Eid soon! The tradition of buying Lebaran clothes to keep your appearance optimally even at home has never disappeared. For that, you must check the recommendations of local fashion brands for this Eid shirt, here.

Even though it’s still a matter of weeks, there’s nothing wrong with preparing for Eid’s needs from now on, right? What local brands can be your choice to buy Eid clothes, huh?

4 recommendations for local fashion brands for fashionable Eid clothes:


The first recommendation for a local fashion brand for Eid is Noki, which carries the theme “ modernizing tradition ”, which is in accordance with the purpose of this brand being founded, which is to introduce a wide range of ethnic materials to the community, especially young women. Top Fashion

The collection from Noki is quite unique, you know! They are well known for their floral elements which come in various colors in their collections. For example, their latest collection called “ Teduh ”.

We can also see beautiful patchwork techniques in the collection, girls. The combination of ethnic fabrics, brocade, and floral elements with a blend of soft colors makes this Eid shirt one of a kind.

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Oh yeah, the models themselves are quite diverse, you know! Noki applies various fashion trends in this �Teduh� collection, one of which is the puffy shoulder top. Timberland Fashion

You can get products from Noki offline at The Goods Dept. and online through the official website or Shopee.

Miroir Store

So, this local fashion brand has just released its Hari Ray collection, you know! Collaborating with one of the local fashion brands as well, Shopataleen, Miroir Store presents a collection of Lebaran clothes named Raya Collection 2021.

Miroir, which was founded in 2013, is known for its unique designs, such as volume dresses, ruffle details, plain motifs and soft colors. But the collection this time is quite different, here!

The “ Raya Collection 2021 ” is dominated by neutral colors, such as cream colors. But take it easy, we can still see the other colors of Lebaran’s clothes, namely white, black, white, brown, even lilac and salmon.

Even though many offer dresses, you can also buy tops that are no less cool than this collection, girls. Guaranteed not to regret, deh! Best Menswear

May Outfit

May Outfit is a recommendation for local fashion brands for the next Lebaran clothes, here! For those of you who are looking for not only beautiful Eid clothes but also at affordable prices, this brand can be an option.

This brand provides a variety of clothes designs, girls. Starting from the robe to the beautiful dress that can complete your total look on the day of Eid.

Not only is it a beautiful design, but My Outfit also offers materials that are comfortable to wear, such as rayon.

This Lebaran shirt from My Outfit will suit those of you who want to appear expressive because the motifs given are also quite diverse. There are patchwork, polka dots, and floral motifs with a flowy dress.

If you are interested, just stop by on May Outfit’s Instagram social media and order the clothes online, OK!


The local fashion brand for the last Lebaran is Nona. Yup! This local fashion brand has been established since 2017. Even though it is quite new, it doesn’t mean that the collections are not cool, you know! Kacamata Rayban

For this year’s Eid dress collection, Nona issued several new dress designs with various colors, which were named “ Raya Blessing ”.

The clothes are dominated by dresses, girls. The material also varies, from full brocade to satin. If you are a floral dress lover, this Lebaran clothing collection from Nona must be included in your Eid outfit collection