express yourself without being limited. It’s time you don’t need to feel inferior about what you wear. No matter what body shape you have, you will always be beautiful wearing various styles of clothing.

Sweaters are one of the favorite fashion items among women. However, the material which is made from spun wool often makes it less confident to wear it. The swelling nature of the sweater tends to be less suitable for owners of fat bodies.

Eits, don’t get me wrong. You who are fat can still look good wearing a sweater. A line of OOTD from the following influencers can be included in your list of inspiration.

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1 Turtle Neck with a Sweet Outer

The sweet look of this gray turtle neck sweater comes from the plus size model, Estiansyah. Through his personal Instagram account you can see what interesting inspirations are being shared there. Top Fashion

One of them is this sweet simple OOTD. Only by combining a gray turtle neck sweater with a matching outer color, you can look cute and adorable.

2 Gray Sweater with Super Catchy Clutch

Still in gray. You can cheat the cool style of Tanesha Awasthi, founder of @GirlWithCurves. The OOTD inspiration shared by Tanesha has never failed to build women’s self-confidence. Best Menswear

Your body can wear anything without limitation. One of them is a cute sweater with a beautiful accent that manages to disguise the shoulders so they don’t look too wide. You can also combine it with a cute green color that is eye catching.

3 Elegant in a Bright Yellow Sweater

Who says yellow is not suitable for fat bodies? Wear whatever you need without feeling inferior, Ladies. The yellow color here can actually leave a cheerful and firm impression when worn. Timberland Fashion

Choosing a suitable blend like this OOTD inspiration from Tanesha Awasthi is indeed important. Combining a cheerful yellow color with a basic style is no less interesting. Don’t forget to add details to the head so it’s not boring.

4 Beautiful Purple Sweaters and Flower Dresses

Sweaters are not only suitable for closed use, Ladies. This time, you are not only using it as a warmer, but also an interesting combination of a floral midi dress with a sweater as a shoulder protector in the style of Irene Tan.

5 Sweet and Simple Crop Tops

Irene Tan’s always cute style is perfect for those of you who are active and not adventurous. You can combine the simple look this time with a purple crop top and a mini skirt with small flowers. Kacamata Rayban

6 Plain Sweaters with Plaid Skirt

So that your white sweater doesn’t get boring, try to follow Sarah Ayu’s style. You can imitate this woman’s style by combining a white turtle neck with a red and black dominance plaid skirt.

Here you can also add additional accents in the form of a belt to emphasize your body shape to make it slimmer. Also add beautiful boots that help you look more leveled.