of fly fishing utility vests at the tip that John Goodman wore in The Big Lebowski. Confident streetwear fans might be able to do this, but for the rest of us, this is a trend that is best hidden.

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Think of cargo pants and portable luggage, but they are worn with civilian clothing such as sweatshirts and T-shirts. If you are brave, try a utility vest that is worn like an overshirt, also with simple tops and in reduced colors. Khaki, beige and black are the easiest colors to wear.

Be warned if, like me, you always find your keys in the last pocket you are checking – you could be at your front door for some time.

– Tonal Layering
This is perhaps the easiest spring trend to wear, mostly because it requires very little thought or planning.

Yes, black has always been a thing and the navy is a look that people turn to again and again. But here and there tonal layers have appeared in other colors, with Brunello Cucinelli, Burberry and Cos at the top.

It’s not really rocket science. It’s spring, so choosing a layered outfit is a good choice. Just make sure that all layers and possibly the pants are in different colors of the same color.

Gray is a good place to start – you can wear a gray marl t-shirt, a dark gray overshirt and a charcoal parka, or you can choose beige or stone. Take a look at Burberry, who has sent a number of Timberland fashion models across the runways in different shades of grandma’s favorite color.