Familiarly called Wendy, the influencer and wife of YouTuber Reza Arap has not been discussed by netizens. Besides having a charming face, the OOTD that he often shares through his personal Instagram has also succeeded in captivating the hearts of netizens, you know. Top Fashion

For those of you who are anti-complicated, this Wendy Walters-style OOTD is perfect for you to make a reference for your next OOTD. Curious? Keep scrolling!

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1 Look girly but tomboyish, you can wear a denim jacket with a spaghetti tank top, inner and black sneakers. Swag!

2 Mix and match a white blouse with a black skirt to make you look really elegant and chic!

3 Super comfortable! You can wear a patterned piayama suit. This outfit is also suitable for you to wear when leaving the house, you know.

4 OOTD simple to hangout? Wear a printed t-shirt paired with a denim jacket. Wear boots to make it more eye catching. Best Menswear

5 Wearing an all yellow look, it can make you look cute, you know. You can add a bucket head to make it even more chic

6 You can combine the tie dye suit with the knit cardigan. Look different but still make you really pangling!

7 This black jumpsuit is perfect for you to wear when hanging out or on vacation! Simple but still charming, right? Timberland Fashion

8 This checkered suit makes you look really elegant and chic. Use long socks to make it even more perfect!

9 Look sporty, you can mix short pants with a white t-shirt. You can also wear high cut sneakers to make it even cooler

So, that was a simple, anti-complicated OOTD like Wendy Walters, which you can reference for your next OOTD! Which do you like the most? Kacamata Rayban