You are busy at work. You live a hectic lifestyle. You fall into your comfort zone, where habits and patterns alleviate your fear and make everyday life a little easier.

However, if you cuddle too comfortably in your warm and blurry state for too long, blind spots can develop. And before you notice it, you are too anchored in your behavior and hesitate to change, even though you acknowledge that the change is for the better.

So it’s anytime (how about now?) A good time to take a good look at your style choices. What gaffles are you making unwittingly? Check out these next two out of the nine style flaws. If you commit these violations, correct them before it’s too late.

4. Not looking after or taking care of your dress shoes
You can recognize a man by his shoes Timberland fashion, so the old saying goes. And now, studies from the University of Kansas have suggested this too – you can judge a man with 90% accuracy by just looking at his shoes. How does this work? We’ll break it down for you.

It takes at least one hour to complete the four essential steps to take care of your suit shoes. And you have to do that at least twice a month. Distancing your shoes requires discipline, patience and attention to detail. No lazy person will ever wear a pair of well-groomed shoes unless they regularly send them to a specialist.

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According to Kacamata Rayban, An unkempt couple destroys your ensemble – no matter how flawless – almost instantly. If your shoes are well cared for, they give your overall look that certain something and can even change your perception. (We know that, by the way, because we are shoe cleaners. Our shoes look great and they are always complimented.) And if you take care of your shoes, you will also build really good habits that will take care of you make a fine gentleman. So don’t belittle the power of your shoes.

5. Wearing the wrong belt
Belts are an important accessory in a man’s closet. Be on the safe side and avoid the following.

– Wrong colour. The color of your belt should either exactly match that of your shoes or at least exactly match. For formal wear, it is unacceptable that the colors of your belt and shoes are only complementary.

– Wrong finish. If belts and shoes don’t match, you won’t look good even if their colors match exactly. The combination of dark brown shiny shoes with a dark brown, matt belt is an absolute no-no, for example.

– Wrong width. If you are not on the high side, you do not have a wide belt. A belt that is wider than 5 cm will make you look shorter.

If you tailor your pants, you can choose a beltless design like the one below. You look cleaner and neat and don’t have to worry about which belt to wear.