You are busy at work. You live a hectic lifestyle. You fall into your comfort zone, where habits and patterns alleviate your fear and make everyday life a little easier.

However, if you cuddle too comfortably in your warm and blurry state for too long, blind spots can develop. And before you notice it, you are too anchored in your behavior and hesitate to change, even though you acknowledge that the change is for the better.

So it’s anytime (how about now?) A good time to take a good look at your style choices. What gaffles are you making unwittingly? Check out these last four out of the nine style flaws. If you commit these violations, correct them before it’s too late.

6. Wear the dress pants too low
We have compliments like “Wow, you’re tall!” Heard. Because the longer your legs look, the more pleasant and attractive you are in the eyes of people. If you wear your pants too low, your leg line will be shortened and the proportions will be distorted.

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At Common Suits we are committed to a timeless relationship that allows you to visually lengthen your legs. The length of your dress pants should cover more than 50% of your height with worn shoes. For most Asians, this means that the waistband should normally sit two fingers below the navel. four fingers for Caucasians. However, there are exceptions to this rule and everyone has a different relationship. So it’s best to get advice from your tailor.

7. Wear the mismatching color of shoes with your dress pants
A classic mistake many men make is wearing light brown shoes with formal black pants. Black is traditionally a formal color.

Combining the black pants with black shoes is an orthodox affair.

Kacamata Rayban

That said, some people combine black pants with shoes in other colors with finesse. We won’t say that we disagree with your decisions, but we still recommend that you stick to Timberland fashion tradition.

8. Wear thin ties at your business meetings
It’s time to rethink your thin tie too. Thin ties are fashionable and connected with boy bands. If you wear a narrow tie to a business meeting, say less than 6 inches (2.5 inches), nobody is likely to take you seriously.

The key is proportion. When you wear a suit, the width of your tie should match that of your jacket’s lapel, with the maximum allowable difference being 0.5 inches (1 cm). If you wear a shirt and tie (not a jacket), choose a tie that is 7.6 to 8.9 cm wide at its widest point.

9. Wear bulky athletic shoes with your dress pants
Sharp dressing is about cutting a seamless silhouette from head to toe.If you’re wearing nicely cut dress pants, don’t ruin the sleek lines with your bulky Nike Dunks. Instead, invest in a pair of slippers. Save your gym shoes or wear them with your joggers.