A knitted set is an easy way to dress up for any day of the week, just like a knit dress or overalls. There are so many shopping options now, from cardigans and midi skirt combinations to high collars and palazzo pants. We are also seeing an increase in 3-piece knitting sets.
Add some fun details to your wardrobe with this colorful collection from Mira Mikati

For unmatched colors and bold prints, no one does it like Mira Mikati.

Specifically, you have to see what the brand offers for Fall / Winter 20. Whether it’s white leather jackets with rainbow fringes, colorful floral jackets, pink star-print suits or multi-colored patterned blazers, you won’t know where get started when it comes to this bold looking collection. Also, while there is definitely a childish and playful touch that makes its way into this line, they also make the collection look tall and suitable for a sophisticated woman. In other words, they show us that the game trend doesn’t have to be inaccessible or wild. Instead, it can be achieved simply by being bold enough to use it. Timberland Fashion

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Relaxed clothing that you cannot ignore in the open product

Photographed by Jinyong Kim, styled by Yeon Yoo and modeled by Anna T, Juwon and Snizhana, this collection from The Open Product is the essence of effortless streetwear. With a distinctive touch of everyday life and lots of fashion details, The Open Product does it again with a collection that looks ultra fashion, but also accessible and suitable for your daily life. And really, this is the only way to sum up this program. With this collection, we wouldn’t say that the pieces have a specific look or feel other than being relaxed and suitable for someone who cares about style. On the one hand we have t-shirts with a simple logo and on the other hand we have more classic argyle print cardigans and tailored blazers. Top Fashion

Let Musier Paris help you bring a vintage touch to use in your wardrobe with this collection

Square blazers, leather jackets, pleated pants, backless fitted dresses – if you’re ready for a collection focused on feminine power and style, you’ll go crazy with the latest collection from Musier Paris. Known for their ability to play with vintage details that are timeless and easy to use, we definitely see Musier Paris’ mission come to life in this exciting collection. Featuring an office style theme, this collection looks in parts suitable for the office, but also trendy and elegant. While appropriate office attire can make you think dull and boring, that’s not what you’ll find in this collection from Musier Paris. Instead, you will find that each piece has been designed to convey that young, contemporary and fresh vibe. For example, rust knitted sweaters are cut for a youthful look, but then combined with more classic pleated trousers; his basic cardigan is enriched with some zebra prints; and classic straight leg pants get an edge when you add a nice leather jacket to the mix. Best Menswear

The 15 best street style outfits of Shanghai Fashion Week, spring 2021

Moving from a mainly digital Fashion Week seen in New York, London, Milan and Paris, we move on to Shanghai Fashion Week. The spring 2021 fashion shows in Shanghai seemed like days of normal life. The semi-annual fashion week brought in street style stars who appeared to be virus-free, as the Asian capital saw a record of greedy new cases. From oversized dresses to platform boots, to trendy sweaters and some bold pops of color, here are our 15 favorite street looks from Shanghai Fashion Week Spring 2021. Kacamata Rayban