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Recommended White Sneakers, Never Die Swallowed by Time

White shoes always have their own charm. This is because white shoes, especially sneakers, are perfect for all styles and paired with all outfits. You will often find OOTD using women’s white sneakers that are paired with dresses, jeans, to casual clothes.

Sneakers have long been known to be very comfortable to wear on the feet all day. Sneakers will be very suitable to wear on a busy Monday, to a relaxed Sunday to hang out with friends and loved ones. But it turns out, not all white sneakers have a style that is versatile to be paired with many styles and outfits. For that, Beautynesia gives you a recommendation for which type of white sneakers you must have in your closet. The following women’s sneakers, ranging from chunky, bulky, to slim, can be staples of everyday fashion items. Check out the list here!

Alexander McQueen Deck Lace-up Plimsolls

Brand Alexander McQueen once released chunky sneakers that became the target of many people. However, if you miss getting it, you must aim for the latest women’s sneakers on this one. Alexander McQueen’s latest sneaker collection is a pair of plimsolls that are perfect for summer or in places where the sun is all year round. With a clean and minimalist look, these designer brand white shoes are perfect for you to pair with a bright dress. Your OOTD summer look will be complete. Best Menswear

Reebok Club C

The choice of classic white shoes as a choice of women’s sneakers is certainly not to be missed here. The Reebok Club C is the answer to the classic style trainers that people have loved for a long time. Having these white shoes from Reebok Classic will be essential to complete the staple fashion items in your closet. You can wear Reebok Club C sneakers with a combination of loose boot cut trousers, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, or flare pieces with a knit top for the best OOTD look. Get ready for the coolest pose when you wear these shoes!

New Balance 452 White

Who doesn’t fall in love with sneakers from the New Balance brand. This one brand also has its own big fans. If you are confused about which one of the many New Balance sneakers, you must look at the New Balance 425 White Trainers. Comes with details with a mix of various colors ranging from black, pastel, to metal, women’s sneakers from New Balance must be your favorite white shoes. Shoes with a chunky look that can make your legs look slimmer are very suitable to be combined with dresses and pants or skirts. Timberland Fashion

H&M White Trainers

You can also find classic women’s sneaker designs at the fast-fashion brand H&M. White shoes are not always a plain and boring style. These minimalist-style sneakers will give you simple details of various colors on the sole. H&M white shoes will be very comfortable and suitable as everyday shoes.

Adidas Falcon

These sneakers from Adidas have a striking appearance with chunky soles, so anyone who sees them will know that these white shoes are the Adidas Falcon. Even though they have a chunky look, these women’s sneakers can definitely be a classic white shoe option that you can combine with various outfits and make your style different from the others. Have you got these white Adidas Falcon shoes yet?

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Adidas Yung 1

Comfortable and stylish are the right words to describe these sneakers from the Adidas brand. White shoes that are a favorite item in the Streetwear Fashion Week display can be an investment in fashion items without season restrictions. These women’s sneakers from Adidas will also be the perfect friend to spend the weekend traveling or hanging out.

Puma Cali Star

Puma’s Cali Star sneakers are a great choice for women’s casual-style sneakers. If you want to show off slender legs, look more stylish with these white Puma Cali Star shoes. Just pair it with your favorite fitted, slim, or skinny pants for a slim straight leg look. Wearing Puma Cali Star shoes will also make your cool look easier anytime. Top Fashion

Converse Chuck 70 Classic High Top

The classic choice of sneakers loved by billions of course goes to the Converse brand. Starting from teenagers, adults, to middle-aged people have definitely owned one Converse shoe. You can wear these white sneakers until they are damaged, have holes, and are scuffed; and you will still love him. You can make these Converse Chuck 70 Classic High Top women’s sneakers for various relaxing and fun moments. Have Converse shoes been your wishlist?

Nike Air Force 1

The classic options for white shoes are endless. These Nike sneakers are definitely the target of many people. Nike Air Force 1 can be your favorite women’s sneaker item forever. This bulky appearance is a favorite of many people to look classic and cool. These Nike Air Force 1 shoes are perfect for you to wear in windy or colder seasons because these classic sneakers will embrace your feet so they are warmer. Kacamata Rayban

Adidas Stan Smith

Anyone who wears Adidas Stan Smith sneakers will stand out more. These legendary and classic tennis shoes have a high reputation and are always in trend. These women’s sneakers will be common to find in streetwear during Fashion Week. With a sleek, crispy look, but still minimalist with a modern silhouette, who doesn’t fall in love with these white Adidas shoes?

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Train Fashion 2021: Croissant Bag Favorite Instagramers hingga Para Artis!

Timberland Fashion , The 2021 fashion trend is now enlivened with the favorite croissant bag from Instagramers to artists. Yup, Instagramers’ favorite croissant bags to these artists are widely worn because of aesthetics in this 2021 fashion trend.

Various groups have also enlivened the 2021 fashion trend with the favorite croissant bags from Instagramers to artists. So, why did Instagramers’ favorite croissant bags to artists become a 2021 fashion trend, Stylovers?

Luxury brands do play a role in this 2021 fashion trend. Several luxury brands have issued a collection of adorable croissant bags that have become a favorite of millions of Instagramers and artists. Best Menswear

Curious about what a croissant bag looks like and how it started?

Let’s find out more, Stylovers!

Talking about fashion, Paris is indeed a mecca with a myriad of inspirations, including croissants. Previously, It-girls’ Instagram would only post flat-lays of a few luxury cafes in Paris.

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Their table will consist of a steaming cup of coffee (with an emphasis on its latte art), freshly baked croissants, and their designer handbags.

Now, these two things have come together to become The Croissant Bag, the newest must-have accessory for summer. This croissant bag can be recognized by its shape that looks like a crescent moon.

This bag has many folds and layers that give it a wrinkled look that is so distinctive. Starting last year with a similar moon bag, the croissant bag has become a dream and even lasts until the 2021 fashion trend. Top Fashion

Luxury brand Bottega Veneta is known to be the champion in this croissant bag trend, Stylovers.

In fact, this Italian label, which has become an idol for artists and influencers, which we now see everywhere on Instagram, is wearing a shoulder bag, a type of croissant bag.

Models like Irina Shayk and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have been spotted with their croissants, and Bella Hadid is quite interested in a vintage Louis Vuitton bag that has the same shape. Kacamata Rayban

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10 Zainal Vs Nana Mirdad Flower Style Fights, Modern Fashionable Mama

10 Zainal’s Flower Style vs. Nana Mirdad, Modern Fashionable Mama

Being a mother, appearance remains number one. Maybe this expression fits the figure of Nana Mirdad and Bunga Zainal. Timberland Fashion

Both rarely appear on television after getting married and having children, Nana Mirdad and Bunga Zainal’s styles are still fashionable. Listen, here, the style of Bunga Zainal vs Nana Mirdad!

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1 Simple monochrome style, just wear raw hem jeans or slit pants. A sleeveless top or an oversized shirt, both are cute!

2 A white V-neck dress can be a holiday OOTD idea or a casual hangout. Can be combined with sneakers or sandals though! Best Menswear

3 Choose a mini dress model with modern kebaya-style lace accents or an earthy combination of a machete batik blouse with a kawung patterned mini skirt

4 T-shirt tops or plain blouses become more attractive when wearing batik bottoms. Pencil skirt models for a formal impression, casual midi skirts for holidays

5 For a party, do you prefer Nana’s OOTD with a white sleeveless top and a satin skirt or a jumpsuit with a transparent brocade layer?

6 Like a college student wearing a jeans jacket, Nana combines it with a crop top and bootcut pants. Simple flower wearing T-shirt and jeans Top Fashion

7 Chic look with a mini dress, Nana chooses a formal style like a blazer and gladiator sandals. Bunga wearing a tweed dress, nude bag, and heels

8 Patterned black dress can be for a formal style with asymmetrical cuts. Slit dress for casual events, it’s sure to be stunning!

9 For the beach look, this shirt and hot pants or mini dress are combined with outer lace, they are both cute and adorable!

10 Now, if you go to the beach, you can wear a slit floral dress like this, right!

I didn’t expect, it turns out that Nana Mirdad and Bunga Zainal’s styles have a lot of similarities! Which OOTD do you think is most worth it to try? Kacamata Rayban

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5 Ways to Wash Thrift Clothes Properly. Germ Free, Color Remains Safe!

Trends in the fashion world are indeed quite unique and interesting to follow. Like the trend of hunting for used clothes or the cool term for thrift clothes which are currently in great demand by various groups, because the price is much cheaper than the new price. You can even get branded clothes at very affordable prices.

In addition to the question of price, thrifting is also considered as an action to care for the environment because it can reduce clothing waste which has been difficult to overcome. Unfortunately, thrifting also reaps cons because it is considered to be able to spread viruses and diseases. However, this can actually be anticipated if we know how to wash thrift clothes properly. Besides being able to avoid the spread of disease, how to wash thrift clothes correctly can also protect the original color of the clothes so they can look new again. Curious, how to wash thrift clothes properly? Let’s see the tips! Timberland Fashion

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1 Soak the thrift shirt in hot water before washing it with detergent

The first way to wash thrift clothes is to boil water until it boils, then put the clothes in a cooking pot or soak them in a bucket. This step is important to do to anticipate germs, bacteria, viruses or germs that stick to clothes. Make sure all parts can be submerged in the boiling water. Soak for a while until the water turns warm or cold. Then remove the clothes and rinse with running water.

2 Soak a second time using an antiseptic detergent to remove germs for at least 30 minutes

After rinsing, the next way to wash thrift clothes is to soak again, but this time use detergent. Soak the thrift shirt with the addition of antiseptic laundry soap. This step should be done as a double cleaning to kill germs. Because, we don’t know who used the thrift shirt before, whether he had a contagious disease or not and how long the clothes were stored before we bought them. Best Menswear

Washing thrift clothes using an antiseptic can also kill viruses and germs that cannot die when soaked in hot water. So this method is quite important so that your thrift clothes are disease-free and more comfortable when worn.

3 Washing thrift clothes is more effective by hand because it can reach the stains that need to be scrubbed harder

After soaking with antiseptic soap, now is the time to wash the thrift clothes by hand. This step is more effective than using a washing machine that only spins vigorously, without washing it thoroughly. In this process, pay attention to every detail of the shirt to find stubborn stains that need scrubbing. Use additional detergent and a laundry brush to remove the stain. Top Fashion

4 Rinse the washed clothes, then soak again with fragrance and fabric softener for 30 minutes

After it feels clean and there are no stains left, rinse the clothes with clean running water to remove the traces of detergent. Then soak again with clean water and add fragrance and softener kiln. How to wash thrift clothes like this can get rid of the musty smell that is usually difficult to get rid of even if you use detergent. In addition, concentrated fragrances also usually contain active ingredients to soften and brighten the color of the fabric. So that thrift clothes that have not been washed for a long time, become stiff and dull can be soft and bright again.

5 Dry clean clothes by turning the outside to protect the original color warna

The next way to wash thrift clothes is to drain the deodorant soaking water, then wring it out to reduce the water in the clothing fibers. At this step, you can use the washer dryer to help wring out the wet clothes. This method can also speed up the drying process. Try not to dry clothes directly in the sun, for example near a window or on the terrace of the house. Before drying it, don’t forget to turn your clothes back first. Make the outside for the inside and the inside for the outside. This is so that the color of the clothes remains durable and not dull anymore. Kacamata Rayban

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Fashion Collaboration Collection Released In July 2021

As a true fashion lover, the collaborative collection launched by fashion labels has always been the most awaited fashion item. Collaborative collections often present products that are out of the box, full of innovation, and sometimes sold in limited quantities so that it will feel special when you have them. Well, this time Cosmo gives the news of the favorite fashion collaboration in July 2021 that you can target. Timberland Fashion

Let’s take a look!

1 Givenchy

The original Paris label coded by Matthew M. Williams is collaborating with an artist named Chito for the Spring 2022 Pre-collection. Chito is a Mexico -based artist who presents graphic and pictorial patterns using airbrush techniques. The presence of this artsy touch is to celebrate individual style. Take a look at the shirts, jackets and accessories that come with a full appearance of street style aura. Cosmo’s favorite falls on the cartoon dog character made by Chito which is a symbol of protection and loyalty. So cool! Best Menswear

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2 Fendi

Collaborative collections are always awaited by fashionistas. This time the Italian luxury label, Fendi is working with eyewear expert Thelios. Yes, this collaboration will cover in all aspects namely design, development, production, and distribution for this category of eyewear owned by this fashion house. Of course, the resulting collection will have a more attractive design, supported by typical Italian crafts, unique visuals, and selective distribution so as to be able to provide a new experience for the lovers of this label. Curious about the results of the collaboration? Just look at the collection of frames and sunglasses for the Fall/Winter 2021 season.

3 Havaianas

The label, which is famous for its collection of flip flops, launched an exclusive collection designed by Reality to Idea (RTI). RTI is a design studio built by graphic artist Joshua Vides. What is the collection like? Inspired by the culture of the city of Los Angeles, the two footwear presented have the bohemian spirit of the Venetian beach that blends with the style of black and white illustrations typical of Joshua. Take a look at Tradi Zori sandals that can be worn with socks. Or a thinner and minimalist model that is the TOP type. Want to have it soon? Top Fashion

4 Vans

If you are one of the streetwear lovers, surely the collaboration collection with Neighborhood is always awaited. Well, this time Vans launched a collection with the Japanese streetwear label and presented the typical Tokyo subculture style with a high level of comfort. Yes, try looking at Vans Comfycush sk8-hi and Comfycush Era. Comes dominated by dark colors, these two models of shoes will certainly elevate your casual style. Don’t run out, because these shoes have been advertised in vans outlets since July 10, 2021. Kacamata Rayban

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The meaning of Kate Middleton’s red bag when she watched the Euro 2020 final Final

seen watching the Euro 2020 Final, at Webley Stadium on Sunday (11/7) local time. He was not alone, his son Prince George and his husband Prince William also witnessed the Final between England and Italy.

Interestingly, Kate Middleton looks relaxed but still casual by wearing a white blazer combined with jeans as subordinates. The red earrings from the Blaize brand also attracted quite a bit of attention. Timberland Fashion

This red handbag was chosen by the mother of three to complete her appearance. It is known that the bag was made by the Mulberry brand.

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Launching Hellomagazine, the red handbag with the box model is assumed to have the meaning of being a patriotic symbol to show the spirit of the England squad at that time.

The bag costs around £766, which Kate first used in 2019.

Display symbolizes the British flag

In fact, through the looks of Kate really showed her passion for the England squad. Wearing a white blazer, earrings and a red bag that symbolizes the British flag, a red cross on a white background. Best Menswear

Noticed Kate always wears a Zara blazer to big games, like this time wearing a white blazer. The Duchess has worn the Zara blazer three times in red, white and blue.

The 39-year-old has always been a champion in clothing and consistently provides more affordable options. Top Fashion

It’s great to know that you can buy yourself some stuff like the British Royal family. Kacamata Rayban

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12 Official Wife-style Party Dress Ideas, All Glamorous and Understated

Usually, the wives of officials are identical to the variety of kebaya clothes when accompanying their husbands or attending formal events. However, they are also no less elegant when wearing a party dress, you know!

Below, IDN Times summarizes the reference to the official wife’s party dress. The styles are very varied, from batik dresses to luxurious brocade dresses that are suitable for invitations. Read the article, yes!

1 Ridwan Kamil’s wife, Atalia, elegantly wears a satin dress, accented with a nude brocade cape. Complete with matching masks and wrapped hijabs

2 Sendy Yusuf, the wife of Dede Yusuf, captivates with a slip dress piled with a lace outer with a unique collar, and wearing a necklace that makes her style fashionable Timberland Fashion

3 Even though she looks simple wearing a batik dress, Hani Pramono Anung combines it with a classy red hand bag

You can copy 4 syar’i party styles from the Regent of Kendal, Chacha Frederica, who wears a hijab & a pink brocade-tulle combination dress

5 Dewi Bamsoet’s dress looks luxurious for an invitation. There is a golden color with a layer of gold tendril motif fabric & peep toe heels Best Menswear

6 Nuri Maulida is now called the wife of the Deputy Regent of South Lampung. She is still elegant in a tulle brocade dress with a syar’i hijab style

7 Suitable for a glamorous themed event, you can wear this vine-patterned dress with a modern cape accent. Class straight away!

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8 Bianca Alinda as the wife of the Minister of Trade did not fail to impress. She wears a simple dress, but it is full of decorations that make her seem luxurious

9 This black Embroidered dress exudes Kahiyang Ayu’s elegant charm. The style can be a reference for the night party style, here! Top Fashion

10 Yanti Airlangga is elegant in a floral peplum dress. Just as cute as Loemongga who wears a midi dress made of batik cloth

11 Designer Vivi Zubedi, wife of the Mayor of Banjarbaru, chose an all-black head to toe outfit. Fashionable to be a minimalist hijab party style, do you agree?

12 Ingrid Kansil, a politician and wife of Syarief Hasan, looks chic like a socialite wearing a plain but fashionable long dress with bishop sleeves

That’s a row of party styles in the style of the official’s wife. In your opinion, whose style is suitable for the official wife’s invitation above? Kacamata Rayban

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J-Hope BTS Wears a Batik-Like Pattern Suit Set at Louis Vuitton’s Runway Debut

Timberland Fashion BTS’ debut runway in Louis Vuitton’s Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection film fashion spin-off is in the spotlight of the public’s attention. Vogue called the entire fashion show featuring designs by LV’s artistic director, Virgil Abloh, a “game changer.”

The narrative “models should be grateful because BTS chose music” was echoed by the residents of cyberspace. However, for Indonesian citizens, the appearance of J-Hope BTS is one that makes the wrong focus. The reason is, this BTS dancer is wearing a suit whose accent was said to be similar to the kawung batik motif.

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Highlighting the visuals that make him equated with the popular cartoon character, Jack Frost, the owner of the real name Jung Hoseok looks charming wearing a suit in a mix of gray, brown, and dark blue. The match looks in contrast to the red shoes that Hobi is wearing, his nickname.

LV’s signature motif, which was once called a batik motif, appears on shirts, ties, jackets, and fills every part of the trousers worn by the Outro: Ego singer. However, it’s actually not a new sight. Best Menswear

Similar accents have appeared in the LV crafty collection in the form of a handbag. The famous Indonesian designer, Musa Widyatmodjo, once commented on the collection during an online discussion in August 2020, saying, “Louis Vuitton itself did not give the impression that it was batik or inspired by batik.”

If you look closely, Musa added, it’s not batik. “Similar, right. But, it’s not batik,” he said. Musa said, Indonesian people should be proud if there are parties who make products that resemble batik. Top Fashion

Crafty Collection Louis Vuitton

Musa said, this “similarity phenomenon” must be viewed from the positive side. “Who else is able to internationalize batik motifs to the world? Permission or without permission, you should be proud. Take this opportunity to make branding in the eyes of the world,” he said.

After successfully attracting attention, said Musa, people will usually look for the roots of the design, and in this case, towards Indonesia. “Because in the struggle, we can’t just get bored, want to cry, and complain,” he said.

Musa thought, with the adoption of many batik-like motifs, various parties should take advantage of the moment by creating new batik motifs that can be accepted by the world community. “That’s why I say stop repeating past motifs. The market is so sluggish. Batik makers must focus on making breakthroughs,” he said. Kacamata Rayban

Not Just Louis Vuitton

Motifs considered to be similar to batik also appear in the fashion collection of the Dior fashion house. Musa said that the designer behind Dior clothing, Maria Grazia Chiuri, was indeed appointed to present new creations in the collection of the French luxury fashion line.

What must be underlined, continued Musa, is that Dior never referred to the collection released in May 2019 as batik, but rather African wax prints. “It must be understood that the term batik is indeed from Indonesia, but the process of drawing motifs on white cloth worn at night is everywhere. China, Egypt, India, Japan, many use this technique,” Musa explained.

However, anthropologists who work with Dior explain that African wax prints were indeed brought by Dutch industrialists during the colonial era in Indonesia. His party is said to have created a motif that the Indonesians thought was strange, and then brought it to Africa.

“That (the motif in Dior’s collection) is not batik. We have to separate between motifs and batik techniques, they are different. Once again, the technique of drawing with wax on white cloth is not only practiced in Indonesia,” he said.

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Seo Hyun Jin Looks Elegant Chic at You Are My Spring Press Conference

Seo Hyun Jin and the cast of tvN’s new Korean drama “You Are My Spring”, Kim Dong Wook, Yoon Park, and Nam Gyu Ri attend a press conference including writer Lee Mi Na, director Jung Ji Hyun, Monday 5 July 2021. Timberland Fashion

“You Are My Spring” is a new romance drama about a group of people who live in a building where a previous murder took place. Even though they had all grown up, they were still living life with their seven year old selves in their hearts.

Seo Hyun Jin looked chic wearing a long-sleeved ivory white top with button accents tucked into a black A-line cut maxi skirt. She completed her look with Jimmy Choo black pumps, according to Instagram @kdrama_fashion, as well as jewelry in the form of ear cuffs and a flower-shaped ring from Tasaki’s collection.

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Seo Hyun Jin plays Kang Da Jung, a hotel concierge manager who can’t forget the small inn where she lived as a child. He chose this drama because of the script. “The script was the first thing I read, and the story was good, so I decided to do it. At first, I was going to go back and forth on it. I wasn’t sure if it was good enough or not, but when I met the director and writer, they really persuasive. They persuaded me for about an hour and a half. I was trapped in it, “said Hyun Jin as quoted from the Soompi page. Best Menswear

Your Are My Spring is Seo Hyun Jin’s first “romance genre” drama since “Beauty Inside.” She feels a lot of pressure when people call her ‘the queen of rom-coms.’ “But this one isn’t a romantic comedy, so I can let go of that pressure. There’s nothing specific that I’m worried about. What’s there to worry about when you’re working hard?” he continued.

Seo Hyun Jin will co-star with Kim Dong Wook who plays Joo Young Do, a man who becomes a psychiatrist to help people find the will to live. “I joined the drama late, but since it’s on tvN, produced by Hwa&Dam, directed by Jung Ji Hyun, written by Lee Mi Na, and starring Seo Hyun Jin, I don’t have to think about it. before I signed up,” said Dong Wook. Top Fashion

Regarding the comparison with his previous drama, “Find Me in Your Memory,” Kim Dong Wook was worried. “The mystery in the drama is about the relationship between Lee Jung Hoon and the female lead, but in this drama, the mystery is not the focus itself but the emotional healing and love that Da Jung and my character experienced together,” he added.

Kim Dong Wook also talked about his chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin, in You Are My Spring. She feels like she can depend on him in a romance drama.” There’s a reason why she’s called the ‘rom-com queen.’ There are times when I feel more emotion and empathy while acting than I feel even when just reading the script. Sometimes I even react in ways that surprise myself,” he said. Kacamata Rayban

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9 Hilarious Names of KW Branded Bags, Genuinely Laughing When You Look At It

For many people, wearing branded fashion items such as bags is a way to make their appearance look cooler and more confident. Rows of bags from world famous fashion houses have become a status symbol of a person.

However, the high price makes branded bags cannot be reached by all people. Instead, they dare to spend money to buy a replica bag or KW version which has a design that is almost identical to the original. Timberland Fashion

But for observant fashionistas, you can definitely find something different from every KW branded bag, even with number one quality. Oftentimes the makers outsmart the accusation of plagiarism by creating a brand name or logo that is slightly different from the original brand.

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Instead of increasing social status, the writing contained in the KW branded bag only makes it funny and tickles. Reporting from, here are a series of funny writings on the KW bag. Best Menswear

A play on ‘Bagenciala’

In this white sling bag, the name of the Balenciaga brand has been made more complicated, namely Bagenciala.

Pink Bag with Diro writing

This cute pink bag has unique writing details. The front is given the words ‘Diro’. Similar to the name of a brand from France, Dior.

This Wallet Brand Can Make Hearts

Adorable looking, this black wallet has a pretty shocking name, ‘Dor’

Hermes’ Boy Version?

The Hermes brand from Paris has been transformed into Herman from Bekasi. Top Fashion

Chanel Has Changed Name?

Chanel name changed to more local, namely ‘Cnahel’

Here’s Nike’s Friend

Makes me laugh, the Nike brand suddenly changes to ‘Mike’

Supreme Being Surprise

Like a surprise, this black bag is named ‘Suprise’. The writing of his name is not a single unit. Kacamata Rayban

So LV stands for that….

Are you familiar with the Louis Vuitton brand? Well, the name of this famous French brand has also changed to Lord Voldemort.

Similar to Prada

Wonderful! This type of hand bag is called Rrada. At first glance similar to the name of the fashion house Prada.

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The Shape is Unusual, This Strange Fashion Item is Priced at an Unreasonable Fantastic Price!

Stylovers may not be surprised by fashion items that are priced at high prices of up to millions of rupiah.

Especially if the fashion item is the work of a well-known designer brand, it feels natural to be priced at a fantastic price. Timberland Fashion

However, the fantastic prices of the following line of fashion items actually make no sense when we look at their shape.

The reason is, despite having an unusual shape, this strange and unique line of fashion items is priced at a fantastic price.

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Reporting from, the following is a row of strange fashion items that are priced at fantastic prices.

1 Maison Margiela Distressed Sneakers

Maison Margiela once released a collection of sneakers that looked damaged and unfit for use. Best Menswear

Eits, with such an appearance, these shoes are priced at an expensive price not because they have been worn or owned by a famous or legendary figure.

Rather, it was deliberately created with such a design!

The Maison Margiela Distressed Sneakers were once sold for around Rp. 20 million.

It’s unique, but do you think the price is worth the function? Top Fashion

2 Jacquemus Mini Bags

Handbag from Jacquemus is one of the most popular bags among celebrities.

It turns out that this brand has also released a mini size of their handbag, which can be gripped with just one fist!

With its mini size, this bag can be used to carry things or not, right?

This mini bag was once priced at Rp. 11.7 million.

Even though it’s mini in size and the price is quite expensive, it turns out that not a few people are interested in buying this bag, you know! Kacamata Rayban

3 Gucci Upside Down Glasses

Stylovers must be familiar with the Gucci brand, one of the fashion brand items that are regularly worn by artists.

In addition to its famous bags, Gucci also has a range of clothing products to accessories, including glasses.

One of them is unique glasses that have an inverted cateye frame shape.

These uniquely shaped glasses were once priced at around Rp. 10.8 million.

Functionally, these glasses can still be used properly, but will it look weird or not?

4 Jil Sander Paper Bag

Stylovers certainly know that paper bags are more environmentally friendly when used for shopping compared to plastic bags.

Designer Jil Sander made a bag with the exact shape of a paper bag that is usually used for shopping.

Unlike ordinary paper bags, this bag uses paper material that is coated and sewn.

This bag, called The Vasari, was once priced at around Rp. 4 million.

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Inspiration to Look Fashionable with Short Sleeve T-shirts for Hijabers from Selebgram, Try it!

Hijabers juga bisa tampil gaya dengan lengan pendek lho!

Pada umumnya banyak yang beranggapan bahwa kemeja lengan pendek tidak bisa dikenakan untuk hijabers.

Karena dianggap kurang trendi dan tidak menutupi area lengan yang merupakan bagian dari alat kelamin.

Bahkan, Stylovers bisa tampil elegan dan sopan dengan kemeja hiyaber lengan pendek. Timberland Fashion

Anda hanya harus pandai mencocokkan kemeja lengan pendek ini.

Dan tentunya harus dilapisi dengan manset untuk menutupi area lengan yang terlihat.

Kali ini Stylo Indonesia akan memberikan referensi untuk tampil trendy dengan kaos lengan pendek selebgram. Dengar, ayo!

1 Inspirasi tampilan fashion dengan kaos lengan pendek: celana oversized dan celana palazzo

Inspirasi pertama datang dari program Helmi Nursifah. Best Menswear

Ia berbagi hijab OOTD yang trendi dengan atasan lengan pendek.

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Dalam foto tersebut, selebriti yang akrab disapa Amy itu mengenakan kemeja lengan pendek oversized bergambar Mickey Mouse.

Jangan lupa kenakan manset telanjang di lapisan dalam kemeja.

Kemudian ia memadukannya dengan celana palazzo nude agar serasi dengan bagian mansetnya.

Pilih sandal agar terlihat modern dan kekinian. Top Fashion

2 inspirasi tampil trendy dengan kaos lengan pendek dan celana jeans

Ingin tampil casual dengan kaos hijaber lengan pendek?

Jangan khawatir, kamu bisa kok meniru gaun hijab dari seleb Saritiw ini.

Kali ini, Saritiw mengenakan kaus oblong hitam lengan pendek dengan warna senada.

Corak sablon semakin terlihat dengan pemilihan hijab segi empat hitam yang serasi dengan kemeja dan ujung lengan.

Sehingga kesan kasual terlihat pada pemilihan jeans yang menjadi favorit semua wanita.

Tak hanya itu, Saritiw juga mengenakan sneakers untuk menambah kesan fashionable. Kacamata Rayban

3 inspirasi tampil fashionable dengan kaos lengan pendek dan kulot oversized

Jika Anda ingin tampil simpel namun bingung ingin mengenakan gaun yang mana, sepertinya oversized shirt bisa menjadi pilihan Anda.

Stylist bisa meniru gaun Meirani yang satu ini.

Dalam foto di atas, dia mengenakan kaus putih besar dengan gambar detail di bagian depan.

Ia tak lupa melapisi bagian dalam dengan manset karena oversized shirt yang ia kenakan berlengan pendek.

Ia kemudian memadukannya dengan kulot berwarna putih senada untuk membuat hijab OOTD terlihat serasi.

Dan hijab pashmina ringan adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk pernyataan di OOTd Anda.


Equally Beautiful, Look at 4 Charming Appearances of Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia When They Take a Photoshoot Together!

Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia are known as a mother and daughter who has a charming face.

Both are active in the entertainment world, Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia are often seen doing various photo shoots that support their respective careers. Timberland Fashion

Often doing photoshoots separately, the mother and daughter finally met in the same photo shoot.

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In a recent photo shoot by photographer Thomas Danes, Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia are seen taking a photo shoot together!

In the same photo frame, beautiful portraits of Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia have successfully won praise from netizens on social media. Best Menswear

Dressed in various outfits, this mother and daughter came out in many different styles.

Curious what the charming appearance of Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia looks like?

Come on, take a look at 4 charming portraits of the two! Top Fashion

1 Both wear black outfits

In the first look, Sophia Latjuba was seen wearing a sleeveless black dress combined with black high heels.

Meanwhile, Eva Celia appeared wearing a black jumpsuit with white high heels as her footwear.

The appearance of this mother and daughter looks similar to the same long hairstyle in a ponytail.

2 Wear dresses of different colors

In the second look, Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia still seem to have the same hairstyle.

But for her outfit, Sophia Latjuba was seen wearing a knee-length dress and black high heels.

Meanwhile, Eva Celia looks more colorful while wearing a red dress and high heels.

3 Wear a black and white outfit

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In the third display, Sophia Latjuba and Eva Celia’s outfit colors look complementary.

First of all, Sophia Latjuba was seen wearing a long-sleeved black blazer and white tulle skirt.

Slightly different from Sophia Latjuba, Eva Celia’s outfit consists of a white blazer and black tulle skirt.

4 Both wear black suits

In the fourth display, this mother and child appear wearing black suits but with different uniqueness.

Sophia Latjuba was seen wearing a black blazer and fit pants combined with a black t-shirt.

For her shoes, Sophia Latjuba also chose pink sneakers to complete her appearance.

Elegant Fashion

2 Indonesian Designers Create Smartphone-Inspired Dresses

Perusahaan teknologi Xiaomi telah berkolaborasi dengan dua stylist Indonesia, Stella Rissa dan Diana M. Putri. Kedua desainer ini menciptakan pakaian yang terinspirasi dari smartphone

Menurut Stephanie Sicilia, Direktur Humas Xiaomi Indonesia, perusahaan telah meluncurkan lini baru produk high-end dan perangkat AIoT, yakni Mi 11 Lite, Mi 11 Ultra dan Mi Smart Band 6. Produk baru ini tidak hanya mendukung produktivitas. . tetapi mereka juga melengkapi gaya hidup sebagai pernyataan mode. Timberland Fashion

Bertempat di channel Youtube Xiaomi Indonesia, pada peluncuran kali ini Xiaomi mengusung tema Tech X Fashion. Tema ini memadukan teknologi dengan gaya hidup dalam sebuah peragaan busana.

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Stephanie mengatakan pihaknya bekerja sama dengan dua perancang busana terkenal untuk menggabungkan teknologi dan mode yang begitu glamor dalam gaun dan desain malam yang elegan dan eksotis.

Salah satunya, kolaborasi dengan Stella Rissa, menampilkan desain khusus yang merepresentasikan Mi 11 Lite. Stella Rissa menggunakan bahan seperti tulle dan organza dalam tiga variasi warna Mi 11 Lite yaitu Peach Pink, Bubblegum Blue dan Boba Black, kata Stephanie baru-baru ini. Best Menswear

Stella Rissa menjelaskan saat mendesain koleksi ini, ia sangat terinspirasi dengan konsep Mi 11 Lite yang ramping, stylish dan stylish sehingga bisa begitu ringan. Bahan yang Anda gunakan dalam koleksi ini juga paling ringan yaitu organza dan tulle.

Stella juga memadukannya dengan material yang cukup berat seperti denim, karena koleksi yang dihadirkan bold. Kain sutra krep dan satin sutra meningkatkan kesan elegan dan transparan. “Inilah bagaimana kolaborasi yang menyatukan dua desain kami benar-benar dapat mewakili,” kata Stella.

Kolaborasi mengesankan lainnya adalah dengan Diana M. Putri melalui label Diana Couture. Pada kesempatan ini, Xiaomi dan Diana menghadirkan wearable smartphone pertama di Indonesia yang terinspirasi dari desain Mi 11 Lite yang tipis, ringan dan elegan. Top Fashion

Desain Diana Couture ini mengaplikasikan smartphone 30 Mi 11 Lite pada pakaiannya, hal tersebut dimungkinkan karena desain smartphone ini tergolong sangat ramping dengan tampilan yang impresif.

“Gaun yang saya desain ini bertemakan Seraphim. My 11 Lite menjadi inspirasi saya untuk membuat dress trendy ini dimana smartphone ini begitu ringan, tipis dan elegan,” ujar Diana.

Oleh karena itu, Diana membuat desain khusus untuk Xiaomi dengan menempatkan 30 smartphone Mi 11 Lite di gaun tersebut. Ini untuk menunjukkan betapa ringannya smartphone ini. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

Dare to Show Opening, 7 Sensual Portraits of Jennifer Coppen

Dare to Show Opening, 7 Sensual Portraits of Jennifer Coppen

For you lovers of Indonesian films, maybe you are already familiar with Jennifer Coppen. Her name began to be known when she played Caca in the soap opera Little-Little Thinking So Manten. In 2020, her role as Kirana in Generation 90s: Melancholia also received praise. Not only has acting skills that deserve thumbs up, his appearance is also in the spotlight. Besides often wearing revealing clothes, this 19-year-old artist also often uses bold makeup. Curious what the portrait looks like? Check it out below! Timberland Fashion

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1 A nude lip gloss and a flawless matte complexion, Jennifer Coppen has an irresistible charm.

2 Jennifer’s tips to appear on point in an instant? Use red lipstick! So pretty!

3 Playing in the water, Jennifer’s makeup still steals the attention, you know. Eyebrows on fleek and bright eyelashes are also an option to look stunning.

4 Using an open shirt, Jennifer chose a bangs accent for her medium hair style. Looks more mature huh! Best Menswear

5 Wet hair look is also an option when on vacation. More alluring! Top Fashion

6 Two super sleek ponytails and sharp eye makeup, Jennifer’s makeup always looks perfect on every occasion.

7 Messy hair and glowing makeup are a combination that makes Jennifer’s total look even more statement. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

Take a peek at Chae Soo Bin’s cute style, the role of Da Eun in Sweet & Sour

Top Fashion Chae Soo Bin is not a new name in the Korean drama industry. He has acted in Iam Not A Robot, Where Stars Land and A Piece of Your Mind. Recently, Chae Soo Bin collided with Kang Daniel and Krystal Jung in the film Sweet & Sour.

Thanks to the total acting, Chae Soo Bin received various praises and positive responses from the audience. Immediately became a conversation, Chae Soo Bin’s style of dress on social media came into the spotlight.

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1 Chae Soo Bin already looks cool when mixing a t-shirt with jeans. Timberland Fashion

2 Using a hoodie as an outerwear makes Chae Soo Bin look different when she wears a casual outfit.

3 Chae Soo Bin looks cute in a printed blouse and jeans during a summer picnic. Best Menswear

4 Rely on a knitted turtleneck vest combined with a floral midi dress with a warm tone, successfully making Chae Soo Bin look even cuter! Kacamata Rayban

5 Spending free time at the bookstore, Chae Soo Bin chose a fur jacket, gingham midi dress and cross body bag.

Season Fashion

Nostalgia for Hollywood Celebrities of the 2000s

Bling-bling accessories, hipster pants, chain accents, colors in a mix and match, you can’t forget the 2000s fashion, right, Bela. Even if you feel tacky, doing a throwback to this old-school Hollywood celebrity appearance will definitely make you want to reminisce. Are you ready to reminisce together? Check it out, come on! Top Fashion

1 Hipster pants were a staple in the early 2000s. The one who popularized it among women, yes, is Gwen Stefani, Bela. Combined with accessories and a touch of bling-bling, this OOTD was truly unique for its time!

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2 The icon of the emo queen of her time went to Avril Lavigne! With a touch of ‘dark’ but adorable outfit, making a spooky black mix with girly pink, always synonymous with Avril’s style. Even now he is still consistent, you know, Bela.

3 Long time fashion lover? You can’t forget the figure of the twins Mary-Kate and Ahsley Olsen. Their exploration of fashion is quite proud and looks different from other celebrities in the early 2000s era. Timberland Fashion

4 Combining ankle-cut skinny jeans with a blazer that fits the body, had become the hallmark of Sarah Jessica Parker in the early 2000s. Even so, it seems that this one mix-and-match is still legal to use, right, Bela… Best Menswear

5 Nicky Hilton’s style on this one is quite an “old school” impression, right, Bela! Jeans with motifs, graphic tank tops with big accents and sparkling sequins, combined with heels, make the style really feel like a teenager in the 2000s! Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Want a Vacation? Check out these 5 Yuki Kato-style OOTD Inspirations!

The soap opera actor Yaki Kato is not only smart on TV, you know.

Yuki Kato also often shows off his prowess in combining clothes in his daily life.

In fact, Yuki Kato also flaunts it on his personal Instagram page.

We can really imitate Yuki Kato’s style, which is suitable for holiday wear. Top Fashion

Let our holidays be more exciting with a stylish style.

Come on, take a peek at these 6 Yuki Kato-style OOTDs!

Shorts + T-shirt

Combining shorts and T-shirts can also look stylish, you know.

We can use this outfit to be worn in a hot place so that our bodies are not hot.

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Even though you have to withstand the heat because your skin is directly exposed to the sun, Yuki Kato’s appearance like this can really be tried when going on vacation. Timberland Fashion

Bat shirt + boots

Who says boots can’t be worn on vacation?

Look, Yuki Kato combined her outfit with boots and the result is perfect!

His black shirt and matching boots make Yuki look chic.

Don’t forget to touch the sunglasses to make it even cooler!

Skirt + short sleeve

The key to enjoying the holidays is daring to get sunburnt, yes. Best Menswear

Yuki wears a short sleeved shirt and combines it with a 3/4 black skirt so it looks girly, doesn’t it.

Especially with a touch of a bucket hat that makes Yuki’s girly look a little bit tomboyish.

Very cool, yes!

Shirt + plaid pants

Using a shirt combined with plaid pants makes Yuki really cool.

Choosing to use a matching color makes this lively look a little calmer.

Daisy dress

Well, the last one is the OOTD that we can use if we want to go to the beach.

Wearing a daisy dress makes Yuki look stunning in the middle of the beach sand, right?

Don’t forget to wear a bucket hat, besides being able to add a plus to the fashion we wear, it can also protect our eyes from the hot sun. Kacamata Rayban

Elegant Fashion

Shades of white, here are 5 portraits of Ariana Grande’s wedding decorations

The news of Ariana Grande’s marriage to a businessman named Dalton Gomez managed to make a public shock.

Previously, both of them had announced that they had engaged in 2020. Meanwhile, their wedding took place in the middle of May 2021 at the private residence of the singer of the song ‘7 Rings’. Top Fashion

Unfortunately, Ariana Grande and her husband chose to hold their wedding intimate. By carrying out a white decoration, it will make the happy moment even more sacred and romantic.

Come on, take a peek at five portraits of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s wedding decorations.

1 Launching from the Vogue page, Friday, May 28, 2021, Ariana Grande was so elegant in a white wedding dress. The wedding dress was designed by Vera Wang. Timberland Fashion

2 Ariana Grande has officially married Dalton Gomez on Saturday, May 15, 2021 at her residence, Montecito, California.

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3 Main decoration is dominated by white color with ivory patterned floor. On each side there are large white candles arranged neatly. Apart from white, there are also all green and brown ornaments. So that the atmosphere is like being in a park. Best Menswear

4 Interestingly, the wood surrounding the decoration is not real wood. Rather it is a painting painted in dark brown color.

5 The dining table is also white and green. Fresh plants with unique pots, neatly arranged on the table.

Those are five portraits of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s wedding decorations that are white. Can be an inspiration for those of you who are preparing for a wedding. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

The Enchantment of Zainal Flowers Wrapped in Balinese Kebaya Floods of Praise, Netizens: Very Beautiful Indonesia

Usually appearing in casual clothes, Bunga Zainal stole attention when wearing traditional clothes. On vacation to Bali, Bunga Zainal looks beautiful wearing a Balinese kebaya.

Through his Instagram, Bunga Zainal revealed that he was studying to live in Bali. In the photo, the mother of two children is seen learning to make canang.

“If you want to stay in Bali, you have to learn to make a meal 🌸🌿 want to be loved by your husband, you have to learn to cook. If you want to increase your shopping money, you have to learn to talk about your husband # eeeaaaaa😂,” wrote Bunga Zainal in her photo upload caption. Top Fashion

Learning to make canang, Bunga Zainal looks beautiful wearing a bright yellow Balinese kebaya. The kebaya worn by Zainal Flowers looks simple with brocade cloth material. Her appearance looks even more beautiful with a flower pinned to her left ear.

Then, the 34-year-old woman also wore a purple scarf. The shawl, which is usually called a prada belt, is tied at the waist.

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For his subordinates, Sukhdev Singh’s wife wore a batik cloth. How does Bunga Zainal look with Balinese kebaya? It certainly looks beautiful and charming, right? Timberland Fashion

Uploaded photos of Zainal Flowers were also busy with praise from netizens. They call Bunga Zainal like a beautiful and beautiful Balinese girl.

“Duh, the Balinese girl is really beautiful,” praised @ indz.florenz **

“This is a very beautiful devinition ❤️,” flattered @windasa ****

“Beautiful and very beautiful😍,” said @keketjona ***

“Rich are not mothers of two children,” said @mithaanggra *** Best Menswear

“Very beautiful Indonesia,” commented @mira ***

“Brother is very beautiful, always liked her appearance … 😍❤️❤️,” said @setyatiher ***

For his subordinates, Sukhdev Singh’s wife wore a batik cloth. How does Bunga Zainal look with Balinese kebaya? It certainly looks beautiful and charming, right?

Uploaded photos of Zainal Flowers were also busy with praise from netizens. They call Bunga Zainal like a beautiful and beautiful Balinese girl.

“Duh, the Balinese girl is really beautiful,” praised @ indz.florenz **

“This is a very beautiful devinition ❤️,” flattered @windasa ****

“Beautiful and very beautiful😍,” said @keketjona ***

“Rich are not mothers of two children,” said @mithaanggra ***

“Very beautiful Indonesia,” commented @mira ***

“Brother is very beautiful, always liked her appearance … 😍❤️❤️,” said @setyatiher *** Kacamata Rayban