MotoGP racer Valentino Rossi officially retired from his career. The announcement shocked the world.

Fellow MotoGP racer, Marc Marquez, is even known to be surprised by the big decision. He thought his partner in crime would still exist racing in MotoGP 2022. Best Menswear

With this retirement decision means that MotoGP 2021 will be the last year Valentino Rossi is on the circuit. This announcement was made by Rossi on Thursday, August 5, 2021, at night.

Regardless of the news, his action on the circuit will certainly be history that will not be forgotten. On the other hand, the figure of Rossi himself who is very well known with the black-and-yellow icon will also be immortal.

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Speaking of fashion, Rossi’s fashion outside the circuit is very different, you know. If when he is on a motorbike he wears a typical racer jacket, when he hangs out with his girlfriend or friend, his style is super casual. Timberland Fashion

Well, in this article, MNC Portal tries to summarize some of Valentino Rossi’s styles that are far from what we all expect:

1 Shorts and sneakers

This style is Rossi’s mainstay when hanging out with loved ones. He likes to wear casual clothes with his shirt unbuttoned as an outer, then wearing shorts. Top Fashion

Hats and sneakers are accessories that instantly maximize his casual style. Yes, this look is not much different from most people.

2 More shorts

Rossi seems comfortable wearing shorts. As a man who likes outdoor activities, it’s not surprising that he decided to make friends with shorts.

Here he combined shorts with a white t-shirt. It’s just a fashion item. But, to give a more stylish impression, she wears black glasses and white sneakers. Nice right? Kacamata Rayban

3 Dinner only in t-shirts

Rossi’s simplicity can be seen clearly in this photo. At the moment of having dinner with loved ones, the historic racer chose to only wear T-shirts.

Usually, at this moment a man will look more dapper, but not with Rossi. He prefers to wear a black T-shirt with ‘Electro Dub’ written on the front. If you already have the aura of a star, wearing simple clothes like this is still charismatic, right?

4 ‘Picnic’ with your beloved dog

Rossi always has something unique to show the world. Off the circuit, it turns out he’s an animal lover.

He even deliberately took the time to spend with his beloved dog. The appearance at the picnic was again very simple, t-shirts, hats, and sunglasses. Super simple.