1. Airport Athleisure
The airport is the spiritual home of athleisure. The combination of form and function is perfectly coordinated so that you look sharp and feel like you’re still wearing pajamas.

To nail this travel outfit before the start, Team Sportswear staples with more intelligent, structured parts. We are talking about tailor-made joggers or pants with a drawstring and a hoodie that is worn with premium sneakers and outerwear Timberland fashion with a collar like a light single-breasted trench coat that can easily change between seasons or time zones.

Stick to simple, neutral colors and equip them with a leather backpack and baseball cap or hat, depending on when you need to leave the house for your flight and where you’re going.

2. Business Traveller
Not all trips to the terminal are in the name of pleasure. If your ultimate goal is more of a boardroom than a beach, consider slouchy streetwear.

A good travel outfit for a businessman starts from scratch. Choose shoes that are easy to take off and put on. Think of slippers as opposed to derbies. This ensures a smoother transition through security and a more comfortable flight. They also just look good, don’t they?

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It is impossible to get to your destination, which looks as sharp as when you started. When your tailoring is a crumpled pile. If you only take one, you can learn how to properly pack a suit, but a far better option is to wear it. Opt for a high-twist fabric such as wool (which enables faster recovery from wrinkles) and a jacket made from a semi-canvas construction for added comfort.

3. Pockets Aplenty
When and if in doubt, workwear. It’s a pretty solid mantra to live in in most casual settings, and the departure lounge is no exception.

First, it looks good. Second, in a world where airlines are just a budget meeting or two away from introducing additional fees to get your own limbs on board, all with a few extra bags is your friend.

Start with the jacket. It should be collar, but casual.

Kacamata Rayban

A traditional housework jacket would do the trick as it offers several passport and credit card sized pockets. Grab a stretchy chinos at the bottom and tie them up with a pair of slip-on sneakers.