In addition to sunscreen, glasses are one of the important accessories that you must bring for a summer vacation trip. For those of you who love fashion, especially the accessories section, you will certainly continue to follow the development of trends that always captivate your heart from year to year.

And it looks like the upcoming eyewear trend will again make your holiday moments even more fun with variations in colors, motifs, and frames. All of them have been approved by several runways who have worn them in extraordinary Spring/Summer 2022 presentations such as from Versace, Christian Dior, to Mark Fast. Timberland Fashion

If you don’t like glasses to accompany your vacation days (which are synonymous with black lenses), don’t worry, there are also models of glasses that you can use for a casual walk in style. Check out all the 2022 eyewear trends that will add style to your outfit, below! Best Menswear

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1 All Over Face

The use of masks may be followed by “eye masks”. These glasses will not only protect your eyes but also almost your entire face, especially those with small faces. Bora Aksu chose a large box-shaped model of glasses with elegant gradation lenses. But it’s different for Lacoste which combines large square glasses, almost like ski activity glasses, with silver connecting rod details on top. Top Fashion

2 Bold Frames

Show your courage with bold frames. Besides you can play with color choices, you can also choose thick frames with various shapes. Versace featured one of its thick frame glasses in a bright green color and matching lenses. For Anna Sui, the brand chose to look more unique with round frames and perfect gradations.

3 Sci-Fi Rise

Still inspired by the style in the Matrix movie, the trend of glasses such as robotics still appears on the Spring/Summer 2021 runway, but we can’t complain because it looks cooler and edgy. You can try as shown by Balenciaga, where they have an embossed design at the bottom of the eye that gives you the look of being in a very modern robotic world. If you’re more adventurous with your taste in fashion, you can try glasses from Acne Studios which showcase the feminine robotic world with metallic floral designs.

4 Watch Grip

Do you still remember the classic Rolex watches or other watch brands that have distinctive chain straps? Yes, the chain model is used as the handle of the glasses. Maybe, this creative idea was made because it is rare for people to wear classic watches compared to smart watches that have their own strap characteristics. We never know. However, whatever the inspiration, Balmain managed to display the glasses that will be seen everywhere next year.

5 Cat-Eye Shades

In addition to eye makeup, there are cat-eye glasses that can complete your look. Christian Dior designed his glasses with an elegant gold finish that frames the ends of the lenses and combines them with beautiful red transparent lenses. Meanwhile, the collection designed by Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, chose totally transparent glasses with a cat-eye frame model. Kacamata Rayban

6 Frame Doesn’t Exist

For some reason, it turns out that rimless glasses look very classy. So far, glasses have a distinctive feature, namely frames, which can have various shapes, but at this time this is no longer the case. Emporio Armani has his purple rimless glasses design with a transparent layer on top, to ensure the design is not plain and boring. For Hui, they combined this model with the classic aviator shape.