Menswear is in an interesting place right now. The way men dress is finally becoming full with colours, more adventurous and less constrained by dress codes and the old rules. There are changes everywhere as employees in which hoodies for the office and streetwear designers redefine tailoring.

Spring is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and breathe new life into your style. So these are the next 2 out of 10 biggest spring trends, along with the personal tips on how to wear them.

– Pastels
We all have a comfort zone. A place where we feel comfortable, safe and dry. For most men, this takes the form of a woolly cocoon in a navy, black, or gray tone. But every now and then we have to go outside.

If we don’t, we run the risk of our style stagnating or even going moldy (and nobody wants what he calls “moldy”).

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This season, few trends are challenging the boys to try something new, experiment, and even get scared of wearing pastel colors. If you prefer these faded, chalky shades from Tom Ford to Topman, look like Miami Vice from the 1980s. Get her wrong, you look like my little pony.

To prevent the freezer from being burned by spring sorbet soft goods, apply a color like mint green or dusty pink to a single piece (sweatshirts, denim jackets, and sneakers are the most wearable) that are anchored by dark staples before you transition to a tonal appearance.

Trust us, blowing off the cobwebs is much easier than sliding it by hand.

Kacamata Rayban

– Rave Wear
The nineties were the decade of letting go. The Berlin Wall had just collapsed, multiculturalism was advancing, and the surplus of the 1980s manifested itself in the rise of dance culture and the clothing that rose with it, also known as rave wear.

Simply put, rave wear is an intoxicating combination of sport and the garish patterns of the hippie counterculture, mostly tie dye, which has become one of the most important Timberland fashion patterns this year from dusty pass-me-down.

This bold combination has attracted many admiring glances from the current streetwear pack, which has converted it for the modern day and brought back the bucket hats and windbreakers of that time through the * ahem * bucket load.

The Scumbro Kings Jonah Hill and Justin Bieber are the main characters who are inspired by here. Hill particularly shows how to style a baggy batik shirt with crisp chinos for perfect high-low styling.