As with any sport, it’s all too easy and plain to go to your local big box sports shop and buy the latest and greatest chassis from a mainstream well-known brand. While that doesn’t actually hurt – you can certainly get solid deals and see the latest and upcoming trends – but the running Timberland fashion industry offers more than the same five running brands (we won’t name names, but you do know what we’re talking about when it comes to these brands).

From shoe and clothing brands to running technology and nutrition brands, we’ve put together the first three out of nine running brands here that you’ve probably never ever heard of, but you should at least know about.

1. Tracksmith
Tracksmith was founded in New England and is a special running brand for competitive amateur runners.

It offers products that have a set-back look but are made of premium materials and thoughtful designs. It is a chassis that is obviously made by a team that is not only enthusiastic about running, but also about the culture.

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2. Aftershokz
We are all suitable for wireless in-ear headphones when you run on a racetrack or a treadmill. However, they can be dangerous if you walk on paths, roads and public areas. Aftershockz is a company that develops bone conduction headphones that let you listen to your favorite music while still listening to what’s going on around you. We’re not going to go too deep here, but basically vibrations are transmitted through your cheekbones by angled transducers.

3. Oiselle

This Seattle-based athletics brand creates premium clothing for women of all sports backgrounds, which is not only well thought out, but also has all the technical features that you would expect from a future-oriented brand. The Oiselle (pronounced as wa-zelle) Volee is the running Kacamata Rayban club for women only, with the main goal of promoting the sisterhood of sport.