The application outfit with a kebaya or batik is probably something you’re used to seeing. However, what about the application to wear a dress? Modern cut dress details such as cape sleeves or sequin accents can be a sweet choice for you to wear when the application arrives. Timberland Fashion

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This time, we have summarized the application style with dresses and hijabs that can be used as references. The details are charming with sequins to tulle, you know. Like what?

1 Vebby Palwinta wears a lace dress detailing a tulle scarf and satin hijab

Vebby Palwinta when applying, wore a lace dress with sequin details and a scarf. Her appearance is more beautiful with a combination of satin rectangular hijab. Best Menswear

The dress that was applied was cream colored with a combination of satin fabric of the same color. Look Vebby at that time looked charming with a brush of natural nude makeup.

2 Dinda Hauw applies a silver cape dress with floral embroidery

The couple from Rey Mbayang, Dinda Hauw looked stunning in a silver dress with floral sequin details. The dress she wears has a cape on the right and left sides, which makes her like a princess for a day.

There is a beaded accent on the collar which makes it look elegant. Dinda mix it with a rectangular hijab of the same color.

3 Gita Savitri applies a black dress with floral lace details

On the day of the application, Youtuber and influencer Gita Savitri applied a black dress with lace details at the top. The dress he wore looked harmonious with the couple who at that time wore a red batik shirt and black pants.

Although combined with a black pashmina hijab, her appearance actually looks classy. You can copy Gita’s cute style with a black dress for this application! Top Fashion

4 Mega Iskanti looks attractive wearing a cape dress with leaf vine accents

In this dress by designer Renzi Lazuardi, Mega Iskanti looks elegant by applying a cape dress decorated with tulle and sequins to the toe. Beading and embroidery details look like leaf tendrils from the cape to the bottom.

Mega mix it with a rectangular hijab of the same color, namely nude. Fitted pieces on the dress make Mega’s style when the application is even more catchy.

5 Ria Ricis applies a purple pastel lace dress with beading details

When the application day took place, Ria Ricis appeared compact with her partner in a matching color outfit. The famous YouTuber applied a lace dress accented with flower tendrils along the dress. Kacamata Rayban