As with any sport, it’s all too easy and plain to go to your local big box sports shop and buy the latest and greatest chassis from a mainstream well-known brand. While that doesn’t actually hurt – you can certainly get solid deals and see the latest and upcoming trends – but the running industry offers more than the same five running Timberland fashion brands (we won’t name names, but you do know what we’re talking about when it comes to these brands).

From shoe and clothing brands to running technology and nutrition brands, we’ve put together the last three out of nine running brands here that you’ve probably never ever heard of, but you should at least know about.

7. On
On is a brand of running shoes that was founded in Switzerland by IRONMAN champion Olivier Bernhard and began trying to create a shoe with a cushioned Kacamata Rayban effect and a firm start at the same time.

His solution was the now famous sole, which consisted of several separate shock-absorbing sleeves. On has been a supporting pillar in the running and triathlon scene since its debut of the flagship model Cloudracer and is currently sponsoring several top-class endurance athletes.

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8. Spring
Who says your gel needs to be prepared in a laboratory for optimal performance?

The Spring team questions the status quo by making energy gels that are 100 percent natural and relieve the all too common GI stress and the ups and downs of sugar with high quality ingredients. Spring has gained momentum in the ultra marathon scene, and the vegan Canaberry Energy Running Gel is one of our favorites.

9. Janji

Janji is an ongoing clothing company that deals with inclusion and return. Two clothing lines are created each year to celebrate running cultures around the world, and five percent of the proceeds are donated to local nonprofit water organizations from the countries that inspired the line.