The style of dress is an important thing in the appearance of men. On the other hand, finding a men’s fashion style that fits your personal character is certainly not easy. Timberland Fashion

Whereas the appropriate men’s fashion style can highlight a person’s personal character. Not only that, the appearance will look much more presentable and stylish.

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But don’t worry, there are several ways to find the right fashion style to match your character. Summarized from various sources, the following is complete.

1 Know your body shape

One of the steps to finding the right fashion style is adjusting your body shape. That way, you can highlight the best features so that your appearance looks much more proportional. Best Menswear

If you have large calves, you can choose pleated pants with sharp tapers. For short men, make sure the size of the jacket you wear does not exceed your hips.

If you have broad shoulders, go for it. deconstructed jacket. If you are tall and slim, wear a double breasted jacket to increase your body size.

2 Wear the clothes you like

There’s nothing more pleasing than someone wearing the clothes you like. Top Fashion

Wearing your favorite clothes can make you feel much more comfortable and confident. For that, don’t hesitate to wear the clothes you like.

3 Find a source of inspiration

After determining the style you like, find your source of inspiration. Whether it’s from actors, public figures, or models who have a fashion style according to your character or preferences.

No need to overdo the style, you just need to add some style elements that inspire you. Kacamata Rayban