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Fashionable, Casual Look Reference ala Mijoo ex Lovelyz

Looking casual has now become one of the most popular fashion ideas for many people. Casual style is synonymous with a simple style without combining clothing items that are difficult for you to find. Timberland Fashion

Most every woman, whether it’s an actress or an idol, is always seen appearing in a casual style, for example Mijoo ex Lovelyz. In her daily outfit, Mijoo always looks casual so she looks fashionable and catchy. Come on, see!

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1 Just by combining a simple red cardi silhouette with mom jeans and sneakers, you can look really fashionable! Best Menswear

2 Look casual with a plain white shirt with wide leg pants in mocca color and flat sandals in the same color

3 For those of you who are anti-complicated, try wearing a plain dark green shirt top with slack pants and cool sneakers, really simple!

4 simple OOTD ideas with a plain white blouse and white boyfriend jeans, add supporting items such as a dark green baseball cap and matching sneakers Top Fashion

5 Simple casual style with a basic black crop top top and wide leg jeans as well as boots

6 Make your appearance more stylish with a yellow long sleeve t-shirt top and black span skirt bottom, wear these cool knee length boots for your OOTD! Kacamata Rayban

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Inspiration for Joy Red Velvet’s Vintage Style Dress, Cute and Elegant!

The world of fashion is now very developed, there are also more choices of fashion styles that are increasingly trendy. Identical to the simple and elegant model of a vintage style fashion dress that makes your appearance even more chic and classy! Timberland Fashion

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If you want to imitate a vintage style fashion dress, you can look at some inspiration from Joy Red Velvet. Listen, come on!

1 Use a white long dress and black pattern with white flat shoes, make your appearance look simple and still catchy!

2 Using sneakers combined with a purple dress can be a style that looks trendy too, you know! Best Menswear

You can also use this 3 mini dress for formal or informal activities with the addition of a ring bell, no less eye catching to cheat!

4 Long dress with striped motifs combined with chic and trendy Makon flat shoes! Top Fashion

You can use these 5 patterned white dresses for photo hunting in a really catchy garden, girls! Kacamata Rayban

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Unlimited Totality, Song Hye Kyo Uses Hundreds of Millions Bags, For the First Episode of Drama Now We Are Breaking Up!

The drama Now We Are Breaking Up, starring Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong, premiered on November 12, 2021.

Having a romance genre, Drama Now We Are Breaking Up which hooks top actress Song Hye Kyo, tells the story of love and breakup.

The love story is also a breakup like a dream experienced by Ha Young Eun (played by Song Hye Kyo) and Yoon Jae Kook (played by Jang Ki Yong, in the drama Now We Are Breaking Up. Timberland Fashion

Jang Ki Yong and Song Hye Kyo in the drama Now We Are Breaking Up.

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It is said that Ha Young Eun is a woman who is smart, beautiful, self-disciplined, and sensitive to trends.

By profession as a design team manager for a fashion company, Ha Young Eun aka Song Hye Kyo has a fashionable appearance. Best Menswear

Like the first episode of the drama Now We Are Breaking Up, Song Hye Kyo appears in totality with hundreds of millions of rupiah branded bags!

Let’s see the luxurious appearance of Stylovers!

Looking beautiful to the point of being dubbed like a goddess is no longer a surprising thing for this 1981-born actress.

Having good acting talent to a charming face, makes Song Hye Kyo on the list of influential actresses in South Korea.

In her latest Korean drama, Song Hye Kyo is even willing to issue a collection of hundreds of millions of branded bags for the sake of appearing in totality. Top Fashion

This hand bag model with an additional shoulder strap is known to have a fantastic price, Stylovers.

Song Hye Kyo is seen wearing a bag with a brown horse motif in the teaser episode 2.

After being traced by Stylo, Song Hye Kyo wore an expensive bag from Hermes “Couvertures et Tenues de Jour” Retourne Kelly 32cm of Fauve Barenia Leather & Khaki Toile with Palladium Hardware. Kacamata Rayban

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Ide Outfit Prewed Indoor Berbagai Tema, Kasual hingga Dreamy

Bagian persiapan pernikahan yang sayang untuk dilewatkan adalah sesi prewedding photoshoot. Banyak sekali pasangan dengan berbagai ide kreatif untuk menciptakan momen indah bersama yang terjepret kamera.

Sayangnya, di masa pandemik ini kita perlu mempertimbangkan pemilihan tempat. Solusinya adalah prewedding dengan konsep indoor. Buat kamu yang sedang mencari inpirasi tema dan outfit untuk prewedding, simak deretannya di bawah ini. Timberland Fashion

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1 Kental nuansa tradisional adat Jawa dan minim properti, kamu bisa tonjolkan dari busana kebaya kutubaru serta paduan jas, ribbon tie, dan jarit batik Best Menswear

2 Turtleneck top dan celana panjang hitam, duo kombinasi yang sederhana tetapi pas untukmu yang ingin konsep foto minimalis

3 Model busana Jawa lainnya terpancar anggun dari baju dodotan dengan aksesori pelengkap. Pria kenakan atasan satin dipadu jarit batik Top Fashion

4 Kamu juga bisa lho kompakan pakai baju couple seperti stripes sweater ini. Paduan warnanya pun serasi bertema monokrom

5 Atau kompak pilih atasan bernuansa warm seperti warna nude atau teracotta. Bawahannya rok atau celana putih. Kesannya vintage-nya terasa! Kacamata Rayban

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Office Look Style Wearing Sneakers, Comfortable for Hijabers!

Some of you may have returned to actively working in the office. Of course, you need a reference for a cool but not stiff office style idea. Timberland Fashion

Try to mix and match your office look with sneakers. In addition to eliminating the stiff impression, these shoes are also more comfortable and make you look cool. Check out the office look style using the following sneakers.

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1 Preppy style with a white shirt, vest, and white denim pants is even cooler with sneakers Best Menswear

2 white asymmetrical skirts combined with an oversized outer, turtleneck top, and sneakers like this will not make the office style monotonous!

3 Try pairing pants, sneakers, and an all-white bag with a unique striped shirt so it won’t be monotonous Top Fashion

4 Autumn office style, combine a white shirt and sneakers with a coat, pleated skirt, and earth tone bag Kacamata Rayban

5 Monochrome office OOTDs are still a hit, try wearing a white tunic with black basic pants, sneakers, and a tote bag!

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Rows of Hollywood Rappers Who Have Used Controversial Outfits

Hollywood singers are synonymous with their frenetic and quirky styles. The clothes they wear are often trending on social media and provoke various responses ranging from positive to negative. Even though they are often labeled ‘controversial’, these rappers are still confident in showing their out of the box style and their maximum on various occasions. Timberland Fashion

1 Once trending, Cardi B suffered a waldrobe malfunction during a performance at the Bonnaroo music festival in 2019. Due to a torn sparkly jumpsuit Cardi B was wearing, the rapper was forced to change his clothes to continue the show. Best Menswear

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2 Nicki Minaj made a scene when she attended the 2012 Grammy Awards red carpet wearing a Versace red satin cape. Posing with men in Pope costumes, the catholic-themed style that Nicki Minaj wore managed to provoke debate.

3 In order to promote the latest album, Lil Nas X surprised fans with one of his uploads on Instagram. Posing in a white dress and a flower crown, the spotlight was on the rapper’s pregnant belly which made a scene. Even tho ugh she’s not actually pregnant, Lil Nas X has succeeded in making fans wonder with this upload of her totality. Top Fashion

4 This year rapper Megan Thee Stallion made proud when doing a photo shoot in one of the leading magazines. Although the style is cool, fans are surprised by the admission that this photo shoot was previously edited by the rapper himself. Even though it was a conversation, Megan Thee Stallion still looks sexy and charming! Kacamata Rayban

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Mix and match Sammy Cowell’s Jeans, Effortless and Anti-Complicated

Sammy Cowell is a Thai actress with British blood who started her career in the entertainment world in 2007. Popular films that she has starred in include Love Rain and Love God Father. Timberland Fashion

Not only acting, he is also a famous Thai model. Must always appear charming as a public figure, Sammy Cowell does not put aside his comfort in clothes, you know. In fact, he often wears jeans in his activities.

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Flexible to use in various occasions, here is a mix and match of Sammy Cowell’s jeans.

1 Loose jeans combined with a gray t-shirt and sneakers, perfect for a cool, non-complicated daily outfit

2 You can try to combine an oversized white t-shirt with pink jeans, blue and white shoes and a hand bag. Completely playful! Best Menswear

3 Simple but still catchy, you just need to mix loose jeans with a long sleeve crop top and sneakers. You can support your appearance with sunglasses Top Fashion

4 Simple outfits when hanging out, all you have to do is wear a sleeveless crop top with white jeans and white sneakers

You can also try 5 One off shoulder tank tops combined with mom jeans and sneakers, you know Kacamata Rayban

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Present at Premiere Eternals, Raline Shah Looks Elegant Posing with Gemma Chan

Indonesian actress and model, Raline Shah, attended the World Premiere of the film Eternals which was held in Los Angeles, United States, on October 18 last. However, he just uploaded photos while attending the event on Saturday (6/11). Timberland Fashion

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In the series of photos uploaded, Raline shows the outfits she wore to the event. He looked elegant in monochrome style, wearing a crop jacket and black pants with tassels on the sleeves and ankles. The 36-year-old actress also completed her appearance with a blue capsule-shaped handbag and black ankle strap heels.

Raline Shah’s appearance at the event was also maximized with peach nuanced makeup and long hair that was left loose. He was also seen wearing a diamond tassel ring and earrings. Best Menswear

“Had fun celebrating the premiere of Eternals last month in Los Angeles, an epic comeback since the pandemic,” the 5cm star wrote in the caption.

According to Raline Shah, the film Eternals is very unique among other Marvel Cinematic Universe films. “Beyond the grandiose visuals, fashion and action, this film is truly thought-provoking. Director Chloe Zhang’s inclusive storytelling demonstrates boldness, reflects a modern family and nuanced identity.” Top Fashion

Raline Shah poses with director of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Destin Daniel Cretton. Photo: Instagram @ralineshah Kacamata Rayban

At the same event, Raline was also seen posing with the director of the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Destin Daniel Cretton. In addition, he was also seen posing with actress Eternals, namely Gemma Chan.

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Remembering the Rows of Portraits of Vanessa Angel’s Graceful Appearance in Balinese Kebaya

Vanessa Angel and her husband died in a car accident on the Nganjuk toll road on Thursday (11/4/2021).

The news of the death of Vanessa Angel and Febri Andriansyah shocked the public and left a very deep sorrow, especially for the bereaved family. Timberland Fashion

A number of Indonesian celebrities have uploaded their portraits of togetherness with the late Vanessa Angel and Febri Andriansyah

A series of celebrities shared moments of togetherness with Vanessa Angel

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Not only moments of joy, a short video show containing a touching message between Vanessa Angel and Febri Andriansyah was also widespread, making netizens feel like they had lost the figure of the romantic couple.

As for the portrait of Vanessa Angel, who looks elegant and charming in her kebaya.

She was seen wearing various colors of Balinese-style kebaya which made her appearance even more beautiful and charming.

1 Vanessa Angel in a white Balinese kebaya

Vanessa Angel in a white Balinese kebaya
**Vanessa Angel with her husband and child looks harmonious wearing white clothes Best Menswear

She also looks so charming with natural makeup and a modern bun.

It’s beautiful, Stylovers.

2 Vanessa Angel in red Balinese kebaya**

Vanessa Angel in a red Balinese kebaya
**In addition, Vanessa Angel was also seen wearing a red Balinese kebaya, which was combined with the use of a matching colored cloth bottom.

The combination of a white scarf makes it look even more elegant, Stylovers. Top Fashion

3 Vanessa Angel in yellow Balinese kebaya**

Vanessa Angel in a yellow Balinese kebaya
**Well, this time Vanessa Angel is wearing a yellow Balinese kebaya.

Febri Andriansyah’s wife also seemed to combine it with the use of an orange scarf that matched the fabric she was wearing. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Solid Inspiration Matching Jisoo BLACKPINK style suit, Classy and Trendy!

Suits are identical as one of the formal clothing items that are often used to the office or to formal events. However, along with the development of the fashion world, suit clothing items have now become clothing items that can be used to hangout and relax. Timberland Fashion

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o make your mix-and-match more stylish and trendy, check out some inspirations for the following BLACKPINK Jisoo-style mix-and-match. Check it out! Best Menswear

1 Use a white t-shirt with a plaid patterned suit in brown color, black jeans as a bottom, and sneakers, it will be really chic!

2 You can also combine a plain black t-shirt with a black suit, black mini skirt, and sneakers, simple but really cool! Top Fashion

3 You can also combine a white t-shirt with a cream-colored suit with a plaid motif, black jeans, and sneakers, it will be really trendy!

4 Combining a t-shirt with a gray patterned suit, black wide leg pants, and sneakers is also simple but cool!

5 Use a plain t-shirt with a gray pencil suit, black jeans bottom, and boots and beanie hat accessories to look trendy! Kacamata Rayban

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3 Ways to Choose a Men’s Fashion Style According to Your Character, Make Your Appearance More Stylish

The style of dress is an important thing in the appearance of men. On the other hand, finding a men’s fashion style that fits your personal character is certainly not easy. Timberland Fashion

Whereas the appropriate men’s fashion style can highlight a person’s personal character. Not only that, the appearance will look much more presentable and stylish.

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But don’t worry, there are several ways to find the right fashion style to match your character. Summarized from various sources, the following is complete.

1 Know your body shape

One of the steps to finding the right fashion style is adjusting your body shape. That way, you can highlight the best features so that your appearance looks much more proportional. Best Menswear

If you have large calves, you can choose pleated pants with sharp tapers. For short men, make sure the size of the jacket you wear does not exceed your hips.

If you have broad shoulders, go for it. deconstructed jacket. If you are tall and slim, wear a double breasted jacket to increase your body size.

2 Wear the clothes you like

There’s nothing more pleasing than someone wearing the clothes you like. Top Fashion

Wearing your favorite clothes can make you feel much more comfortable and confident. For that, don’t hesitate to wear the clothes you like.

3 Find a source of inspiration

After determining the style you like, find your source of inspiration. Whether it’s from actors, public figures, or models who have a fashion style according to your character or preferences.

No need to overdo the style, you just need to add some style elements that inspire you. Kacamata Rayban

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Mix and match Jeans in the style of Sananthachat Thanapatpisal

Jeans are one of the fashion items that are timeless and flexible because they are easy to mix and match with other clothing items for various types of outfit style choices. With a variety of models available, it’s no wonder that jeans are a favorite fashion item for many people. Timberland Fashion

Actress from Thailand, Sananthachat Thanapatpisal apparently also likes to combine jeans to support her fashionable appearance. The star of the Hormones series often wears jeans for a casual yet casual style. Curious as to what? Come on, see the following article. Best Menswear

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1 Suitable for a fancy look, jeans can be combined with a fancy crop top with a puff sleeve model

2 A boyish style look can be obtained with a mix and match of a lilac tank top, jeans, black hat and white sneakers

3 You can combine a pink blouse with basic jeans that are more chic with the addition of a sling bag and white dad sneakers

4 Looking super casual like Sananthachat is very easy to cheat just by combining white sneakers, pencil jeans and white sneakers Top Fashion

5 Jeans can be the right choice for winter style ideas, choose ripped jeans to combine with a leather jacket and an inner turtle neck Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

Anya Taylor-Joy Officially Becomes Dior’s New Brand Ambassador

This news will not surprise those who have been following Anya for the past few years. The actress loves Dior when it comes to the red carpet, wearing the brand’s most beautiful couture designs to events last year, including for the Emmys, Golden Globes and Venice Film Festival, many of which have worked with her stylist Law Roach. Timberland Fashion

2021 has in many ways been a breakthrough year for the actress, who has not only garnered nominations and awards for her role in The Queen’s Gambit, but has stepped out as a force to be reckoned with on the red carpet. Getting an ambassadorial role at one of the world’s biggest fashion houses is a must, and Dior seems like the perfect match for this Hollywood actress. Best Menswear

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Sharing the news with fans on Instagram, the house said: “Dior is delighted to announce Anya Taylor-Joy as the new global ambassador for fashion and make-up. Seen wearing several of the house’s creations in recent months, for the 26th Critics’ Choice Awards. she epitomized modern elegance in a tulle draped gown and macramé details from the Dior spring/summer 2020 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri.”

Anya is the latest signing for the French fashion house, which has also secured British tennis champion Emma Raducanu as its newest face. Just last week, the label announced that the 18-year-old star would become a global brand ambassador, in fashion and beauty. Top Fashion

“The 18-year-old British tennis player, winner of the 2021 US Open, has changed the code with her unique style of play, multicultural personality, authenticity and extraordinary career,” read a statement from the fashion house announcing the news. Kacamata Rayban

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5 Outfit Inspirations to Show Twins with Your Little One, Familiar and Fun

For mothers, looking harmonious with their children is an opportunity for bonding and getting closer to their children. Not only that, the cohesiveness between mother and child will also make a small family look harmonious and fashionable. Timberland Fashion

In response to this, Kiddiposh comes with a series of collections of twins for mothers and children which are certainly adorable. Here’s the inspiration for the twin outfits between mother and child for various activities from Kiddiposh that you can cheat.

1 Pair shorts and a brightly colored t-shirt for a comfortable and cheerful look

To establish closeness with your little one, you can spend time with light exercise together, such as a leisurely walk. This activity can ward off boredom when you run out of ideas for activities at home. Best Menswear

Casual and comfortable clothes, such as shorts and t-shirts with bright colors, are the right choice to make the mother-daughter appearance more cheerful and compact. Made with soft cotton and easily absorbs sweat, this outfit is suitable for accompanying active activities with children.

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2 Wear a dress or one-set outfit for formal events

You can appear more compact with your children at meals with family, friends’ birthday parties, to weddings with matching outfits. If you intend to capture the moment, the photos will also look more adorable.

For the event, you can use a formal but still comfortable outfit, such as a dress or one-set outfit. This display will give a neat impression and of course your little one can move more freely.

3 For a more casual and fashionable look, try wearing a jumpsuit

Weekends are usually filled with going for a walk to the shopping center with the children. By continuing to apply the applicable health protocols, this activity can be a powerful way to get rid of boredom. Top Fashion

Not only for shopping, you can also spend time with children by having lunch together and accompanying them to play on the playground. Casual and fashionable clothes, such as a jumpsuit made from cotton in the same color, are the right choice for an attractive appearance at the mall.

4 You can also wear a twin swimsuit to enjoy a vacation with your little one

Filling vacation time is indeed the most fun when spent with beloved children. However, it is important to pay attention to the clothes that are brought to keep them comfortable and in accordance with the series of activities.

If you have a vacation plan to the beach, you can prepare a twin swimsuit with your little one to make it look beautiful and adorable. Add accessories such as a bandana or hat to make the look more trendy and contemporary. Kacamata Rayban

5 In various activities, try wearing casual outfits such as illustrated T-shirts to make them look more trendy

T-shirts with unique characters are not just for boys. This dress is also suitable for the mother. Plus, these types of clothes are very attractive and will certainly make your little one feel at home using them for a long time.

To add cohesiveness, also use shorts and shoes of the same color. A similar outfit like this will make you look even cooler, even when taking pictures together.

Elegant Fashion

Monochrome and modern urban nuances, the key to the new identity of Staccato

Staccato has the meaning of lompata tones in Italian. Brand Staccato was founded in 1998 which symbolizes the urban life of women who try to compile their rhythm and reveal their identity through a fashionable look. Timberland Fashion

Inspired by this DNA brand itself, Staccato has just introduced new visuals in their identity design. This time, Staccato collaborated with world-renowned designer Baron & Baron, which was founded by Fabien Baron.

As a visual graphical designer for contemporary mode, it also pioneered the design for fashion magazines, such as Vogue, Bazzar, and interviews. As for international brands, there are Dior, Balenciaga, Burberry, and Calvin Klein.

Staccato asked Fabien Baron to interpret this brand image with the uniqueness of his typography combined with creative design, instilling music inspiration and attitude mode for the travel exploration. The new Staccato logo is a combination of piano melodies and the sound of high heels. Best Menswear

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Staccato’s new logo

Typography Logo is the result of new chemicals in their advertising material. The dashed line in the letter “A” on the previous logo was still maintained, while tipography elongated vertically reminded the zebra line that reflected the seripa characteristics of the piano keys which were black and white. Top Fashion

The distance of the letters is also adjusted symmetrically as a symbol of modern women’s freedom and style in urban areas. Repeated patterns on this new Staccato logo implicitly revealed the possibility of continuing to pursue new experiences for unexpected surprises.

This season’s campaign, Staccato presented the Ju Xiaowen International Supermodel and Yeah Zhou to present their confidence, allure power, and vision of fashion, as well as the identity of Staccato himself. Staccato opens a more modern new round by entering music into their inspiration. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

2022 Glasses Trends to Add Style Next Year

In addition to sunscreen, glasses are one of the important accessories that you must bring for a summer vacation trip. For those of you who love fashion, especially the accessories section, you will certainly continue to follow the development of trends that always captivate your heart from year to year.

And it looks like the upcoming eyewear trend will again make your holiday moments even more fun with variations in colors, motifs, and frames. All of them have been approved by several runways who have worn them in extraordinary Spring/Summer 2022 presentations such as from Versace, Christian Dior, to Mark Fast. Timberland Fashion

If you don’t like glasses to accompany your vacation days (which are synonymous with black lenses), don’t worry, there are also models of glasses that you can use for a casual walk in style. Check out all the 2022 eyewear trends that will add style to your outfit, below! Best Menswear

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1 All Over Face

The use of masks may be followed by “eye masks”. These glasses will not only protect your eyes but also almost your entire face, especially those with small faces. Bora Aksu chose a large box-shaped model of glasses with elegant gradation lenses. But it’s different for Lacoste which combines large square glasses, almost like ski activity glasses, with silver connecting rod details on top. Top Fashion

2 Bold Frames

Show your courage with bold frames. Besides you can play with color choices, you can also choose thick frames with various shapes. Versace featured one of its thick frame glasses in a bright green color and matching lenses. For Anna Sui, the brand chose to look more unique with round frames and perfect gradations.

3 Sci-Fi Rise

Still inspired by the style in the Matrix movie, the trend of glasses such as robotics still appears on the Spring/Summer 2021 runway, but we can’t complain because it looks cooler and edgy. You can try as shown by Balenciaga, where they have an embossed design at the bottom of the eye that gives you the look of being in a very modern robotic world. If you’re more adventurous with your taste in fashion, you can try glasses from Acne Studios which showcase the feminine robotic world with metallic floral designs.

4 Watch Grip

Do you still remember the classic Rolex watches or other watch brands that have distinctive chain straps? Yes, the chain model is used as the handle of the glasses. Maybe, this creative idea was made because it is rare for people to wear classic watches compared to smart watches that have their own strap characteristics. We never know. However, whatever the inspiration, Balmain managed to display the glasses that will be seen everywhere next year.

5 Cat-Eye Shades

In addition to eye makeup, there are cat-eye glasses that can complete your look. Christian Dior designed his glasses with an elegant gold finish that frames the ends of the lenses and combines them with beautiful red transparent lenses. Meanwhile, the collection designed by Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, chose totally transparent glasses with a cat-eye frame model. Kacamata Rayban

6 Frame Doesn’t Exist

For some reason, it turns out that rimless glasses look very classy. So far, glasses have a distinctive feature, namely frames, which can have various shapes, but at this time this is no longer the case. Emporio Armani has his purple rimless glasses design with a transparent layer on top, to ensure the design is not plain and boring. For Hui, they combined this model with the classic aviator shape.

Season Fashion

A reference to Ayu Ting Ting’s mother’s hijab invitation, very fashionable!

Ayu Ting Ting is one of the dangdut singers who has released many popular songs. In addition to being good at singing, Ayu is also active on television with her acting skills and humorous demeanor.

No less charming than the daughter, Umi Kalsum as Ayu Ting Ting’s mother is also quite a hit on social media. Umi has shared several of her elegant and fashionable OOTD portraits. Well, in this article, IDN Times will discuss 10 inspirations for the most stylish invitations in the style of Umi Kalsum. Read carefully to get the reference! Timberland Fashion

1 This gray tulle dress looks pretty. With flare sleeves and lace details, Umi’s appearance looks even more elegant

2 You can also combine an abstract patterned tunic with plain trousers and pashmina plisket. The style is casual and hits! Best Menswear

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3 Looking fresh and elegant, Umi wears a long brocade tunic with white culottes. To be more fashionable, he also wears a motif hood

4 For a casual style, you can wear a polka dot robe with a rectangular hijab and a hand bag. Cool OOTD for an invitation, here! Top Fashion

5 Umi wears a black blouse and skirt. She also wears a veil with a unique style and a white gold necklace. Combined with a hand bag, it’s even cooler! Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

Adya Asyra’s Hijaber-style White Top Recommendation, Makes OOTD Photos Even More Cool!

White tops that are not monotonous are one of the most sought-after fashion items.

This of course makes the search for recommendations for white tops not monotonous.

Eits, but don’t worry because this time Stylo Indonesia will share a recommendation for a white top that is not monotonous in the style of hijaber Adya Asyra that can make your OOTD even cooler. Timberland Fashion

Curious how the white top is not monotonous in the style of hijaber Adya Asyra? Read this article to the end, yes!

1 Recommendation for a white boss who isn’t monotonous in the style of Hijaber Adya Asyra, Makes OOTD Photos Even More Cool! – Oversized shirt

The first white top recommendation is an oversized shirt.

Who doesn’t like this one fashion item?

Oversized shirts are one of the favorite fashion items that can be used in any event.

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Oversized shirts are also very suitable to be the mainstay of the hijabers. Best Menswear

As Adya wore this time, it was an oversized shirt which he then combined with culottes of high waist jeans.

2 Recommendations for White Bosses who are Not Monotonous in the style of Hijaber Adya Asyra, Make OOTD Photos Even More Cool! – Cropped Outer**

For those of you who want your legs to look level and your posture to look tall, try wearing a white cropped outer!

You can combine the white cropped outer as Adya wears in the photo above, you can combine it with black inner, nude, or other universal colors. Top Fashion

Don’t forget to wear high waist pants so that your legs look even more level!

3 Recommendations for White Bosses that Are Not Monotonous in the style of Hijaber Adya Asyra, Make OOTD Photos Even More Cool! – Korean blouse

For those who like aesthetic picnics or sightseeing and beautiful photos, a white Korean blouse like the one Adya is wearing in the photo above is a must for you!

White Korean blouses are also really suitable for those of you who like to look feminine. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

4 Styles Like A Boss aespa Wear Givenchy Tens of Millions at the Press Conference of the Savage Mini Album

A girl group from South Korea, AESPA has just released a new mini album titled ‘Savage’. The title track ‘Savage’ managed to occupy the first position on the Melon, FLO, Genie and Bugs Chart charts.

The group, which is fronted by 4 members, namely Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning, also attended the press conference for the release of their latest EP, Savage, and the style of clothing made netizens amazed.

Many fans like the style of clothing like the boss of this SM Entertainment upbringing group. The four of them wore suits and blazers. Timberland Fashion

However, there are also those who say that his appearance is too mature for such a young group and would be more suitable for a group that has debuted 5 years ago.

Despite the debate, the four memberaespa presented a performance with their stunning visuals.

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Even from their visuals and talent, they were recently chosen to be brand ambassadors for the classy brand Givenchy. aespa became the first K-pop group to get this opportunity. Best Menswear

Creative director Matthew Williams stated that he was “blown away” by their individual energy. Even this group has graced the cover of Singapore Vogue magazine with a Givenchy bandage.

Likewise with the outfits like a boss at the press conference of the latest EP, they wore Givenchy outfits. Take a peek at the style and the outif price of each member.

1 Karina

Aespa’s leader, Karina looks stunning in an all black outfit. He wore a leather biker jacket with a double collar detailing for an output for Rp. 54 million, with a leather inner tank top for Rp. 29 million. The top was combined with Givenchy’s 2021 winter collection skirt.

He also wore accessories such as earrings and a silver ring.

2 Giselle

Giselle looked formal wearing a cut-out blazer model long coat with graphic motifs for Rp. 62 million, combined with pants with matching colors for Rp. 15 million. Black sandal heels complete the look for Rp. 11 million. Top Fashion

For accessories, he wore a necklace worth Rp. 10 million. Her ponytail hairstyle makes her look even more like a boss.

3 Ningning

Ningning looks elegant with a black graphic blazer for Rp. 40 million. Combined with high waisted pants of a similar color for Rp. 21 million. Cube earrings for Rp. 10 million also complete the look.

Her long blonde hair was left loose. By using eye makeup eyeliner that becomes a point on his face.

4 Winter

As the name implies, Winter wears all-white clothes, unlike other mambers who wear all-black.

Winter wore a slim fit jaquard sweater with details of the Givenchy emblem for IDR 13 million, combined with an asymmentric skirt for IDR 13 million, white leggings for IDR 15 million to support his appearance. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Peek at Jisoo Blackpink’s Appearance Wearing Dior During Paris Fashion Week!

Blackpink’s success is not only in the form of their songs that are hits and are heard everywhere, but also their election as ambassadors of luxury and well-known brands. Jennie who became the face of Chanel, Rose who represented YSL, Lisa who starred in Celine, and Jisoo who was coupled by Dior, gave a new color to the fashion industry lately.

The fun thing is, this year they are in Paris to attend the fashion event of each brand. So, they do not act in a group format, but perform individually. What is Jisoo’s style like while enjoying the city of Paris and attending Paris Fashion Week? Check it out below! Timberland Fashion

A-line mini dress

Jisoo has joined Dior since 2019. However, due to the COVID-19 condition, the 26-year-old star was only able to attend the Dior show this year. Jisoo looked simple but attractive in an A-line mini dress in black and white, which is part of the Dior Cruise 2022 Collection. Her long hair flowing beautifully, equipped with minimal makeup, platform heels, and a tiny Dior Lady Bag. During the event, Jisoo sat next to the CEO of Christian Dior Couture, namely Pietro Beccari.

Denim and crop top

Jisoo poses in front of the Hotel de la Marine building, which has a classic Parisian architecture. She looked more casual with jeans and a crop top layered with a cardigan, revealing her slender stomach. The black color of her outfit contrasts with the background of the photo. Jisoo completed it with a Dior bag and matching oxford shoes. Even though he’s wearing a mask, he still looks cool! In his Instagram post he added the caption, “Paris est comme un tableu” which means “Paris is like a painting”. Best Menswear

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A dedicated look

As a Dior brand ambassador, of course, using Dior products in everyday life is definitely inseparable. This time, even though there are not many accessories and looks simple, the owner’s full name Kim Ji Soo still looks stunning in his Dior outfit from head to toe: a gray suit, quilted bag and quilted boots that are almost knee-high. Top Fashion

Very Parisian

Dior really spoiled the star, as seen from Jisoo who stayed at Cheval Blanc, one of the luxury hotels in Paris. In her room, she is treated with a variety of Dior Beauty products, ranging from perfume, skincare, to makeup. She sat in front of the window overlooking the magnificent city view, wearing a black jacket, baggy denim, mary jane shoes, and equipped with a scarf and beret that made her look more Parisian chic. He also tasted the very luxurious Dior Beauty Spa!

Pattern play

In his latest Instagram post, Jisoo said that her trip while in Paris was very unforgettable. He thanked the Dior family and also the Blinks (as Blackpink fans) who always supported him. In the post, Jisoo seems to be wearing two looks. First, it looks elegant because it uses a star patterned dress layered with a turtle neck (very Korean!), plus a light blue Dior bag, and a pair of Dior heels. Second, he looks preppy in a houndstooth patterned suit plus high boots. Kacamata Rayban

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