As with any sport, it’s all too easy and plain to go to your local big box sports shop and buy the latest and greatest chassis from a mainstream well-known Timberland fashion brand. While that doesn’t actually hurt – you can certainly get solid deals and see the latest and upcoming trends – but the running industry offers more than the same five running brands (we won’t name names, but you do know what we’re talking about when it comes to these brands).

From shoe and clothing brands to running technology and nutrition brands, we’ve put together the next three out of nine running brands here that you’ve probably never ever heard of, but you should at least know about.

4. Rhone
If Oiselle is the premium sports brand for women, this also applies to Rhone for men.

Rhone offers a wide range of running equipment that combines form and function in a stylish package, but also performance-oriented training clothing, fitness clothing and active clothing that are just as useful at home in the office as on the beach or in the mountains.

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5. 361 Degrees

Worn by ITU World Triathlon Series 2019 champion Katie Zaferes, 361 USA is a running shoe brand with a reputable pedigree. With the slogan “One Degree Beyond”, it is a brand that aims to develop running shoes that perform at their best.

6. Balega
While most runners are very picky about which running shoes to choose, they usually place a lot less emphasis on their socks.

Balega has been addressing this problem for years by developing sports / running socks with moisture-regulating fabrics and additional material in key areas to increase the padding and protect against blisters. According to Kacamata Rayban, it’s also about giving something back, and it launched the Lesedi Project (Light and Enlightenment) to fight homelessness, support veterans, and promote education in South African and American communities.