You are busy at work. You live a hectic lifestyle. You fall into your comfort zone, where habits and patterns alleviate your fear and make everyday life a little easier.

However, if you cuddle too comfortably in your warm and blurry state for too long, blind spots can develop. And before you notice it, you are too anchored in your behavior and hesitate to change, even though you acknowledge that the change is for the better.

So it’s anytime (how about now?) A good time to take a good look at your style choices. What gaffles are you making unwittingly? Check out these first three out of the nine style flaws. If you commit these violations, correct them before it’s too late.

1. Selection of unsuitable color combinations
When you’re younger, you have to make bolder Timberland fashion choices to emphasize your individuality, don’t you? We hate to break it for you, but when you hit 30 your salad days are officially over. Leave the experimenting behind and know the color combinations that match your skin tone and hair color. We have a full article on choosing the right suit color that suits your skin tone and hair color.

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2. Wear too many accessories
Accessories can be a fine line to kick. Accumulate too many and you put too much effort into it. skip them and you could look a little monotonous. So take a leaf from Goldilock’s book: Equip just enough to complete your outfit.

Your accessories should attract attention, but should only complement your outfit – and not outshine. Choose from a watch, tie clip, Kacamata Rayban, pocket square, bracelet, cufflinks and brooch. However, keep in mind that a secure policy does not contain more than five elements at a time.

3. Match your tie exactly to your pocket square
Have you seen pocket squares and ties with similar prints and patterns in the set? Surely they should be carried together? And what great offers – especially during the festive season – is that true?

If you are thinking of spending your hard earned money on it, don’t do it. Your tie and pocket square shouldn’t be the same at all. We are not saying that they shouldn’t go together. What we are saying is that they shouldn’t be identical, but they should match and complement each other.

The pocket squares in the above images subtly reflect the dominant colors of the corresponding ties. In the picture below left, for example, the blue neckline on the white pocket square corresponds to the blue tie. That is what we mean by complementary. (Of course, there are other ways to match your pocket squares with your ties.)