Timberland Fashion, Find out how the fashion circuit is doing street style as the fashion shows kick off the catwalk shows in New York Fashion Week in the fall of 2020. From bold outerwear to beat the New York winter to bright pastel shades For spring, feathered accents and props, these are our 22 favorite NYFW street-style outfits.

Enhance your style by taking inspiration from the Forte_Forte spring collection

Are you ready for a wardrobe update? If you nod in advance, there is no doubt that you have to see the latest Forte_Forte collection. Designed for spring, the brand offers all those fantastic spring details that we love: a palette of light colors, trendy flowers, soft draperies, delicate details and lots of feminine style. Of course, if you know something about Forte_Forte, you know this isn’t just your standard spring fashion collection. This is a brand that is known to do everything possible when it comes to paying attention to unique details and styles. For example, some of our favorite pieces in the collection include a mini dress with a blue collar and a flattering belt; a casual denim dress with buttons on the front; an Aztec print jacket made in an oversize size; a pair of high-waisted Scottish trousers; a cherry red dress made with elegant balloon sleeves and an enveloping design; And, our favorite, a beautiful green midi dress made of chiffon material, deep neckline and kimono sleeves. While all these styles may not seem combined at first sight, in Forte_Forte it is only the style of the pieces. Trendy hats, many layers and a lack of mix and match styles, the key element that unites Forte_Forte is their desire to experiment with style and never play safely. Find out how the brand performs this unique style experiment by examining the collection for yourself. Top Fashion

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Enjoy these feminine details of Clu

Refined, architectural and feminine. If these three words help describe the type of style you gravitate towards, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with Clu. In particular, we have the feeling that you will love what they are serving for Pre-Spring 20s. Full of folds, feminine floral motifs, curtains, a palette of soft colors and pieces ranging from the border between casual but also high, this collection is the ideal line to enter your wardrobe for spring. Not only is it completely portable with its casual shirts, windy skirts and shorts, but it has also added style elements that set it apart from its standard fashion collection. For example, there is an exclusive oversized t-shirt design made with a new version of the peplum, curled sleeves and surprising details on the back. Best Menswear

Update your winter wardrobe with these bold accessories

Winter blues can be contagious, so we advise you to bring your wardrobe to life with bright and bold accessories. Whether it’s a pair of pink tights paired with matching sandals or a shoulder bag, colorful objects have the power to inject heat into your winter look. Choosing the perfect accessory can be a challenge, especially when dealing with neutrals, so we’ve put together a fresh and exciting variety that you can buy right now. Kacamata Rayban