Often said to have similarities with Hamish Daud, Ibrahim Risyad’s name did steal public attention. Starting his career as a celebrity, now Ibrahim Risyad is hired as a travel program host and plunged into the world of acting as an FTV player. Top Fashion

Ibrahim Risyad is also known for his stylish style of dress. Well, this time there will be the ninth inspirational cute OOTD ala Ibrahim Risyad that is effortless. So, without further ado, let’s just take a look at the following review. Stay tuned!

1 Hangout outfit, you can wear a plain white T-shirt with long denim pants, more charming look with your favorite sneakers

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2 If you want to go shopping, just wear a black T-shirt with long denim pants. Already, just add a baseball cap to make it more cute, Bro!

3 comfortable outfits for the holidays? Just combine a collar band shirt with black short pants and sneakers. Wear sunglasses to be cool, right, bro?

4 Earth tone settings can be an option to look simple nanclassy. Compatible when mixed with white socks as an inner and black sneakers Timberland Fashion

5 Airport style with a plain white shirt combined with black short pants and glasses that make your style so edgy!

6 Tired of wearing T-shirts? You can use a turtleneck top that is pretty mixed with your favorite chino pants. Very effortless!

7 Wear a navy collar band shirt mixed with olive high waist pants, the look is standout with sneakerstwo tone

8 Perfect for leisurely walks, combine a tosca green hoodie with ripped jeans and classic sneakers. Guaranteed eye catchy abis! Best Menswear

9 Monochrome shades are never wrong! Pair a white shirt with black high waist pants and white sneakers. Get ready to make a name!

Well, for those of you who want to look as cool as Ibrahim Risyad, just look at the ninth inspiration of his effortless but eye catchy OOTD. Let’s try, Bro! Kacamata Rayban