Ayu Ting Ting is one of the dangdut singers who has released many popular songs. In addition to being good at singing, Ayu is also active on television with her acting skills and humorous demeanor.

No less charming than the daughter, Umi Kalsum as Ayu Ting Ting’s mother is also quite a hit on social media. Umi has shared several of her elegant and fashionable OOTD portraits. Well, in this article, IDN Times will discuss 10 inspirations for the most stylish invitations in the style of Umi Kalsum. Read carefully to get the reference! Timberland Fashion

1 This gray tulle dress looks pretty. With flare sleeves and lace details, Umi’s appearance looks even more elegant

2 You can also combine an abstract patterned tunic with plain trousers and pashmina plisket. The style is casual and hits! Best Menswear

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3 Looking fresh and elegant, Umi wears a long brocade tunic with white culottes. To be more fashionable, he also wears a motif hood

4 For a casual style, you can wear a polka dot robe with a rectangular hijab and a hand bag. Cool OOTD for an invitation, here! Top Fashion

5 Umi wears a black blouse and skirt. She also wears a veil with a unique style and a white gold necklace. Combined with a hand bag, it’s even cooler! Kacamata Rayban