Learn a classic beach outfit from the SU Paris Resort collection

Timberland Fashion, If you are the type of woman who falls in love with luxury beachwear, this latest collection from SU Paris will drive you crazy. Specializing in sophisticated resort clothing for women most concerned with fashion, the Resort ‘20 collection not only offers the high style we expect, it also brings a sense of classic sophistication to the designs we love. For example, with this specific collection, you will find that most designs are done in black and white contrast, which always manages to add a sense of sophistication to any collection. However, in addition to color, we also like the use of printing. Although none of the prints are very bold or daring, the stripes shown everywhere contribute to the feeling of classic style that we are excited about. And, of course, in any collection of beachwear, you always need the tropical floral prints that YOUR delivery offers. In addition, the silhouettes shown remain aligned with the effortless beach feel. For example, the highlight is that the ever popular kaftan makes a frequent appearance and who could resist a kimono-style jacket combined with a swimsuit? Certainly not us. If you are on the same page, check out all that SU Paris has to offer for an instant classic style lesson.

The combination of classic clothes that never goes out of style

Top Fashion, As spring approaches, we are more than ready to save bulky coats and darker palettes, rather than lighter layers and colors. We love this classic and refined outfit that works every day of the week. Relaxed jeans may be our favorites on the weekends, but they contrast with a camel coat and a button blouse for an outfit that strikes the perfect balance between casual and cool. Finish with a silk scarf.

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Cool leather pieces you can wear during the spring

Be the star of the show in this Rotate collection

Always to serve dramatic styles with bold details, the Rotate collection by Birger Christensen Pré-Primavera ‘20 is a must. Full of colors, voluminous, metallic sleeves, sequins, silks and prints, your eyes will not know where to start. And really, if you already know the styles that come out of Rotate, this is probably not a big surprise. Spinning always brings us styles that we can trust to make us feel like the star of the show. For example, with this latest release, we have ruched cream mini dresses, black sequined pants, metallic pink dresses with structured shoulder details, zebra print, purple floral midi dresses with bulky sleeves and one of our personal favorite pieces. , an emerald green and black top that goes very well with elegant pants. In other words, if you are ready to organize your party and let people see your dramatic sense of style, Rotate is the brand for you. Best Menswear

Enjoy summer days with new designs from The Bare Road

In order to provide customers with quality pieces that will last a lifetime, The Bare Road’s “Summer Haze” collection ensures that you dream of lazy and misty summer days. Offering that effortless signature feel with a refined sense of ease, this collection is made of lightweight fabrics, a relatively neutral, seamless color palette and with only a small amount of detail. At The Bare Road, instead of relying on something very flashy or dramatic, they let the female silhouette do all the work. Be it a peplum, a flowing skirt or an exclusive backless dress, there is no denying that the feminine sensation hits everywhere. In addition, however, we also cannot help but fall in love with the style of the collection. Whether it’s relaxed hair, big parasols, scarf ties or fresh natural makeup, everything about this collection is easy and relaxed. And with that in mind, if you’re ready to embrace the hottest days, keeping everything fresh and natural, this collection from The Bare Road was designed with you in mind. Kacamata Rayban