Menswear is in an interesting place right now. The way men dress is finally becoming full with colours, more adventurous and less constrained by dress codes and the old rules. There are changes everywhere as employees in which hoodies for the office and streetwear designers redefine tailoring.

Spring is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and breathe new life into your style. So these are the 10 biggest spring trends, along with the personal tips on how to wear them.

– Open Collars
What to wear when it can be hot or cold, monsoon or drought? The key is the perfect layer piece. You already know (we hope) that a light jacket is invaluable, but also a shirt with an open collar. It fits wonderfully with casual jackets and tailoring, but also has the very important Timberland fashion property of being far superior to the pique button polo in almost all cases.

Patterned Cuban collar shirts are always a little too close to Elvis Presley around Blue Hawaii (it was fine for Elvis, probably not for the rest of us), so go for a block color design here. A patterned polo shirt with an open collar can work very well.

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If you’re wearing flat-front chinos, you’ll find Dickie Greenleaf with us. In general, subdued hues are best here: gray, dark pink, light blue and faded khaki are all good calls.

Wear one under a suit in spring (navy is your safest choice) for lively style, but when it gets a little warmer, wear smart chinos (never jeans) and complete the look with a few penny loafers.

– Chunky Soles
Scandinavian minimalism may have decided that sleek lines and tasteful design dominated the first half of this decade, but as the end of the 10s approaches, it’s clear that clunky and indelicate designs have found their way back into the collective consciousness of men’s fashion.

Only those whose heads are permanently skyward will have missed the chunky coach’s dominance on well-dressed feet lately, and it’s good news for early investors. You won’t go anywhere this spring. Sneakerheads aren’t all that fun though, there are plenty of hybrid designs that stick to their formal legacy and add something more essential to their sole.

According to Kacamata Rayban, if you wear either chunky sneakers or shoes with heavier soles, you shouldn’t wear your lower half too casually. Try wearing your cumbersome clodhopper with tailored pants or chinos, then add a sleek t-shirt and suede or cotton-twill jacket to make heavy shoes light.