For many people, wearing branded fashion items such as bags is a way to make their appearance look cooler and more confident. Rows of bags from world famous fashion houses have become a status symbol of a person.

However, the high price makes branded bags cannot be reached by all people. Instead, they dare to spend money to buy a replica bag or KW version which has a design that is almost identical to the original. Timberland Fashion

But for observant fashionistas, you can definitely find something different from every KW branded bag, even with number one quality. Oftentimes the makers outsmart the accusation of plagiarism by creating a brand name or logo that is slightly different from the original brand.

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Instead of increasing social status, the writing contained in the KW branded bag only makes it funny and tickles. Reporting from, here are a series of funny writings on the KW bag. Best Menswear

A play on ‘Bagenciala’

In this white sling bag, the name of the Balenciaga brand has been made more complicated, namely Bagenciala.

Pink Bag with Diro writing

This cute pink bag has unique writing details. The front is given the words ‘Diro’. Similar to the name of a brand from France, Dior.

This Wallet Brand Can Make Hearts

Adorable looking, this black wallet has a pretty shocking name, ‘Dor’

Hermes’ Boy Version?

The Hermes brand from Paris has been transformed into Herman from Bekasi. Top Fashion

Chanel Has Changed Name?

Chanel name changed to more local, namely ‘Cnahel’

Here’s Nike’s Friend

Makes me laugh, the Nike brand suddenly changes to ‘Mike’

Supreme Being Surprise

Like a surprise, this black bag is named ‘Suprise’. The writing of his name is not a single unit. Kacamata Rayban

So LV stands for that….

Are you familiar with the Louis Vuitton brand? Well, the name of this famous French brand has also changed to Lord Voldemort.

Similar to Prada

Wonderful! This type of hand bag is called Rrada. At first glance similar to the name of the fashion house Prada.