Trends in the fashion world are indeed quite unique and interesting to follow. Like the trend of hunting for used clothes or the cool term for thrift clothes which are currently in great demand by various groups, because the price is much cheaper than the new price. You can even get branded clothes at very affordable prices.

In addition to the question of price, thrifting is also considered as an action to care for the environment because it can reduce clothing waste which has been difficult to overcome. Unfortunately, thrifting also reaps cons because it is considered to be able to spread viruses and diseases. However, this can actually be anticipated if we know how to wash thrift clothes properly. Besides being able to avoid the spread of disease, how to wash thrift clothes correctly can also protect the original color of the clothes so they can look new again. Curious, how to wash thrift clothes properly? Let’s see the tips! Timberland Fashion

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1 Soak the thrift shirt in hot water before washing it with detergent

The first way to wash thrift clothes is to boil water until it boils, then put the clothes in a cooking pot or soak them in a bucket. This step is important to do to anticipate germs, bacteria, viruses or germs that stick to clothes. Make sure all parts can be submerged in the boiling water. Soak for a while until the water turns warm or cold. Then remove the clothes and rinse with running water.

2 Soak a second time using an antiseptic detergent to remove germs for at least 30 minutes

After rinsing, the next way to wash thrift clothes is to soak again, but this time use detergent. Soak the thrift shirt with the addition of antiseptic laundry soap. This step should be done as a double cleaning to kill germs. Because, we don’t know who used the thrift shirt before, whether he had a contagious disease or not and how long the clothes were stored before we bought them. Best Menswear

Washing thrift clothes using an antiseptic can also kill viruses and germs that cannot die when soaked in hot water. So this method is quite important so that your thrift clothes are disease-free and more comfortable when worn.

3 Washing thrift clothes is more effective by hand because it can reach the stains that need to be scrubbed harder

After soaking with antiseptic soap, now is the time to wash the thrift clothes by hand. This step is more effective than using a washing machine that only spins vigorously, without washing it thoroughly. In this process, pay attention to every detail of the shirt to find stubborn stains that need scrubbing. Use additional detergent and a laundry brush to remove the stain. Top Fashion

4 Rinse the washed clothes, then soak again with fragrance and fabric softener for 30 minutes

After it feels clean and there are no stains left, rinse the clothes with clean running water to remove the traces of detergent. Then soak again with clean water and add fragrance and softener kiln. How to wash thrift clothes like this can get rid of the musty smell that is usually difficult to get rid of even if you use detergent. In addition, concentrated fragrances also usually contain active ingredients to soften and brighten the color of the fabric. So that thrift clothes that have not been washed for a long time, become stiff and dull can be soft and bright again.

5 Dry clean clothes by turning the outside to protect the original color warna

The next way to wash thrift clothes is to drain the deodorant soaking water, then wring it out to reduce the water in the clothing fibers. At this step, you can use the washer dryer to help wring out the wet clothes. This method can also speed up the drying process. Try not to dry clothes directly in the sun, for example near a window or on the terrace of the house. Before drying it, don’t forget to turn your clothes back first. Make the outside for the inside and the inside for the outside. This is so that the color of the clothes remains durable and not dull anymore. Kacamata Rayban