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4 Styles Like A Boss aespa Wear Givenchy Tens of Millions at the Press Conference of the Savage Mini Album

A girl group from South Korea, AESPA has just released a new mini album titled ‘Savage’. The title track ‘Savage’ managed to occupy the first position on the Melon, FLO, Genie and Bugs Chart charts.

The group, which is fronted by 4 members, namely Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ningning, also attended the press conference for the release of their latest EP, Savage, and the style of clothing made netizens amazed.

Many fans like the style of clothing like the boss of this SM Entertainment upbringing group. The four of them wore suits and blazers. Timberland Fashion

However, there are also those who say that his appearance is too mature for such a young group and would be more suitable for a group that has debuted 5 years ago.

Despite the debate, the four memberaespa presented a performance with their stunning visuals.

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Even from their visuals and talent, they were recently chosen to be brand ambassadors for the classy brand Givenchy. aespa became the first K-pop group to get this opportunity. Best Menswear

Creative director Matthew Williams stated that he was “blown away” by their individual energy. Even this group has graced the cover of Singapore Vogue magazine with a Givenchy bandage.

Likewise with the outfits like a boss at the press conference of the latest EP, they wore Givenchy outfits. Take a peek at the style and the outif price of each member.

1 Karina

Aespa’s leader, Karina looks stunning in an all black outfit. He wore a leather biker jacket with a double collar detailing for an output for Rp. 54 million, with a leather inner tank top for Rp. 29 million. The top was combined with Givenchy’s 2021 winter collection skirt.

He also wore accessories such as earrings and a silver ring.

2 Giselle

Giselle looked formal wearing a cut-out blazer model long coat with graphic motifs for Rp. 62 million, combined with pants with matching colors for Rp. 15 million. Black sandal heels complete the look for Rp. 11 million. Top Fashion

For accessories, he wore a necklace worth Rp. 10 million. Her ponytail hairstyle makes her look even more like a boss.

3 Ningning

Ningning looks elegant with a black graphic blazer for Rp. 40 million. Combined with high waisted pants of a similar color for Rp. 21 million. Cube earrings for Rp. 10 million also complete the look.

Her long blonde hair was left loose. By using eye makeup eyeliner that becomes a point on his face.

4 Winter

As the name implies, Winter wears all-white clothes, unlike other mambers who wear all-black.

Winter wore a slim fit jaquard sweater with details of the Givenchy emblem for IDR 13 million, combined with an asymmentric skirt for IDR 13 million, white leggings for IDR 15 million to support his appearance. Kacamata Rayban

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Peek at Jisoo Blackpink’s Appearance Wearing Dior During Paris Fashion Week!

Blackpink’s success is not only in the form of their songs that are hits and are heard everywhere, but also their election as ambassadors of luxury and well-known brands. Jennie who became the face of Chanel, Rose who represented YSL, Lisa who starred in Celine, and Jisoo who was coupled by Dior, gave a new color to the fashion industry lately.

The fun thing is, this year they are in Paris to attend the fashion event of each brand. So, they do not act in a group format, but perform individually. What is Jisoo’s style like while enjoying the city of Paris and attending Paris Fashion Week? Check it out below! Timberland Fashion

A-line mini dress

Jisoo has joined Dior since 2019. However, due to the COVID-19 condition, the 26-year-old star was only able to attend the Dior show this year. Jisoo looked simple but attractive in an A-line mini dress in black and white, which is part of the Dior Cruise 2022 Collection. Her long hair flowing beautifully, equipped with minimal makeup, platform heels, and a tiny Dior Lady Bag. During the event, Jisoo sat next to the CEO of Christian Dior Couture, namely Pietro Beccari.

Denim and crop top

Jisoo poses in front of the Hotel de la Marine building, which has a classic Parisian architecture. She looked more casual with jeans and a crop top layered with a cardigan, revealing her slender stomach. The black color of her outfit contrasts with the background of the photo. Jisoo completed it with a Dior bag and matching oxford shoes. Even though he’s wearing a mask, he still looks cool! In his Instagram post he added the caption, “Paris est comme un tableu” which means “Paris is like a painting”. Best Menswear

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A dedicated look

As a Dior brand ambassador, of course, using Dior products in everyday life is definitely inseparable. This time, even though there are not many accessories and looks simple, the owner’s full name Kim Ji Soo still looks stunning in his Dior outfit from head to toe: a gray suit, quilted bag and quilted boots that are almost knee-high. Top Fashion

Very Parisian

Dior really spoiled the star, as seen from Jisoo who stayed at Cheval Blanc, one of the luxury hotels in Paris. In her room, she is treated with a variety of Dior Beauty products, ranging from perfume, skincare, to makeup. She sat in front of the window overlooking the magnificent city view, wearing a black jacket, baggy denim, mary jane shoes, and equipped with a scarf and beret that made her look more Parisian chic. He also tasted the very luxurious Dior Beauty Spa!

Pattern play

In his latest Instagram post, Jisoo said that her trip while in Paris was very unforgettable. He thanked the Dior family and also the Blinks (as Blackpink fans) who always supported him. In the post, Jisoo seems to be wearing two looks. First, it looks elegant because it uses a star patterned dress layered with a turtle neck (very Korean!), plus a light blue Dior bag, and a pair of Dior heels. Second, he looks preppy in a houndstooth patterned suit plus high boots. Kacamata Rayban

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Acting in the Marvel Movie ‘Eternals’, This is Gemma Chan’s Charm

Gemma Chan’s name is increasingly known to the world after she played Astrid in the film ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. An oriental face with a slim and slender body makes Gemma’s appearance steal the show. Apart from being an actress, this woman who was born in London, England, is also quite active in the modeling world. Timberland Fashion

Recently, Marvel announced its newest film ‘Eternals’ which is scheduled to be released at the end of 2021. Gemma was lined up to be one of the main actors in the 26th film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With her role as Sersi in ‘Eternals’, Gemma Chan’s popularity is growing. You can see the charm of this woman who has also been cast in the films ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ in the following portraits.

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1 Having fair skin makes Gemma suitable for using light color makeup. This rosy red lipstick seems to blend with her skin tone.

2 Gemma’s appearance on the Cannes red carpet was so captivating even though she didn’t apply heavy makeup. A simple hairstyle also still makes her appearance special.

3 Without excessive jewelry, Gemma already looks elegant and elegant. Moreover, the color of her violet lipstick matches the color of her clothes. Best Menswear

4 Even though the show is only virtual, Gemma still looks great at the premiere of ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ with wavy hair as her trademark. Her colorful makeup makes her look fresher.

5 It’s not only when she plays Astrid in Crazy Rich Asians, Gemma’s style with wavy hair, matte look makeup, and long earrings has become her everyday style. Stunning!

You can adapt these 6 all-matte makeup a la Gemma Chan for everyday makeup, you know. Guaranteed to make the appearance look effortlessly pretty. Top Fashion

7 Oriental look a la Gemma while attending the 2021 Met Gala can be an inspiration to attend the party. The flat front bangs make her look like a princess from the bamboo curtain country. Kacamata Rayban

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Check out Jisoo BLACKPINK’s Stylish Look While Watching Dior Fashion Show With Hollywood Celebrities

Apart from the colorful stage concept and chic-style clothing that was displayed, the other thing that was most anticipated from the Dior fashion show was the presence of its Global Brand Ambassador, Jisoo BLACKPINK. Even so eagerly awaited by his fans, they had time to chase the car he was traveling in when he left the event location. Timberland Fashion


The 26-year-old singer looks stylish wearing a mini dress from the Dior Cruise 2022 collection with embroidery details that form an illustration of Athena from Greek mythology. She combined it with ankle strap heels and a micro size Lady Dior bag. Best Menswear

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Zoey Deutch

Jisoo was chosen as a brand ambassador not only because of her popularity but also because she is considered to be an image of the spirit of the fashion house. It was even asked to be a source of inspiration for one of the collections designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, as the creative director. Jisoo represents the modern spirit and passionate creative spirit like Maria Grazia Chiuri, which was inspired by the Korean singer for the fall and winter 2021 collection,” explained Dior’s representative as quoted by Vogue UK. Top Fashion

Elizabeth Debicki

Besides BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, a number of Hollywood celebrities who attended the Dior spring/summer 2022 fashion show include Zoey Deutch, Elizabeth Debicki who will also play Princess Diana in The Crown series, and Rosamund Pike. Kacamata Rayban

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Aurel Hermansyah’s Beautiful Maternity Dress Parade on the Red Carpet

Aurel Hermansyah managed to conquer the red carpet with his baby bump. Of course, the power of pregnancy glow makes her look stunning when she wears loose or figure-fitting clothes. Timberland Fashion

The mother-to-be looked charming in a beautiful maternity dress parade. Like a custom red dress from designer Renzi Blue for the 2021 Infotainment Awards.

Aurel Hermansyah looked bold in red like a blooming rose. Tiered sleeve accents of tulle material and embellishment details add to the impression of luxury.

The silhouette of the dress is still made comfortable for pregnant women to move. The addition of the belt further emphasizes the bulge of Aurel’s stomach which is increasingly popping out. Best Menswear

Black Flower Pattern Dress

Next there is a black dress with a puff-sleeve. Decorative accents of flowers and leaves make the Poppy Theodorin dress even more adorable.

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Fashion stylist Erich Al Amin puts comfort and safety first with an ankle length dress. Because Aurel will move a lot, including going up and down stairs.

Another black dress that Aurel wore was designed by Asy Febrianti. The floral detail dress with a sprinkling of beautiful sequins and stones was worn when attending the 2021 Obsession Awards. Top Fashion

Meanwhile, Atta also looks cool to match his wife’s style. Erich made sure that they matched both the color and the style of clothing.

“Atta, Aurel prefers to wear something that is pressed and looks at the baby bump. Meanwhile, Aurel prefers to explore clothes. I want to try everything. Aurel likes loose clothes because they are comfortable,” said Erich to Fimela.

Feminine and Elegant Dress

At the Indonesian TV Awards, Aurel also looked stunning in a ‘Harper’ dress from the S/S 22 collection. The feminine and elegant combination of pink and blue indigo made her look classy. Kacamata Rayban

As detailed by the designer Ronauli Liu in his Instagram account. Made of hand embroidered botanical patterned tulle embellished with pearls, crystals, sequins and Swarovksi throughout the gown it looks intricate and gorgeous.

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Very Sexy, This Is What Artists Look Like With Open Clothes

looking sexy in thin and revealing clothes is still a sensitive issue in Indonesia. However, some Indonesian artists are still confident in showing their beautiful bodies with sexy styles to social media even though they know it will definitely cause pros and cons. Timberland Fashion

Netizens’ ridicule must have become daily food for them, but of course how to look and dress is the right of each person, right? By turning a blind eye to netizens, the seven artists who have many achievements still look beautiful and sexy. Inspired to have body goals! So, who are these hot artists? Listen, come on!

1 Sexy with a playful look can really be combined. Styling her hair by curling it on both sides made Jessica Iskandar look cute. Coupled with winged eyeliner and mauve lipstick that makes it look even more fresh. Best Menswear

2 Being active in sports, it is not surprising that Andrea Dian can have a good body shape. Oftentimes natural makeup by making a messy bun on her long hair makes Ganindra Bimo’s wife look perfect in a swim suit. Body goals!

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This 3 mother of one child does have a beautiful body. The hobby of wearing sexy looks does not eliminate the maternal impression that Shandy Aulia has. Peach makeup and terracotta lipstick with her long hair tied in a headband make her look stunning!

4 Looking sexy and colorful in the video clip of her latest song, Cinta Laura Kiehl wears bold makeup with smokey eyes and mauve lipstick that makes her look fierce. Top Fashion

5 It really doesn’t look like Sophia Latjuba is 50 years old. Love to do yoga and other sports to keep her body beautifully awake. No need for heavy makeup, Sophia still looks stunning with her long messy hair.

6 Besides Sophia Latjuba, there is another hot mama. Yes! Wulan Guritno. Still likes to look sexy at the age of 40 years. Her skin that still looks tight, smooth, and glowing makes her still look like a teenager.

7 Married, Willy still likes to look sexy. Dazzling with a silver satin dress that beautifully wraps Nikita Willy’s body. Coupled with smokey look makeup that adds to the elegant and sexy impression. So stunning! Kacamata Rayban

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How to Distinguish between Genuine and Counterfeit Hermès Bags, Be Careful!

The intention to buy an expensive bag to make it cooler, even got tricked. Don’t do it, Bella! Not surprisingly, the quality and exclusive materials make Hermès bags sold at fantastic prices. Many people want to make a profit from this by making replicas of fake bags. Timberland Fashion

Come on, get to know the characteristics of the original Hermès bag! Here’s how to tell the difference between a real Hermès bag and a fake. Read more below.

1 Pay close attention to each stitch on the bag. The original Hermès bags are sewn directly by hand, so they are neater without any crooked or inappropriate seam lines.

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2 Each set in the Hermès bag is made of genuine precious metal, such as palladium or plated gold. Make sure any hardware such as padlocks, keys, or buttons are spotless and feel heavy. Best Menswear

3 Also check the bag handle. The shape of the handle on the original Hermès bag can be ensured to be perfectly formed without anything protruding, bending, or bulging on the sides.

4 Check in detail the logo on the bag. The Hermès logo is always displayed in a smooth and neat font without being affected by the skin texture, which reads “Hermès Paris Made in France”.

5 The toggle loop on the original Hermès bag feels smooth when turned. Fake bag toggles are usually more rugged and stiff, or even feel cramped. Top Fashion

6 Genuine Hermès bags are always wrapped in a beige or orange shopping bag or box. The shopping bag also features a dark brown Hermès logo and strap. Kacamata Rayban

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Appearing in a Gold Dress, Anya Taylor-Joy is the Most Stunning at the 2021 Emmys

ANYA Taylor-Joy knows exactly how to perform in front of the public in big shows, including when appearing at the Emmys 2021. The actress who played in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ was mesmerized with a gold dress.

According to a Cosmopolitan report, Anya Taylor-Joy wore a long sleeveless dress designed by Dior. To make the look more dramatic, a kind of yellow long-tailed robe was added that really made it stunning.

Anya’s appearance at the 2021 Emmys reminds us of the Oscar trophy in the shape of a golden human body. That’s Anya’s style at the TV work award. Timberland Fashion

Talking about style complements, Anya arranged her blonde hair very perfectly. Yes, to make her look look very high-fashion, the 25-year-old woman made her hair very ‘tight’ by still giving it texture with a folding technique at the top.

Anya Taylor Joy

Then, for facial makeup, Anya seems to be consistent with red lips and eyes that look very beautiful without any smokey-eyes accents. A look like this is very suitable for a red carpet look that requires a statement on every part of the body. Best Menswear

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No less interesting is the small silver flower-shaped earrings that balance the whole look at the 2021 Emmys. Top Fashion

Anya Taylor-Joy entered the 2021 Emmys nomination as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for her role as Beth Harmon in ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. She came to the 2021 Emmys with a radiant aura of a very impressive winner. Stunning, baby! Kacamata Rayban

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Inspiration for Fashionable OOTD in the style of Beautiful Actress Bunga Zainal, Not Less Than ABG Loh!

Stylovers who love Indonesian soap operas must be familiar with the figure of Bunga Zainal.

Starting his career in 2003, Bunga Zainal has also played roles in various Indonesian soap operas.

Although currently Bunga Zainal is rarely seen playing soap operas, this beautiful actress and young mother is apparently active on social media, Stylovers! Timberland Fashion

Through her personal Instagram account, Bunga Zainal often uploads photos of herself that look beautiful and also fashionable.

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Often sharing his OOTD portraits that look fashionable like ABG, Bunga Zainal’s appearance always gets compliments, you know!

Curious about what Bunga Zainal’s fashionable OOTD looks like?

Come on, check this out!

1 OOTD Wear Mini Dress

In her first appearance, Bunga Zainal looked fashionable wearing a sleeveless mini dress. Best Menswear

If Stylovers pay attention, the mini dress is made using a woven fabric material called ‘tweed’.

To give the illusion of separation between the top and bottom, Bunga Zainal seems to add a small belt with a nude color at the waist.

In line with the color of her belt, Bunga Zainal also chose to wear a Chanel shoulder bag and high heels in the same nude color.

You know what, Stylover? The selection of high heels with nude colors that match Bunga Zainal’s skin color makes the actress look more level, you know!

2 All Yellow OOTD

On the third appearance, Bunga Zainal looked fresh wearing an outfit with shades of yellow.

First of all, Bunga Zainal seems to be wearing an outer ombre with yellow and white colors.

The 2 colors match the colors of the tops and shorts that Bunga Zainal is wearing. Top Fashion

Then, Bunga Zainal also chose to wear white sneakers as her footwear.

The actress’ appearance is complemented by a brown hat on her head.

3 All-Blue OOTD

If previously Bunga Zainal looked charming in yellow, this time Bunga Zainal chose blue for the outfit she was wearing.

As you can see, Bunga Zainal chose a long-sleeved crop top with a light blue color that looks soft. Kacamata Rayban

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Take a look at Bae Suzy’s Favorite Dior Bag Collection! The price is almost Rp80 million

Beauties jealous of the designer bag collection that Bae Suzy has worn during the drama Start Up? But, have not seen directly his private collection. Suzy herself admitted that she was interested in collecting Dior bags in addition to being the Brand Ambassador of the world-class brand. Timberland Fashion

It’s no wonder that from head to toe, this woman born in 1994 often wears Dior fashion items. One of the most interesting is the collection of bags. His love can be seen from the social media Instagram @skuukzky. Let’s take a peek at some of Bae Suzy’s personal collection of Dior bags.

Dior Parisienne

Wearing an outfit that looks casual, Suzy wears a Dior Parisienne Bag Latte Smooth Calfskin bag at a price of $5,400 or Rp. 76.9 million as reported by dior.com. Made of calfskin, this minimalist and structured bag is also suitable for wearing with a more formal style. Best Menswear

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Lady Dior

Not only classic bag designs, Suzy also occasionally explores futuristic nuances such as when wearing the Lady Dior Bag Black Ultraglossy Pattent Cannage Calfskin bag. Reporting from the Dior website, the price of this one bag is set at IDR 69.8 million. This Dior bag symbolizes elegance and beauty. You don’t have to worry about being out of date, because it’s been designed timeless. Top Fashion

Lady D-Lite

While doing a mirror selfie, Suzy carried a Lady D-Lite Bag bag with a custom accent of her own name. Reporting from dior.com the price of this bag is around $5,300 or IDR 75.5 million and is not available online. But do you know that the design of this bag is embroidered with the Cannage motif, no wonder the price is fantastic. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

Look Chic with Indonesian Fabrics a La Sonia Eryka

Fashion Blogger who is also Rich Brian’s sister, Sonia Eryka, often uploads her unique and cheerful OOTD. Sonia, who just got married, is also very active in posting her outfits designed using traditional Indonesian fabrics.

Sonia’s outfit with Indonesian fabric is also a product of her clothing business. What is the uniqueness of Sonia Eryka’s OOTD with Indonesian fabrics? Come on, check out the style! Timberland Fashion

1 This top with woven fabric turns out to be very attractive combined with high-waist cut pants. A mix of traditional and modern style!

2 Pink floral-patterned batik dress always produces a sweet impression and is suitable for daily activities even for formal events.

3 The striated patterned fabric used by Sonia is handmade. Even with simple motifs and colors, it still looks cool, right!

4 Not only handmade, it turns out that Sonia’s outfit is also a slow fashion product whose production process is more environmentally friendly. Best Menswear

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5 With a combination of several motifs and colors of batik cloth, Sonia’s dress looks exclusive and limited edition.

6 With a simple flower patterned skirt combined with a tank top, perfect for a summer walk! Top Fashion

7 For those who like kebaya, who want to look more relaxed, you can combine the Kutebaru with patterned cloth pants like those worn by Sonia. Kacamata Rayban

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Kristen Stewart’s Transformation in Each of Her Iconic Movies

Kristen Stewart is not a new star in the world of Hollywood acting. Starting a career from the theater club at school to the debut of the first film produced by the Disney Channel, Kristen Stewart has starred in a number of films of various genres. Timberland Fashion

Interestingly, among the films that have been successfully played, there are some characters with the most iconic styles. The drastic change in style from one film to another is quite interesting, ranging from teenage characters, Edward Cullen’s cool style, and girly to tomboyish styles. Check out Kristen Stewart’s style transformation below!

1 Panic Room, released in 2002, is one of Kristen Stewart’s most iconic childhood films. The tomboy style is already visible, yes. Best Menswear

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2 Starting as a teenager, Kristen Stewart starred in Zathura: A Space Adventure which was released in 2005. Acting as Lisa with the ABG style that was a hit at the time.

3 Twilight Saga became the most iconic film that made his name even more popular. Playing the role of Bella Swan, her cool but charming style remains in the audience’s memory to this day. Top Fashion

4 Seemingly wanting to let go of a sweet character because of the sequel to Twilight, Kristen Stewart acted as a grunge-style 70s boy band in The Runaways. Kacamata Rayban

  1. Through the film Cafe Society, which aired in 2016, Kristen Stewart’s style is dominated by vintage 1930s clothing.
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Showcase Contrasting Style, Here’s How Celebs Look At Venice Film Festival

This year, the 78th Venice International Film Festival officially takes place from September 1 to 11. The Venice Film Festival itself is here to appreciate the uniqueness and uniqueness of various feature films internationally. High enthusiasm for this event was also addressed to the appearance of the artists on the red carpet.

At the 2021 Venice Film Festival, artists come to see the first shows of their films or as invited guests. Several artists appear with their different styles, so what are the different styles of the artists at this year’s Venice Film Festival? Scroll down right now. Timberland Fashion

1 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart attended the premiere of her latest film “Spencer” wearing Chanel. The Princess Diana player in her latest film looks cute wearing a mint-colored outfit from Chanel’s Fall/Winter 2021/2022 Haute Couture collection. Previously, Kristen Stewart appeared in a black tweed playsuit which reminded us of Princess Diana’s love for the French fashion house.

2 Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst looks glamorous for the premiere of “The Power of the Dog” at the Venice Film Festival. The 38-year-old actress appeared in a black dress designed by Armani Privé. On the same day, Kirsten Dunst appeared in autumn colors wearing a blazer and pleated skirt from Salvatore Ferragamo. Best Menswear

3 Jessica Chastain

“Scenes From A Marriage” main character Jessica Chastain looked sexy in an Atelier Versace gown with Chopard jewelery from the Haute Joaillerie collection. In contrast, Jessica Chastain wore a light blue sheer gown designed by Elie Saab when she arrived at the Venice Film Festival.

4 Penelope Cruz

Besides Kristen Stewart, Penelope Cruz also wore Chanel at the Venice Film Festival. Penelope Cruz looked stunning in a Chanel dress at the premiere of her latest film, “Madres Paralelas”. On September 4, Penelope Cruz attended the premiere of her second film “Competencia Oficial” wearing a Chanel gown from the Resort 2022 collection.

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5 Esters Exposito

This young actress who is famous for playing the Netflix series “Elite” appeared on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival wearing Atelier Versace. Previously, Ester Exposito appeared in a trendy Versace dress paired with high boots.

6 Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson looked stunning in a shimmering sheer gown embellished with a Gucci tassel at the premiere of the film “The Lost Daughter”. At the photocall session, Dakota Johnson smiled sweetly while wearing a black Gucci blazer paired with simple accessories. Top Fashion

7 Zendaya

Zendaya attended the Venice Film Festival to screen her latest film, “Dune”. Zendaya wore a curvy Balmain gown topped with custom-made Bulgari accessories. When she arrived at the event, Zendaya looked simple but elegant wearing Valentino couture Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

Take a peek at 6 Mix and Match Knitted Sweaters Inspired by Korean Celebrities

Currently, the use of knitted sweaters is very much, it has even become a contemporary fashion trend. In the past, this knitted sweater was even only worn when winter arrived in certain countries. Because, this type of clothes can keep you warm. There are so many mix-and-match knit sweaters inspired by Korean celebrities that you can imitate. Timberland Fashion

It is undeniable that Korea is also one of the countries with the most followed fashion styles. Especially because the clothes that Koreans wear sometimes look unique but attractive and look elegant. If you want to try a mix and match of Korean celebrity-inspired knit sweaters, then maybe you can listen to some of the recommendations below.

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1 Knit Sweater with Black Pants and Boots

Several times you may have encountered celebrities from the land of ginseng using knitted sweaters combined with black pants. With this style mix and match, you can still look feminine because the style is also suitable for everyday use. Best Menswear

For those of you who have a body that is not too tall, maybe you can add the use of high-heeled boots to make it look more slender. To look cool and stylish, you don’t need expensive things, just with this style you can look stunning.

2 Combining a Knitted Sweater with a Slip Skirt

Do you know what a slip skirt is? This slip skirt is a long skirt made of satin. The use of this knitted sweater with a slip skirt can make you look more elegant and luxurious. There is a certain reason why the slip skirt was chosen for this second style.

Because, the skirt can later display a silhouette that makes you seem slimmer. Well, you can also use a high waist model if you have wide hips and a fat stomach. This style will make you even more attractive. Top Fashion

3 Mix and Match Knit Sweaters with Frayed Jeans

Confused about choosing the right outfit for hanging out or going to college? No need to worry, because you can look relaxed and cool just by using a light colored knit sweater. In addition, you can wear bottoms in the form of frayed jeans. This look is perfect for you, especially during the rainy season.

In addition to mix and match knitted sweaters and frayed jeans, you can also add suspenders to make your style look ‘wow’. Well, now you are ready to go to campus or just hangout with your friends. Kacamata Rayban

4 Mix and Match Pink Sweater with Gingham Skirt

Maybe you’ve just heard of the Gingham Skirt. Gingham itself is one of the plaid motifs that are often used in clothing. Wearing this Gingham bottom will make you look more feminine.

Combine this skirt with a pink knitted sweater, while the color of the skirt can be red and white. Well, with this appearance, you can also add red high heels and additional accessories in the same color.

5 Combining a Knit Sweater with a Mini Skirt

In addition to the four styles above, there are also other styles that you can try, namely knit sweaters combined with mini skirts. Most Korean celebrities are often seen using mix and match skirts with sweaters that make them look more feminine and cute.

However, if you want to look more sporty but still girly, then try combining it with a sling bag and boots. Guaranteed this mix and match will make you look more beautiful and attract a lot of attention.

6 Combining Oversized Knit Sweaters with Leggings

Have you ever seen Korean celebrities wearing layers of clothing? Yep, because there is a winter that makes them have to do that. During winter, or rainy season you can try this style. Where to combine shirts, oversized knit sweaters and leggings.

You can even add boots or maybe loafers to complete this one style. This style can make you look cooler, moreover, you will also look like a college kid.

Season Fashion

Tips on Mixing and Matching Jogger Pants for a Cooler OOTD

Having various collections of pants models, of course you should not ignore jogger pants. Able to create a variety of cool styles for everyday, jogger pants are also famous for having comfortable materials. Don’t worry your appearance will be normal, consider the following tips to look cool with jogger pants. Timberland Fashion

1 Mix & match jogger pants and cropped sweater in the same color, pair it with black boots as footwear.

2 Pair jogger pants with a bralette, cropped jacket, combat boots and sunnies, maximum edgy! Best Menswear

3 Adding a coat as outerwear will create a different appearance when wearing jogger pants and a t-shirt.

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4 Look more effortless and no less cool, just pair jogger pants with a cropped top and sneakers. Simple! Top Fashion

5 neater OOTDs, perfect for the office or formal events. Mix and match jogger pants with a neutral colored blazer and high heels. Kacamata Rayban

Season Fashion

This is Dian Sastrowardoyo’s Action to Combine Archipelago Fabrics with Today’s Fashion

Dian Sastrowardoyo is well known as a celebrity who follows various fashion trends, such as chain necklaces. This time, with these accessories, he combined Nusantara cloth clothing with a black leather jacket. Timberland Fashion

Recently, the woman who was born on March 16, 1982, shared her sophisticated look with a white long-sleeved shirt top, Batik Jejer Swargem Dwiwarna fabric from Kain Gembira, black shoes with pointed front and lace details from Malone Souliers, as well as a layered chain necklace accessory. so modern. Best Menswear

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Then, in her Instagram Stories upload, she added a black leather jacket that she wore over her shoulders to complete her look. While stylish, Dian wrote that the look was inspired by fellow celebrity, Tara Basro, “Inspired by jeng @tarabasro kmrn, combining fabric with a leather jacket. It’s also fun, guys,” he said. Top Fashion

In the next upload, he also invites his friends, such as Adinia Wirasti, to “wastra in everyday clothes.”

Prior to her latest appearance, the mother of two children who is also a Korean lover, had time to share a glass photo showing her body wrapped in a white top with longer one-sided details and beautiful fabric from BINhouse, after “almost 2 years of not wearing cloth because there are no events, ” wrote Diane. Kacamata Rayban

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Olivia Rodrigo’s Style in ‘Brutal’ Video Clip, Dare to Be Different!

Timberland Fashion Since the release of the song “Drivers License” in January this year, Olivia Rodrigo’s name has become popular in the global music industry and social media. Olivia Rodrigo’s career advancement has made netizens interested in participating in every activity carried out, including the style of dress that is considered to have experienced a significant style evolution.

Olivia Rodrigo’s change in appearance can be seen in the music video for “Déjà vu”. After the release, Olivia Rodrigo is known as one of the young artists who are fans of Y2K aesthetics. Y2K style a la Olivia Rodrigo is also seen in her latest video clip, Brutal, which she just released on August 24. What does Olivia Rodrigo look like? Scroll down right now.

1 Concept of a Tribute to Britney, Olivia Rodrigo wore a chiffon corset dress paired with fishnet tights. This dress designed by Roberto Cavalli was worn by Britney Spears at the 2003 American Music Awards. Best Menswear

2 In the classroom scene, Olivia Rodrigo wears a tank top, a beret hat of the same color and accessories designed by Pattaraphan and BONBONWHIMS.

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3 Looking more mature in a wig, Olivia Rodrigo wore a velvet blazer by Vivienne Westwood, which was complemented by a pearl necklace and a brooch with the British designer’s logo on it. Top Fashion

4 Despite being born in 2003 Olivia Rodrigo showed off the style of a 2000 Beverly Hills teenager when wearing a black cropped top, denim skirt, Lacey Dalimonte butterfly waist chain accessory, Dior necklace, and a mini bag by Vivienne Westwood.

5 Looking like she was in a 2000s sci-fi action movie, Olivia Rodrigo wore a silver-set specially designed by Los Angeles-based fashion house L.A Roxx. Kacamata Rayban

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Fashion Casual Items That Can Boost Boys Appearance. No Complicated but Easy to Get!

To get a stylish but still casual look, you don’t have to use fancy items, just a simple suit will be more pleasing to the eye. You can display a casual impression by combining some simple fashion items. Well, this time Hipwee Style will provide recommendations for fashion items that can boost your appearance! Let’s see more~

1 Do you agree that if a boy wears a plain black shirt, he looks cooler like that? Simple and easy to combine with other fashion items

To make a neat appearance, you don’t just need fashion items with many colors or a mixture of many motifs. Precisely a simple appearance will make you look cooler, one of which is by using a plain black t-shirt. Besides being simple, a plain black t-shirt is also easy to combine with other fashion items, you know~ Timberland Fashion

You can add items of several types of jackets ranging from denim jackets to leather jackets. Launching from the Alodokter page, black also depicts strength and courage so that you can be more confident.

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2 Now, in addition to black T-shirts, plain white T-shirts can also make your appearance automatically level up! It looks clean, neat, and minimalist, you know~

If black represents courage, white actually describes a positive and calm mood from a psychological point of view. Well, you can adapt the meaning of white into the way you dress so that your appearance can give the impression of a positive and calm aura. Besides having a positive meaning, clothes in white are also quite simple and easy to combine with other fashion items. Best Menswear

3 Not only plain t-shirts, striped tops can also make a boy’s appearance look fashionable without being overly impressed

Not only girls, boys can look more fashionable when wearing a top with a striped motif. This motif can be your alternative choice if you want to look different from the previous plain shirt. Stripes make you look fresher without the impression of being excessive or ‘too crowded’.

4 Short chino pants or short chino pants can also be a mainstay fashion item! Not only for a casual look, chino pants can also be used for semi-formal outfits

Chino pants have recently become one of the most sought after fashion items among boys. Usually chino pants have neutral colors such as beige, light brown, army green, black, and terracotta that are easy to combine with tops and other fashion accessories. Not only showing a relaxed impression, chino pants can also be used for a semi-formal look by combining them with a plain shirt or striped motif. Top Fashion

5 Watch accessories can complete your overall appearance. Aside from being a time indicator, watches can also make you look more manly!

If girls have a variety of accessories that can be used as a complement to their appearance, guys can add accessories in the form of watches to make their appearance even cooler. For color, you can also choose a black watch to fit in when combined with other fashion items so that it doesn’t seem ‘crashed’ or ‘too crowded’. Kacamata Rayban

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From Athlete To Royal Princess! Check out Princess Charlene’s Row of Stylish and Glamorous Looks from Monaco

It must be admitted that the personal style of Princess Charlene Monaco, wife of Prince Albert II of Monaco is indeed different from a royal princess in general. Princess Charlene did not hesitate to explore with shiny materials, detailed cut-outs and even edgy hairstyles. Before marrying Prince Albert, Princess Charlene was a swimmer from South Africa. He even represented his country at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. In the same year he also first met Prince Albert at a competition in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The two of them officially married on July 1, 2011 and have been blessed with a pair of twins. Timberland Fashion

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Fashion can never be separated from the Kingdom of Monaco. The late Princess Grace Kelly, mother of Prince Albert II, was synonymous with her elegant and glamorous style. Now Princess Charlene also brings a new breath in the representation of a member of the Royal family who is not afraid to explore with her appearance and be herself. Here are some of the stylish looks of Princess Charlene from Monaco. Best Menswear


While attending the Red Cross Ball Gala in 2017, Princess Charlene Monaco opted to wear a jumpsuit in silver. A glamorous but unusual look because usually a Royal Princess will choose to wear a dress. However, Princess Charlene’s courage deserves our appreciation and maybe it can inspire that a jumpsuit can be an alternative to a formal evening dress.

Dress Details ‘Scales’

At the 2018 Red Cross Ball Gala, Princess Charlene still adhered to the shiny feel but this time she wore a dress. A special dress with details resembling the scales of a luxurious Versace design was her choice. Stunning! Top Fashion

One Shoulder Dress

A minimalist white dress can look full of statements thanks to the one-shoulder cut. Studded earrings also give a glamorous feel to Princess Charlene’s look.

White Dress with Embellishment Details

White seems to be one of Princess Charlene’s favorite colors of Monaco. Where she looks elegant in a long sleeve dress with embellishment details from the Dior Haute Couture collection.

Plum Sequins Dress

Sequins do not always have to be worn in silver. Like Princess Charlene, who looked glamorous and elegant in a plum dress designed by Ralph Lauren.

Princess Charlene Monaco

When she became an invited guest of the Versace fashion show in 2017, Princess Charlene Monaco looked edgy wearing a cut-out asymmetrical cut-out mini dress. He even wore it with a biker jacket. Kacamata Rayban

Undercut Hair

Last June 2021, Princess Charlene Monaco made a fuss through her hair style that was thin on the sides or an undercut model. In fact, it looks like he shaved off on one side and many say this hairstyle is punk-inspired.

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Inspired Outfit One Set ala Meirani Amalia, Chic and Effortless

Timberland Fashion Clothing items such as one set outfits are very popular today because they come with many models, colors and motifs that make it easier for the wearer to get clothing choices that suit their tastes, coupled with their effortless nature, for women who don’t like to be complicated but still want to wear clothes. looks trendy, a one set outfit will suit you very well.

Especially for those of you who want to look trendy without being complicated, here are some easy one-set outfit inspirations in the style of the Meirani Amalia celebrity for you to watch, check it out! Best Menswear

1 You can use a one set outfit with black patterned shades, milo pashmina hijab and kitten heels, classy and chic!

2 Look playful by wearing a mustard colored one set outfit, a pashmina hijab in mocha color and sneakers, it will be really cool!

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3 Look cute and trendy by combining a one-set outfit with a lilac color, a pashmian hijab in a mocha color and flat shoes, so chic! Top Fashion

4 You can also combine a peach colored one set outfit with a mocha pashmina hijab and loafer shoes, simple and stylish!

5 Not monotonous with plain outfits, one set outfit with tie dye motifs is also no less cool combined with black pashmina hijab and sneakers

6 Make your appearance classy and effortless, use a one set outfit with dusty color, pashmina hijab, mocha color and sneakers

7 For those of you who like to look feminine, use a mustard colored one-set outfit in the form of a blouse and skirt equipped with a belt accessory, black pashmina hijab and kitten heels Kacamata Rayban