A girl group from South Korea, AESPA has just released a new mini album titled ‘Savage’. The title track ‘Savage’ managed to occupy the first position on the Melon, FLO, Genie and Bugs Chart charts.

The group, which is fronted by 4 members, namely Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning, also attended the press conference for the release of their latest EP, Savage, and the style of clothing made netizens amazed.

Many fans like the style of clothing like the boss of this SM Entertainment upbringing group. The four of them wore suits and blazers. Timberland Fashion

However, there are also those who say that his appearance is too mature for such a young group and would be more suitable for a group that has debuted 5 years ago.

Despite the debate, the four memberaespa presented a performance with their stunning visuals.

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Even from their visuals and talent, they were recently chosen to be brand ambassadors for the classy brand Givenchy. aespa became the first K-pop group to get this opportunity. Best Menswear

Creative director Matthew Williams stated that he was “blown away” by their individual energy. Even this group has graced the cover of Singapore Vogue magazine with a Givenchy bandage.

Likewise with the outfits like a boss at the press conference of the latest EP, they wore Givenchy outfits. Take a peek at the style and the outif price of each member.

1 Karina

Aespa’s leader, Karina looks stunning in an all black outfit. He wore a leather biker jacket with a double collar detailing for an output for Rp. 54 million, with a leather inner tank top for Rp. 29 million. The top was combined with Givenchy’s 2021 winter collection skirt.

He also wore accessories such as earrings and a silver ring.

2 Giselle

Giselle looked formal wearing a cut-out blazer model long coat with graphic motifs for Rp. 62 million, combined with pants with matching colors for Rp. 15 million. Black sandal heels complete the look for Rp. 11 million. Top Fashion

For accessories, he wore a necklace worth Rp. 10 million. Her ponytail hairstyle makes her look even more like a boss.

3 Ningning

Ningning looks elegant with a black graphic blazer for Rp. 40 million. Combined with high waisted pants of a similar color for Rp. 21 million. Cube earrings for Rp. 10 million also complete the look.

Her long blonde hair was left loose. By using eye makeup eyeliner that becomes a point on his face.

4 Winter

As the name implies, Winter wears all-white clothes, unlike other mambers who wear all-black.

Winter wore a slim fit jaquard sweater with details of the Givenchy emblem for IDR 13 million, combined with an asymmentric skirt for IDR 13 million, white leggings for IDR 15 million to support his appearance. Kacamata Rayban